Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zondros, Ace Pilot and Monster Hunter

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

This week we meet the hero who would rescue our fair werewolf witch from a pack of pursuing mutant werewolves.


Zondros, Ace Pilot and Monster Hunter

Zondros, ace pilot and monster hunter, swooped low over the tall pines but pushed his modified helicopter to full speed. The instant Dante had gotten wind that his sire, Damien, was on the move, the alpha wolf leader had contacted.

They'd been best buds through several skirmishes in the jungles of Thailand, rescuing hapless humans from the demon trolls who infested the outlying areas. Of course, this had been after they'd pummeled each other with bare fists for hours. Later over beers Zondros realized the werewolf was his ally, not a mindless fiend.

Zondros had been tracking a Bigfoot family in Colorado -- protecting them from a black-ops team ordered to capture then bring them to a secret genetics lab -- when he'd spotted a pack of roaming mutant werewolves. A month earlier, Dante had put the word out about the mutants to Zondros' clandestine network of hunters – their mission: protect innocent humans and on-the-good-side *not humans* while hunting down the dangerous monsters.

Trouble was, Zondros hadn't been able to discover the precise location of Damien's mountain-shielded lab. Not until recently, when Gypsy Red Wolf and a witch named, Marissa, had heard an attempt at telepathic communication, then penetrated the layer upon layer of sorcery shrouding the Doctor Moreau lab.

From that point, the infiltrator who only identified herself as Wolf Friend, had loosed bursts of info infrequently, but enough so Zondros knew the compound's approximate location, and had been on daily patrol. Waiting.

On his monitor, Zondros watched the smallish athletic woman burst out of her clothing then morph to wolf in the near blink of an eye. With a backpack between her shoulder blades, she shot from the lab's hidden entrance. At a dead run the silver-coated wolfess raced along a route she'd obviously already planned out.

Concerned despite her amazing speed, Zondros smoothly dived toward a natural platform of rock. Quickly landing his small, nearly silent copter, he grabbed his ray blaster and jumped out.

Given his own superior strength, Zondros made quick tracks through the deep snow.  Sighting the gorgeous wolf digging furiously, he sprang on top of a flat-surfaced boulder, then hollered, "I've dispatched them, my lovely."

With a snout full of brush, she whipped her gaze to him.  "Care to go for a ride on my copter?" he asked. "Dante sent me," he added, when her eyes glowed savagely.

A split second later, she dropped the brush and raced in his direction. Zondros fired an energy blast at the charging pack of mutant werewolves. The micro-sound waves fried their limited brains enough to halt them, and send them into crazed nose-to-tail circles.

He launched off the boulder, waving at the brave wolfess to follow him. Side by side, they sprinted toward his low humming copter. The panel doors opened, recognizing his energy signature.

She sprang inside -- one fluid motion -- while Zondros hauled ass into his seat. With a few touches of his controls, he sailed them upward but on a trajectory away from the lab. Only the One Above knew what advanced-horror tech Damien possessed.

Keeping an eye on his sensors, he also eyed his panting passenger from his peripheral vision. She sat calmly, her gaze locked on his monitor.

Once they reached a high enough altitude, Zondros focused on flying, and hit his rockets as he called the copter's double-barreled propulsion.

With a tight hold on his controls, Zondros gave his full attention to keeping them airborne. Flight could be tricky, especially if they entered a pocket of turbulence.

"How fast does this, this thing fly?" he heard a soft voice ask.

Zondros risked a sideways glance, and caught the naked woman reaching for a wool survival blanket. Re-focusing, he removed the image of beautiful, cocoa-tinted skin, of a long graceful arm, and a mop of pale, ginger-colored curls.

"If I tell you, I'll have to kill you," he joked in his swaggering tone.

"Seriously?" she asked, the softness of her voice at odds with what he'd expected.

"No. Let's say it's close to the speed of sound. We're headed for Talbot's Peak," he added to put the werewolfess at ease. "By the by, the name is Zondros."

"Ah..." The word was a puff of air. "Do you know who you remind me of?" She paused, and Zondros resisted his rising lust, not looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"The Red Baron," she continued. "You know, geared out in leather, scarf in the wind, the goggles, even that super rifle... how do you know Dante?"

"We got to know each other in Thailand during his world travels. Fisticuffs led to male bonding, you could say."

Zondros felt her nod. "I'm Sulandra, his niece... but he's never met me. You know, the secret baby thing."

"Sulandra, a pleasure to meet you," Zondros charmed and wished they were getting to know each other, having drinks at an upscale bar. "Secret baby?" he pursued, knowing she'd opened the door.

"Devon Hancock is my sire. I doubt he owns a damn clue, though. My mother is a witch, and she probably cast a spell..." her voice trailed away.

Forcing himself to concentrate, Zondros eased back on the copter's speed and began his descent toward the shapeshifter enclave. He'd spent little time at the Pleasure Club, given his monster hunting missions. Now the desire to accept Dante's standing invitation leaped up and grabbed him by the throat. Not to mention  his deprived cock activated itself at the mere thought of being with Sulandra. And he'd yet to see her face. Or her other beauteous attributes.

"Will you stay with me?" she asked, her tone even softer than before. "I -- I don't really know anyone, except telepathically. But not personally. And... there's something about you I trust."

Zondros swallowed the sudden lump in his throat. The werewolfess, and her unexpected vulnerability, had gotten to him already. "Count on it. Dante and I are overdo for a long catch-up conversation, and a barroom bash and crash."

"Bash and crash," she repeated, a giggle in her voice.

"Male bonding must be reinforced," Zondros drily quipped.

"Talbot's Peak is in mucho trouble." Sulandra spoke in a sober tone.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ... 

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

So Devon's the baby daddy, eh? Sulandra better hope Rakshasi doesn't find out. There might be a cat fight in the future.

Sure are a lot of cute, friendly hunters around, aren't there? (snicker snicker)

Pat C. said...

Slightly off topic #1: I've figured out how to handle the kidnapping, so another couple chapters will be coming along, at least.

SOT #2: How long does it take to mutate a person into a werewolf? Or a werewolf/mammoth hybrid?

SOT #3: I've got one more chapter written, but I just realized Monday is St. Patrick's Day, and I'd hate to let that go by. Then next week is the blog hop. Should I post the last chapter this Thursday, or skip a week? Or skip St. Patrick's Day. (And me of Irish extraction. That's practically blasphemy!)

Savanna Kougar said...

Rakshasi need not worry her pretty little claws. Sulandra's mother wants NOTHING to do with Devon, and is unhappy her daughter decided to learn about the Hancocks.

Yeah, gotta love those dashing monster hunters who protect the innocents.

Good question on how long it takes for those mutants to gestate, or spawn, or grow in the lab. Morloxian has recently accelerated the process, however, for the mutant werewolves.

Pat, I'd skip a week. St. Pat's already, where does the time fly off to? Maybe, we should have a celebration week, though.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gotta think about the mammoth mutant werewolf...

Pat C. said...

Keep in mind next week is also the blog hop, so any St. Paddy's celebration would have to take that into account.

I'll decide Sunday night what I'm posting. But (spoiler) with green hair might prove too good to pass up.

Savanna Kougar said...

Sounds good. Heck, I can't keep up with the calendar!