Friday, May 17, 2013

Reaching Out

Happy Friday!  Once again, I'm attempting to train Mz. Muse to write from the gut and turn off the internal editor she leans on so heavily, so please forgive the blatant oopsies.  ;)  Also, don't forget about Rebecca's Caption This contest on Wednesday's post.  She's showing off one of her awesome works of art and would love for someone to name it.  Join the fun and maybe win a prize.  :)


“Shush!” The whizz and slap of the ruler hitting Nick’s bare pectoral made her want to squirm, but a good teacher kept control at all times. “Teacher is speaking.  Now then, you will recite for me the Preamble to the US Constitution.  I’ll even start you out since I am a good teacher.  We the people…”

Ziva used the tip of the ruler to trace a heart over the center of Nick’s naked chest, then around each nipple.  The distraction would do nothing to hinder her man in remembering the rest of the words; it would, however, be a load of fun for her.

“…of the United States, in order to…”

“Yes, in order to what?”  Yep, he remembered the same thing he had in High School Civics class.  Of course, then he was all the shite so it didn’t matter if he knew the Preamble and now, she was banking on his continued disinterest in human history in order to get down to the nitty gritty punishment she’d been fantasizing about of late.  This ruler and him bent over the desk she currently sat on—firm cheeks bared and ready to blush.

“Um, not sure.  Sorry teach.”  The twinkle in his eye told her he wasn’t at all sorry, but then she’d not expected him to be.  This was a game where fun was had by all.

“You know what happens now, young man.”  Ziva stood, sliding the bunched up fabric of her school uniform skirt back down her legs and moved to the side of his chair.  “Assume the position.”

She watched as he stood, adjusting the already stiff source of her endless pleasure and going for the buckle of his belt.  Soon he’d be flashing her, his world class ass and giving credence to all those desk humping rumors.  What people failed to realize was that after a few good swats it was she who came between Nick and the wood desk and the pounding they’d hear…well let’s just say she was never disappointed.


“Yes, Ms Wilk.”  The Preamble, it always came down to the Preamble for Ziva.  Probably because of the humiliating day in Civics class where he’d choked in front of the class, more concerned about them not seeing the Blessings of Liberty he’d been packing in his pants for the sassy she sitting in front of him, tormenting him with her scent and those short skirts.  Even now she had the best legs in town and her scent still drove him nuts.

Nick opened his pants and had pushed them to the top of his hips when someone knocked at his door.  “Bloody Lupa, someone wants to die today.”

“Don’t kill them; just fire them for the day.”

He shrugged his shirt back on, but refused to button his pants when zipping had proved to require much concentration.  No worse buzz kill than to get your junk pinched in a zipper.  “Come!”

Daisy, the gazettes new intern entered, saw them at the desk and promptly blushed from the tips of her ears right on down to the tips of her toes if he were to bet. “I’m sorry, um, I.  That is to say, Ms. Jorgensson told me you were both in here and that I should go right in, but knocking is polite so I…I’m so sorry.”

“Button up.”  Ziva said, as she slipped the unused ruler back in the drawer much to his frustration.  “No apologies necessary, Daisy.  Penny should have check with us first!”

“Mistress to you Z.” Penelope responded around the door she shut giving them privacy.

The sexual interplay between his lover and his assistant filled the air like a fine mist, heavy and wet; he could almost reach out and touch the desire.  Someday, if his wolf relaxed enough with others around his mate, he would have to indulge in the pleasure of watching these two strong ladies make each other weak.  Today, however, he had an intern to deal with.

“Please sit, Daisy.  Tell me what we can do for you?”  Quick was preferable so he could attempt to get back to the role playing.

“Well, one of the last classes I took at school talked about the immense benefits to be gained by engaging in social media.  So I was thinking, perhaps, we could create a presence for not just the Gazette, but the whole town of Talbot’s Peak.”

Nick’s gut clenched at the thought of anything social media related and this town.  They were trying to stay incognito here, not loud and proud.  Why would she think advertising to outsiders about their town was a good idea?  “No.”

“Um, well…”

“Jeez, Nicky, rude much?”  Ziva scolded.  “Daisy, dear, tell us more.”

“Okay, well since paranormal fiction, er, mostly romance is such a huge thing these days I thought we could play on that by coming up with a name to encompass the whole of the town and the people in it.  I was thinking, Shapeshifter Seductions.  It would tease the senses with sex and the possibility of the paranormal.  We already have the ‘unicorn’ rumor and the towns around us already think we’re weird or vampires.  All kinds of new businesses are opening up in town lately, heck I heard that Manscape Mik, er, Mike was even thinking of opening a grill.  Bringing people in would help us all stay in business.”


“Shut up, Nicholas.  Well thought out, Daisy.  Now tell me, what social media places were you thinking of?”

“Well a blog, of course, then a Facebook page would be good, and since it’s so beautiful here a Pinterest board is a must.  Maybe Twitter if anyone from town would like to tweet.  On the off chance you were interested I’ve already set up all but the twitter acct.”

Nick grabbed the sheet of paper she slid onto the desk and looked down at the list.


Facebook:  Shapeshifter Seductions Page


Shite, they were officially on the map and he’d have to bring it to Dante’s attention.  While his wolf was categorically against bringing outsiders to Talbot’s Peak, there was a small portion of his educated brain that agreed with Daisy and thought her idea was sound.  Talbot’s Peak was growing and would need fresh sources of income to continue.  Unfortunately, he had some idea how the others would take the news and pretty was not a word he’d use for the fall out.

“Nick, stop that right now!”

Stop what?  He looked up from the paper only to find the gentle doe cowering in the corner and his mate facing him in front of her.  He was growling.  Not at the young lady, but at the idea of what he had to do.  It didn’t even register that his growl would be construed as menacing to a deer in the same room.

Nick moved around the desk and crouched before the intern.  “Daisy, I’m sorry, sweetheart.  I wasn’t thinking when I growled.  Please come out from there and we’ll talk more about your idea.  Much as I hate to admit it, there is merit in a plan like this.”

“You really like it?”

 “I think you are wise to bring it to my attention, but I will need some time to consider the next step.”

“Come, dear.”  Ziva helped the girl rise and headed away from him.  “Let’s leave Nick to his ruminations and go have lunch.  We’ll even invite Penny and I’ll make her watch me each chicken wings for lunch.”

He grinned at the thought of the trio at his old man’s grill.  Penny would pay, that was for sure.  “Ziva, later?” “Perhaps next week.  It’ll give you a chance to study.”

Her wink was salacious as always.  Maybe next week he’s turn the tables and recite the entire preamble that he knew by heart.  Teacher would become his student with one bright red ass.

May your social mediaing be fun and fruitful!  And your weekend, long and fulfilling!



Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, a fun Friday, indeed! And brilliantly done. Kudos to you and your Muse.

Sometimes hiding in plain site is the best strategy.

Savanna Kougar said...

oops, plain sight... laughing at myself.

Pat C. said...

No, Savanna, given the topic, I think you had it right the first time.

Something just hit me (no pun intended): Is G&B a daily or a weekly? With everything that goes on in that office, when do they have time to get an issue out?

I'm betting Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" is Nick and Ziva's song.

Another fun one, Serena!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Yep, some of the best hiding spots are in plain "site" ~wink~

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, "Hot for Teacher" is one of their is "Animals" by Nickleback.

Oh mercy, it's just by sheer luck they get anything out at all...that's why they have interns. ;)

You know, in my head the G&B has always been a weekly, but we've never designated it for sure so it could be anything we want. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

HOT FOR TEACHER... luv it! You could write a story to that theme, the song running through your head... hmmm...

Aw, come on, Nick is just incredibly organized, and has a big growl... so he has time for lots of ruler play with his Ziva. And Penny runs the office like a benevolent dominatrix... everything gets done, or else.

Yeah, weekly sounds good with special editions for breaking news.

Pat C. said...

I've worked for weeklies. Some of them are pretty hefty.

"I don't feel tardy."

I always thought of "Animals" as Dean Winchester's theme song.

Serena Shay said...

Heh heh, Nick does have a big growl, but a gentle disposition with innocents. As to organization, well yeah he is unless Ziva scatters his brain cells. ;)

LOL...Penny so runs the office, she just keeps it on the DL

Serena Shay said...

Oh, "Animals" is just one of the songs on that album that is Dean's theme song. There's also a touch of "Savin' Me" and "Side of a Bullet" He's a complex guy! ;)

Pat C. said...

Let's not forget "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" and "You Are My Special Angel." He does like the classics.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...those are perfect for him!