Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fun!

“Ohmigod!” Penny jumped from her desk and made her way to the rail overlooking the newsroom.  “Ralph, what’s the last digit of your age?”


“Last digit of your age?” She tapped a pencil against the paper as she waited.  “Please don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Ah, 6.”

“Okay, and Ralph is your real first name, yes?”

“According to my mama.”

“How about the last digit of your birth year?”

“Well, er, what’s this about, Pen, er…”

Penny shot Ralph a withering glare.  She hated being questioned, especially when she was having fun. “Just give me the number Ralph and the month you were born while you’re at it.”

“Zero and Jan.”

“Ha!  This thing really works.”  Sometimes wasting time on the internet does pay off. “Ralph, your steampunk name and the name you will be known as from now on is Chief Inspector Montague Rumble Bottom.

“WHAT? No way!  Where did you get that hokey thing anyway?”

The newly minted Montague’s indignation was perfect.  She always did like riling the bear up during the spring.  He was grumpier than usual having not slept right all winter.  “I found it online, but it sure hit close to the truth.  We’ve all heard your Rumble Bottom, Montague.”


“Oh hell!” Penny turned to take cover in her office when Nick flew through the door, grumbling something that sounded a lot like ‘what did you do’ at her before shifting.  How he always knew from inside his office was a mystery to her.  He went over the rail and landed before the pissed off - post shift bear.

“What’s going on, Penny?”

The newly pregnant Ziva watched wolf and bear square off against one another with a wet sheen in her eyes.  Penny smiled as Z wiped them away with a swipe of her hand and grumbled about ‘damn hormones’.  She was so like her mate in many ways.  The grumbling was just one of those.

“Why are Nick and Ralph in animal form and ready to battle?”

“Well, that could have been my fault.”


“More likely though it’s this banners fault.”

“A banner – really Penny.”

“Check it out, what’s your steampunk name?  Ralph is now Chief Inspector Montague Rumble Bottom, but I’m thinking he’d not crazy about the change.”   

“Ohmigod…” Ziva laughed, holding her still nonexistent baby bump. “That’s damn close.” 

“Right. I thought so too.  Your baby daddy would be Lord Roderick Wraith Wood.”

“HA..Ho, that thing is good!”  Ziva pondered it some more before she shook her head.  “Nope, no way.”

“Yep, you are no longer Ziva, but Baroness Constance Supper Waddle which works perfectly because, sweets, you’ve started to do just that.”

“That’s – that’s…” Sniff “Just mean, Penny.”

“It’s sweet, Baroness Waddle.”

“Stop it!”  The hormonal wolf growled, “What about your new name?”

Penny smiled as they both looked into the newsroom where a human Lord Wood now had an equally human Rumble Bottom pinned to his desk and was talking to him softly, soothing the reporter.

“Me?  Well, mines perfect.  I’m Madam Millicent Knight Topper.”
Oh my gosh, neither Mistress or Madam P, nor myself could pass this up for today's blog.  We're both suckers for this sort of thing.  :)  So tell me what's your Steampunk Name?

Me, I'm Dame Dorcas Wither Feather.  LOL



Savanna Kougar said...

Fun flashing, Serena! And so purr-fect for Talbot's Peak.

Dame Adelaide Wither Stone is my Steampunk handle, and the best thing! you don't have to use a computer.

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, that's a good one, Savanna...or should I call you Dame Adelaide. hehe

Aah, I'd miss my computer for some things, but certainly not all. ;D

Pat C. said...

Lord Roderick Wood ... yeah, sounds like Nick.

Mine is Lady Millicent Wraithbottom. Thanks a lot. I WISH I had a wraithbottom.

Now, who wants to do Sam and Dean? (Quit laughing, Serena, you know what I mean!) They gave the boys' birthdays on one of the episodes but I don't feel like looking it up.

Serena Shay said...

Lady Millicent, how nice of you to join us! I shall take your challenge to do Sam and Dean! ;)

Here's the skinny...

Sam - Viscount Neville WorthingTopper

Dean - Sir Stanley SupperBottom

LOL...that should probably be Sir Cheeseburger SupperBottom!

Savanna Kougar said...

Dame Adelaide here. I like my computer for a lot of things. But I enjoy the old-fashioned way too. How about a steam-powered computer? You know during the late 1800s at the Paris World Fair, there were all sorts of cool, modern-like machines that were solar steam powered. I recently read an article about that history. We could have gone that route rather than the oil-dirty route. Heck, we still could if the oil cartel wasn't suppressing all that tech.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, how about either a steampunk theme for the Spring Fling Blog Hop... or a trenchcoat theme ala Lady Millicent who posted pics on the loop. What do you think, ladies?

Pat C. said...

I was leaning toward spring fashions for my entry, so either of those could work.

Is cowboy steampunk big right now?

Pat C. said...

Ha! Sam's a top and Dean's a bottom! I knew it!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...It does explain some things. I wish we knew Castiel's date of creation?

Serena Shay said...

My blog for the hop does not yet have a direction so I could go with either of those options.

Pat C. said...

If you just use 0s for everything, he becomes Duke Theodore Rumble. Howzabout Rumblefeather?

Savanna Kougar said...

The Wild, Wild West type of steampunk is a subgenre, so to speak. I have WIP based on that idea, only with werewolves. Currently I'm working on a story which includes steampunk elements, and it's set in the Four Corners badlands.