Saturday, March 15, 2014


SPLAT!   Another object whizzed by Gill. 

“Incoming,” a familiar youthful voice called out.


“Dang! Miss Elly’s got a good arm on her,” another voice familiar sounding voice said.

Gill ducked behind the large century old oak near the front of city hall.  He looked behind him.   No one.  A few cars rushed up and down Main Street.

“Be careful boys,” an older male voice called out.  “Age doesn’t always slow you down.”

THWAK!  Followed by two more splats sounding as snow flew around the tree’s trunk.  Gill swallowed hard.  Had someone targeted him with an astral bull’s-eye?  Who had he recently pissed off?  An opponent running against him in the spring election for mayor?  

“That’s what practice and playing softball gets you.”  Was that Miss Elly?  Gill squatted behind the oak and peered around it.  Two familiar faces greeted him.  Hand knitted caps and scarves adorned the heads and necks of Vernon MacMahon and his lovely lady wife Miss Elly.  They waved and disappeared from sight behind a huge pile of snow, not before yelling, “Duck Gill!  Incoming!”

Gill flattened himself tight to the ground.  Snow and dirt covered his clothes and face.


Gill crawled to the steps of city hall.  He crouched behind the bushes closest to the entrance.  He counted to ten before peeking over the bushes.

Two identical male youths waved.  They wore hats and scarves similar to Vernon’s and Miss Elly’s.  Thor and Loki let two snow balls fly in the direction of the snow pile where Vernon and Miss Elly hid. 

“Sorry Mr. Mayor,” Loki yelled.  “Granddad’s got keen accuracy.”

“Yea, he hits what he aims for,” Thor offered before ducking.

“Then there’s my curve ball boys,” Miss Elly yelled. 

 Three more snow balls whizzed by Gill causing him to dive behind the bushes. He cussed and wondering how he walked into the middle of the brawl.  Not that it mattered. More snow balls and taunts flew by him.  Some came closer than others.

A snowball slammed against the staircase railing close to his head.  Enough.   If he was going to stand a snowball’s chance in getting inside unscathed he had to act fast.  Gill reached down and began packing snow into rounded shapes.  He stacked several near him.  Taking off his neck scarf, he laid several of the larger balls on it.  He picked it up and began spinning in a circle just like he did when he shot put and tossed the discuses in his high school track and field days.  He let go of one end and launched his ammunition toward one snow pile.  Reloaded he repeated, until four sets of voices cried out, “Uncle Mr. Mayor!  Uncle!”

Gill shook out his scarf, wrapped it around his neck, and sauntered into city hall whistling.  Behind him he could hear Vernon, Miss Elly, Thor, and Loki discussing his attack tactics.  Gill grin deepened as he caught Vernon’s advice to Thor and Loki.  “Never underestimate your opponent’s size and wiliness.  You never know what surprises they got ready for you.”


Happy weekend Gang!

Sorry I missed last week.  My computer died and a new one took time to set up.  Looks like Gill made his decision to run for re-election.  As the last of winter eeks its way out on the slow road, remember to keep warm and share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that was fun! Nothing like a good rousing snowball fight. And Gil's got the smarts.

Pat C. said...

Yay Gil! You go!

Looks like another storm is headed our way on Monday. Stay in and stay warm.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...You go, Gil! Of course now you may have a couple of tag-a-long wolf pups to show your technique to. :)