Friday, May 24, 2013

Whipping What... Moon Moon

Vern watched and waved as the caravan of classic cars took off.  He’d planned for a cruise along the highway heading south, out of Talbot’s Peak and toward Missoula.  He’d put Ziva in the lead with her beauty of a Mustang ‘cause he just plain loved the she who was so perfect for his ornery, idjit son.

“Look at him, Elly, a beautiful woman at his side and still he grumbles and frowns.  If Nick doesn’t marry that she soon and give me grandpups to spoil I’m going to give the boy the boot and find Ziva a real man to love.”

“Us, you mean.”

“What?”  He looked down at the lovely ewe who’d stepped under his arm.

“You meant to say, give us some grandpups to spoil.”  Elly smiled up at him, a reminder of all the many reasons he loved her gleamed in her eyes.  “I can see myself cuddling a squirmy wolf or two from time to time.  Plus, we have that big place to have wonderful sleep-over’s at when Nick and Ziva need to decompress.”

“I love you, Elly-mine.”

“Don’t I know it and am plenty glad for it, beefsteak.”

“Beef steak?”  Vern grabbed a handful of his wife’s ass and pulled her close to nuzzle at the side of her neck.  “Don’t you, Beefcake?”

“You smell nothing like cake, husband.  Steak, yes.  Sweet chocolaty goodness, no.”

“Hey, I brush and for you I even floss.”  Which in his mind was a clear expression of how much he loved her.  No wolf out there minded having a grizzly, bit of goodness left behind for later.

“Yes, you do, which I am ever so grateful for.  Now, tell me, why the sundown cruise out of town?  Oh, look at Lamar.  I wonder how Jamie can drive with him wrapped so tightly around him.”

Vern watched the unlikely duo cruise slowly by, a few cars behind the leader.  “Oh, I’m sure he likes being all protective of Lamar.  I don’t guess that happens to often, but it makes a wolf feel frisky to be alpha for a time.”

“Hmmm…” Elly shot him a look he took as a promise for checking on his friskiness later.

“As to why the cruise out of town, well I consider it a helping hand along their way for the human contingent.”

“Vernon McMahon.  That contingent made you a lot of money tonight.  I suspect they put you in the black for a few months.”

“I know, I know…and I appreciate it, but I’ll appreciate it more when they are out of town.  A small helping Elly, a little bit of them goes a long way.  Ya know?”

“Yes, I understand, dear.”

Vernon couldn’t say he liked her patting his arm the way she did, like he was a child or maybe he was over thinking her response.  Maybe she just wanted to get started on the frisky fun.  He nuzzled her closer happily remembering Manscape Mike was coming over soon to work clean-up.  “Let’s go ho…”

“What’s that?”

Vern glanced up, not seeing anything but Lorelei’s VW, smoke still floating out of the windows from the not-cooking herbs she and Bobby had tucked away.  Silly to think they could hide their stash or would even have too from a wolf.  “In A Gadda Da Vida” had given way to “Truckin’” somewhere along the way which fit the moment to a T.  “Looks like Lorelei and Bobby, with Dante bringing up the rear.  How about you and I, Mrs. McMahon, go home and bring up the re…”


“Ah El, I love that I can make you blush.”

“Hold that thought, lover and tell me what’s behind Dante?”

“Behind Dante?”  He looked to where she pointed and sure enough there was something chugging along behind the badass on his Harley.  “Dante should be the end of the line.  Who is that?”

“Oh my, that looks like…”

“A clown car.  A friggen clown car.  Damn Elly, please stop giggling.  Who the blazes brought a clown car…Oh shite, now he’s doing…what is that - damn it, in front of the fountain!”

“Oh Vernon, he’s whipping shitties in a clown car.  Please tell me even though you didn’t have car as a boy and have probably never whipped a shitty in your life that you can’t see how funny that is…in a clown car!”

Vern fought back a smirk of his own as Elly dissolved into fits of laughter over the ridiculous sight before him.  As the car got back on the road and tried to catch the rest of the fleet he noticed the big white ass in the window right above a banner that said…


That has better not be his other idiot son or so help him he take both his sons into the woods and remind them he was still alpha enough.

 May your weekend be filled with many moons and a classic car or two.



Savanna Kougar said...

Omygawd, funny stuff! Moon Moon in a clown car mooning Talbot's Peak... where are the rolling cameras??? Or, are there? and this will be replayed on TalbTube?

Pat C. said...

Whipping shitties? Is that like doing donuts?

I may have to relinquish Vern and Elly to you, Serena. You summed up their marriage so perfectly in only a couple of lines. Now imagine Bo or Hannibal forced into babysitting duty for a couple of rambunctious grandpups...

"Idjit," eh?

Serena Shay said...

Oh you know there are cameras in TP, but I suspect Dante and Nick keep a tight leash on those for privacy's sake so I don't know if it will end up on TalTube...unless it gets hacked. ;)

Anyone want to write about a hacker in TP? hehe

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Pat! :D How about we continue to have shared custody of their story. I'd definitely miss your perspective on them.

Yep, whipping shitties or donuts...same thing. ;)

Oh mercy, Bo and Hannibal on grandpup duty would be a riot! But then so would Nick and Ziva trying to care for a baby bighorn without traumatizing it for life.

"Leaping Lupa's kid," Nick growled. "Get your horns out of me...I'm not going to eat you!"

LOL, yeah, when I think of Vern I seem to picture Bobby. Go figure. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

TalTube, that's what I was trying to remember.

Hackers in the Peak may not like the alpha-consequences.... although, if there were no real harm done, then they'd get away with it. Probably.

And thanks, Pat. I hadn't heard that expression, whipping shitties... but assumed it was like donuts. Clarification is good.

Pat C. said...

Or babysitting the little boar/bighorn crossbreed. Sure hope Mary's using protection.