Friday, May 31, 2013

Can We Do That Here?

Nick finished dotting the last ‘I’ and crossing the last ‘t’ on the annual employee reviews and thanked Lupa that it was finally done.  While most newspapers around the country were struggling and going down the shitter, the Gazette flourished.

The scent of his mate reached him even before she entered his office.  “Did you forget how to knock?”

“I knew you were alone.” One hand hugged her hip while the other pointed a piece of paper at him.
“Besides, you’re not dumb enough to be giving what’s mine to someone else.”

“Really, and what if I was that dumb?”  He couldn’t help but to rile her up this way.  She was a Goddess normally, but when she was angry…she wrecked him.

“Then the she would be dead and you would be the proud new owner of that chastity apparatus we saw the other day over at Glenn’s.”

Nick cringed and gave a quick reassuring rub to the suddenly startled junk beneath the desk.  Like he’d ever risk losing the woman standing before him.  “What would possess the man to add that to the pet store’s inventory?  I mean sure, most of the towns animals get their love supplies from there, but really, that’s for when we’re in animal form.”

“I think Penny suggested it.  She said something about Danny needing a little discipline in his human form.”

“Shit, no more spending time with that woman.”  Nick had no doubt his admin was responsible for the purchase and the look Ziva currently aimed at him clearly suggested he do something anatomically impossible in either of his forms.  “Fine, tabling that discussion for now.  What do you have for me?”

“A letter to the editor for you to read.  You’re going to love this, Nicky.”

Her smirk told him different, but he took the paper anyway.

Dear Editor,
I’d like to first thank the Grease ‘n’ Grill for putting on the car show last week, it was righteous and about time.  It was a great way to change other town’s perceptions about Talbot’s Peak.  I was wondering if the town would ever consider doing a county fair type thing with games, food, a parade and even rides.  Ooh, we could have royalty as well…Peak King and Queen, Prince and Princess.  Like that.
Please consider.

Nick dropped his head to the desk, snorting out his frustration.  “Please tell me that was a joke.”

“Nope, no joke.  Eric the human wants a fair.”

“Can you imagine the shifters in town attending a fair with humans?”

“It would be a challenge.”

He knew that grin.  It was the same one she sported when he told her no.  It was the one she got when they added something new to their sex.  She wanted a fair and he longed to give her whatever she desired. 

“How would we explain raw steak on a stick or live mice?”  He asked, trying desperately not to clue her in to his weakness.  “What about when the Oxen brothers lifted hundreds of pounds in the games of strength?  And royalty?  Can you imagine a Queen…”

“Lamar,” they both said at once.

“I’ll talk to Dante and Gil, but that’s all I can promise, Ziva.  Don’t start planning or posting that letter.”

“No, no planning or posting,” she said, already heading to the door with her head in the clouds.

“Ziva,” he warned.

“I love you too.”

Hell, she was planning and now he needed to convince Dante and Gil that a fair would be a good thing in the Peak.  Shite.
May your parades be filled with candy and your fairs provide your favorite snacks on a stick!



Pat C. said...

"I went to the animal fair ... the birds and the beasts were there ... " Man, I haven't thought about that song in years.

Are they going to have a produce tent? Because Digger would win. His would probably be the only entries. Except for maybe Lorelei's homegrown "herbs."

I'm sure Merry could give them some pointers. As a farm/ranch girl, she'd know about fairs.

And you beat me to the punch on Lamar. Of course he's the one and only Talbot's Peak Queen. Sweetie.

Rebecca Gillan said...

And the anonymous voting box for the royalty would be stuffed full of really inappropriate nominations. Like Itzy for princess or a three way tie for queen between Miss Penelope, Lamar and Justin Beiber…

Serena Shay said...

Of course there will be a produce tent...wouldn't want the humans or shifters to miss out on such fine grub. Lorelei's herbs are most welcome as well! :)

I bet Merry would rock setting up the animal barns so the shifters who want to take part and possibly win an award would be well taken care of.

Oh Lamar would so make an awesome Queen of Talbot's Peak, but Mistress Penelope might try to give him a run for his money. Odds are Rebecca's right and the town would vote in Justin Beiber! Oh Lupa help us...

Serena Shay said...

LOL...your right Rebecca, TP would do that, maybe we'd better make it a watched voting box!

Pat C. said...

So who's the King of Talbot's Peak? And would he have to fight to defend his throne?

Savanna Kougar said...

There should be a Snacks On a Stick contest. ~smiles~

Oh, and Gypsy could have a fortune telling booth.

The various eateries could have booths too. Ice cream is a must.

For King, I don't have a clue... Maybe Lamar could be both. Of course, Itzi might not appreciate being usurped.

Serena Shay said...

Good question, Pat. It could be Dante, if he'll play or oh my, how about Manscape Mike since he's so popular with the ladies! ;)

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, definitely a fortune telling booth and heck yeah on the ice cream!

LOL a snack on a stick contest would be a riot! OMG the entries would be crazy with all the flavors of shifters in town.

Pat C. said...

Jamie. With Lamar as the stick.

Savanna Kougar said...

wow, now there's a visual worth seeing...