Tuesday, May 14, 2013

...undisturbed by his presence in their territory...

Tuesday yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers.

In this flash scene I continue from last week's flash, Spinning at hyper-speed... in the flames... and the god serpent...

However, only my Djinn-human hero stars, along with Dante and White Fang, in this scene about protecting Talbot's Peak from the perils of portals.


...undisturbed by his presence in their territory...

Quite enjoying the atmospheric Old English Pub inside Dante's Pleasure Club complex, Dunkirk paused moments to have a look around. A smile tugged at his lips as he strode toward the alpha werewolf, who raised a pint of ale in silent welcome. 

The super wolf reporter for the G&B Gazette, White Fang, was seated opposite Dante. He followed suit, saluting with his tall pint, his manner friendly. It boded well for his scheduled meeting with them, that both wolf shifters appeared to be undisturbed by his presence in their territory.

Dunkirk remained cautious given previous dust-ups with shapeshifter alphas. In no mood for a brawl that would no doubt require the use of his Djinn powers, if he was to escape unscathed, Dunkirk respectfully halted a small distance from Dante's personal booth, located at the rear of the pub.

"Gentlemen, as I'm certain you know, I am Dunkirk Valmorth. I requested this appointment because I have been informed you are two of Talbot's Peak's head honchos, as they say."

With an wavering gaze that could have stopped a bull elephant's charge, Dante gave a slight nod. "Have a seat. Join us, Mr. Valmorth. Djinn, am I correct?"

"Half Djinn, yes. Will that be a hindrance to our conversation?" Dunkirk hesitated. He wanted no enmity since his intention was to remain beside Princess Kzelle, and convince her to become his bride.

"We won't bite. Not unless you give us cause." White Fang's drily spoken words were followed by a wry grin.

"Ah, yes." Dunkirk placed his palm e-reader on the table, angling the device in a manner that allowed both Dante and White Fang to view it. "Address me as Dunkirk, if you will," he continued, seating himself on the booth's bench seat as Dante indicated.

White Fang raised his dark brows high, and leaned forward. "Brighton resident ‘discovers vortex to another dimension, complete with giant snake." He spoke the headline from the Metro UK news article displayed on the small screen.

"...a wormhole or vortex has opened up on Montreal Road," Dante read in his low gravelly timbre.

"Quite." With a nod of thanks, Dunkirk accepted the pint of dark ale White Fang pushed toward him. "This is my way of introducing what I wish to reveal. As you might already be aware of, vortexes are opening across the planet. In point of fact..."

"In point of fact," White Fang repeated, aiming his steely blue-eyed gaze straight at Dunkirk.

After a swallow of the ale, which was surprisingly superb, Dunkirk answered. "One of my abilities is opening a temporary portal for travel. Only accomplished with correct timing, I assure you. However, I arrived close to your fair town by splitting the etheric curtain."

"You must be a smooth operator, Dunkirk." Dante cracked a momentary grin, then leaned back with deceptive ease. "We detected no disturbance in the force."

Resisting the urge to ask if his presence had been detected, Dunkirk took another healthy swallow of the ale. "Magnificent flavor. A ye olde recipe, correct?"

"The Goddess Moon favors us. We have several master brewers in our fair town."

As Dante savored several swallows, seemingly to emphasize his words, Dunkirk mused on the eclectic gathering of supernaturals. Of course, he'd discover these master brewers because of his own interest in the merits of fine ale. He'd possessed little opportunity to investigate the populace since arriving, his first mission to protect Kzelle.

"We are aware of natural portals being activated by the change in cosmic frequencies,"  White Fang prompted, eyeing Dunkirk like a reporter. "So far, no giant snakes."

"What if I told you I observed a giant serpent god?" Dunkirk laid the gauntlet down, deciding there was no advantage in any other tactic.

Dante nearly launched across the table, his eyes glowing, feral. With their gazes inches apart, he demanded, "What did you see?"

Dunkirk obliged, providing a full description of what had occurred a mere few days ago, when he and the Princess had been witness to the shapeshifter stampede, and the chase by Quetzalcoatl's offspring.

Once he finished, a blanket of silence wrapped around them, and the three of them nursed their ales.

"You believe me, don't you?" Dunkirk broke the silence.

"Yeah, I do." Dante settled back, his gaze darkened by concern.  "My Kitty sighted 'the nude serpent man' when he first hit town. Didn't realize his god pedigree. There's been no scat-whiff of a problem, so it's stayed in the back of my mind."

"There's been a couple of rumors floating around about a winged serpent. Never could track them down -- find a reliable source." White Fang shoved his empty glass to the side. "Pasha did warn me. Said she sensed another god, other than Lex."

"Why don't you have a tête-à-tête with our snake buddy, Lamar. If anyone knows, I'll bet an elk steak he does." Dante signaled for a server.

"Get right on it. Question is, do I write an expose'? Or, let it ride awhile, discover more details?"

"Let it ride awhile, ace reporter. I want to know how dangerous this Quetzalcoatl serpent is before putting the fear of god into everyone."

White Fang rumbled a chuckle. "You know Nick, he'll gnaw on my hide if he finds out I let this one slide."

"Nick and I will come to a mutual werewolf understanding. Another round, Dunkirk?"  Dante asked, as the beta werewolf arrived at their table.

"Don't mind if I do, gentlemen." Dunkirk eased his posture, their good will toward him obvious.

Once the server departed, Dante eyed him with wolf-fierce intensity. "I take it you know your way around vortexes, portals. Some say stargates."

"I do. It's part of my heritage. How may I be of assistance?" Dunkirk decided this was his ticket to becoming part of the pack.

"We have patrols monitoring two vortex sites. Why don't you investigate? Tell us what we don't know."

Dunkirk retrieved his palm e-reader, slipping it in his side pocket. "Certainly. I must explain my first duty is protecting Princess Kzelle, as I have promised her brother."

"Understood." Dante passed around the pints the server had placed before him. "White Fang has been keeping watch on our inter-dimensional stargate. We have off world visitors."

"I see. My family has off world connections. There is another problem you must be aware of. The evil ones who seek power from realms where the most hideous creatures abide."

"Yeah," Dante growled, "the black arts' magicians are performing blood rituals worldwide. The scat fools are summoning demon beasts from other dimensions. Already chased a few Satanists out of our forest."


Here's the link to the real article Dunkirk shows Dante and White Fang on his palm device ~

Brighton resident ‘discovers vortex to another dimension, complete with giant snake’
By Jimmy Nsubuga    Monday 13 May 2013 3:54 pm


Brighton could be the centre of an invasion from dimension-hopping snakes if a report from a resident that a wormhole exists in the city is anything to go by.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, very nice! Are we going to get to "see" how Lamar reacts to being asked about Itzi?

Serena Shay said...

Nice! Dunkirk's portal prowess will sure come in handy here in TP!

Pat C. said...

So there is a giant snake dimension. That's going to come in handy further down the road. I suppose Quetzalcoatl needs a beach somewhere to sun himself and sip cocktails. (He's retired. Let the kids handle things.)

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, once Lamar surfaces from his pleasure delirium, White Fang will corner Mr. Sexy Slithery for a one on one interview.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, it will. Have to keep with the vortex-opening times.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Pat, a Giant Snake dimension. Some of those who kinda like humans enjoy visiting to snack on Zombies. The free lunch sort of thing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Pat, a Giant Snake dimension. Some of those who kinda like humans enjoy visiting to snack on Zombies. The free lunch sort of thing.