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[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
Tina Davidson can’t avoid being set up with a date for her best friend’s costume-themed wedding shower. When two dates dressed as pirates show up claiming to be her date for the evening, Tina begins wondering what buried treasures she may uncover before the night’s over.
Jon Smithson and Drake Cranston are ready to act on their shared attraction. Jon and Drake have failed at a shared relationship before. They’re ready to try again, this time with Tina.
Tina’s had her share of failed affairs too. Is she ready to put her bad relationships behind her and give love another chance? Brought together by their friends’ wedding turned elopement, the three find their mutual desire growing. Acting upon their desire and attraction is going to do more than heat things up. Can two hunks, one lady, plus nights of passionate lovemaking create a lifelong future together?
A Siren Erotic Romance

Jon moved in close to the faucet, testing the water as he did. “I like both. I’m fine with this temp.”

Drake slid the other door open and entered behind Tina. He reached around her, examining the water temperature as well. “I’m good.” He closed the door.

Drake closed the limited space between him and Tina. Pressed flesh to flesh, warmth increasing to heat wrapped the two of them together. Her neck lay bare before him. Easy access. Soon his lips and teeth followed their earlier path up and down her tempting neck. This close to her ass, one of his fave places on a woman, set his ego to pumping out hormones and messages to his cock. True, his fantasy the other night focused on a balls deep encounter with her anus. His pleasure mattered on hers. Mutual enjoyment plunged both into higher and hotter orgasmic bliss. Three together…Debbie limited her double penetration to her mouth and pussy. Would Tina do the same?

Jon’s hand met his as Drake moved his hands along Tina’s ribs. As Jon came into view, he held a bar of soap. Drake sniffed. His usual brand’s fragrance filled his nostrils. Nothing overly masculine, not flowers either. He nodded. 

“You okay with the soap?” he asked, nipping Tina’s earlobe.

He felt and heard her reply. She arched against him, shivered with small rapid shudders, moaned, and responded. “Yess–ss.”

“Good,” Jon added, wetting the bar and lathering his hands. As he rinsed them, he added. “I’ll wet down. Then Drake and I will do you.”

“Right, I can get your back as I wet me down,” Drake said. He held out his hand to Jon. “I’ll hold the soap while you wet down.”

Ten minutes passed as the detached showerhead and hose passed back and forth between Drake and Jon. Soap slicked down Jon’s chest, calling Tina’s hands to help with washing him. On her second pass working soap down his chest toward his waist, Jon covered her hand, guiding her lower until she touched his hard cock. He rocked forward, slicking his length with soap. His neck arched as he closed his eyes, tossing his head back, groaning his delight as she enclosed her fingers around him.

“Can’t take too much or I’ll come,” Jon moaned.

“Savor it bro’. We need to get our lady washed,” Drake offered.

Jon nodded as best he could. Tina’s hand on him set off urges that threatened to flame out of control. Jon sucked in air as he curled his lips around his teeth. He clenched his hands and eased out of Tina’s hand. Exhaling, he accepted the soap from Drake, lathered his hands, and reached for Tina.

First he took a hold of her wrist closest to him, working the soap up and down her arm. Next came her shoulder. Jon slowly and gently drew his soap slicked hands over her breast. Soft and plump, they rolled beneath his touch like down in a pillow. He could see himself at the end of a day cuddled to her with his head on her breast.

“Turn to me so I can finish your other half, please.” Jon held up his soapy hands after washing her waist and top of her thighs. Tina faced forward to him, allowing him to complete cleansing her other half. Jon retrieved the soap from Drake and squatted. Soon his re-lathered hands worked their way up her leg, coming close to her pussy. He blew on her wet hair and soaped her other leg down to her ankle. He looked up. Drake and Tina were passionately French kissing. Jon waited until they broke apart before reaching between her legs.

Tina shuddered as she inhaled. Jon’s wet fingers traced the outline of her mons and dipped in to rim her clit before resuming their looping path down and across her thigh. He reached between her legs, rubbing and stroking her perineum as he made his way toward her buttocks. His nails dragged light upward along the lower underside of her ass cheeks. 

Behind her Drake worked his soapy hands up across her shoulders and in long strokes down over her tired muscles finishing at her waist. She watched as he again soaped his hands. As he placed the sudsy bar in the dish, he leaned down, kissed her ear, and whispered his intent. “I feel your excitement and heat every time Jon touches you. I’m gonna ramp things up.”

Two sets of strong male hands cleaned and soaped her ass. Jon caressed her lower portion, gripping and releasing to soothe and appease the muscles along her hips down to where they joined with the muscles of the backs of her thighs. Drake worked soap in smooth strokes down one side of each cheek. His strokes fondled and cupped the fleshy portion Jon’s touch didn’t reach. On Drake’s next pass, his fingers sketched the seam of where her twin cheeks met the cleft of her buttocks. He eased them apart, slicking them with soap as he stroked deeper with each swipe. 

At the same time, Jon eased a finger inside her. With soft and gentle thrusts, he worked his digit in and out until she relaxed, permitting him a deeper penetration. He kept up the light pressure on her clit that kept it throbbing and pulsing with each rub. As he stroked deeper, he touched her G-spot. Tina panted with need that increased with her dual on-switches massaged repeatedly. 

Drake’s last pass brought his fingers down around and over her anus. With each lap, he pressed firmer. Tina clenched as he came close again. Drake stopped his larger circles and began making smaller, slower ones. His voice pulled her into the pleasure cloud swallowing her. “Relax and enjoy. I’ll stop when you want me to. Has anyone ever told you how delicious your tight rosebud feels against their fingers?”

Tina shook her head as Jon withdrew his fingers from her pussy. He kept steady short strokes and pressure going over and against her swollen clit. She felt him move against her as he stood. She watched his movement through her semi-closed eyes. He pressed closer to her, speaking as he did. “Part of me was in you. Lovely response, sweetie.” Jon quickly brushed his lips over hers before continuing. “Let Drake take you to the next level, please.”


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