Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Furious Filly

Springtime howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

My original flash scene idea had to be nixed, so here's one I hope you'll enjoy.


The Furious Filly

Kassanna screamed a whinny, lowered her head, and charged. Oh hell yeah, she scented the whoring bastard in the biker bar – as she'd been told by a girlfriend.

Fury blazed her blood. Her tail flashed as she raced along the dark forest trail toward the isolated den of iniquity.

Chad, the sleazy stud, had charmed her like a champion. But he'd chosen the wrong filly to cheat on.

Enraged past bearing, Kassanna slid to a halt when she spied the cheater's familiar motorcycle lined up with the rest of the chrome machine horses. Scenes of she and Chad speeding over the highways, her arms wrapped tightly around him, tormented her.

At the time, their fun together had been outrageous, wonderful. Love filled her life.

Now... Kassanna bucked high, and aimed her bared teeth at the bike's back tire. Chomping down, she jerked hard, pulling the motorcycle out of line.

Kassanna half-reared, knocking the bike over with her pounding hooves. STOMP, HOP, STOMP, HOP, STOMP! Mangled metal knifed the tires.

Whirling, she charged the bar's door. Fueled by rage, Kassanna spun around, and lashed out with her back hooves. The crack, the splintering of the thick wood felt more than satisfying.

"Wait!" someone shouted, someone who smelled like a wolf. "I'm opening the door."

Kassanna shrilled a whinny as she rushed inside. Blowing through her nostrils, she smelled her now ex-fiancee. Hell yeah! Hoof-stomping time. There the stud-rat fink stood in the far corner, quickly detaching himself from the floozy he'd been oozing charm all over... probably nibbling her neck, kissing her ear seductively... just like...

More fury blasted through her veins. Kassanna flattened her ears and pawed the wooden floor. Her muscles bunched, and as if she channeled a demoness, she leaped toward Chad, who was mouthing something and waving his arms like she was a maddened bull he could divert.

"Get out of the way!" someone screamed. "Shit, she's comin' through." ... "What the fuck did you do, Chad?"

Kassanna barely heard the mad scramble, the scrape of chairs and tables being dragged out of her way as she trotted like a puma on the hunt. "No, no... it ain't what it looks like. I swear. I swear, apple cheeks."

Apple cheeks! How dare the son of a sway-backed stud. Kassanna bared her teeth preparing to rip chunks out of his no-good hide.

"It's you I love," Chad pathetically cried out before launching himself among the other patrons. They deserted him as Kassanna pursued, heedless of anything in her way.

Chad crashed from chair to chair like a billiard ball. He flung himself onto a table and crawled like his ass was on fire.

Target attained. With a wicked, mental grimace, Kassanna snaked her neck and nipped his butt cheek hard. Chad hollered like a cry baby, as she crunched down on his other ass cheek. Twisting ruthlessly, Kassanna tore his denims.

Her prize, a hunk of his flesh came along with the fabric. Flinging it aside, Kassanna attacked again, leaving her teeth prints on his ass.

"Shit! Someone stop her," Chad screamed. He crawled like a sprayed cockroach onto another table top, his bare bloodied butt exposed.

"You made your bed," a growly voice philosophically tossed.

"You done her wrong," a woman's voice condemned. "Go git him, girl."

Spurred by sheer terror, Chad gained the floor and ran for the door. Kassanna had never seen him move so fast, not even in his horse form. Pursuing, she watched him stumble at the threshold as he whipped around, trying to shut the door against her. No one had bothered closing it.

Chad gave up as she smacked the door with her shoulder, before he could even get it fully closed. The bastard betrayer dashed into the darkness.

"OH MY GAWD! Shit, my bike! What did you do... you, you bitch... FUCK! You, you..ruined it." Chad neighed a scream, his shift underway.

'Yeah, buddy,' she mentally bit him, 'and I'll do it again. You ass wipe.'

With her fury subsiding, somewhat, Kassanna halted in her hoof prints. With a filly's pride, she watched the bitch-whipped stud gallop into the depths of the forest like the hounds of hell were on his hooves. Better than her hooves, she thought. She'd be a she-devil on his trail forever. Chad was one lucky son of a stud Kassanna had decided his stinging hindquarters and a headlong crashing run through the dark of night was enough punishment. For now.

"Darlin', that was the best entertainment I've had in a long, long while," a rough-hewn voice twanged behind Kassanna. "You sure are a spirited little thing, ain't you?"

Curiosity got the better of her, and Kassanna slowly spun around. The tall, lanky man dressed like a working cowboy out on the town, didn't approach. Obviously, he knew better. His stance showed he knew how to handle a distraught horse.

"Yep, that was some show. Now, don't you worry, little lady. I got enough of a bankroll to cover any damages." The man grinned wide as the open range, and nodded toward the hoof-mangled motorcycle. "Now, I ain't payin' for that, though."

Kassanna blew her breath toward him, inhaling his scent.

"Not a horse shapeshifter," he answered what she already knew.

The next instant... stunned by the level of power rolling off the stranger – strong as a raging thunderstorm – Kassanna lifted her head in alarm, and took a couple of steps back. No doubt about it, he owned a force meant to control equine races.

Even though, she sensed no immediate threat from the shaman like cowboy – no trapping frequencies aimed at her – Kassanna instinctively wanted to morph to woman. His power couldn't touch her then.

But that would have left her butt-naked. Damn!

"Smart and beautiful," he crooned, easy as a breeze blowing over prairie wildflowers. "The handle is Denver Zamora, little lady. Me and Dante are engaged in some negotiations."

Kassanna eyed him suspiciously, while wondering why she just didn't gallop off, leave Mr. More Than a Cowboy in the dust. Maybe because he wasn't trying to rope her with his sorcery.

"I was enjoyin' some of his bar's hospitality," Denver added at her bold eye. "How about joinin' me for the evening? Only dinner, good music 'n drinks. Guaranteed I can find you an outfit, darlin'."

Denver looked her over, his own eye bold but with a respect for horseflesh that impressed Kassanna. Well rootin' tootin' hell, why not give the man a show? If he liked what he saw, and she'd know if he did, then why not? No man was ever pulling the race hood over eyes again, and he had no special powers over the woman side of her.

Kassanna took her time, shifting gradually. Still as a statue, Denver stared, obviously struck by her naked assets. Yeah, even though she hadn't shown him her bare butt.

"You promised an outfit," Kassanna reminded.

Faster than a rattlesnake's strike, Denver slid out of his fancy cattleman's jacket. He held it out to her, his face taut with strain, his expression enigmatic. With an exaggerated sway of her hips, Kassanna moved to him, and took hold of the jacket.

She slipped it on quick. The well-made garment, likely tailored for the man wearing it, engulfed Kassanna, hitting below her knees.

"Not quite the fit I was lookin' for," she bantered.

"Dante's club has all sorts of clothing shops. How about we find you somethin' that fits proper?" Denver offered his arm, his manner gentlemanly but with a possessive air, like a man who truly wanted a woman.

"Kassanna is my name, Denver," she offered, following his lead back inside the bar. "Just remember I bite damn hard."

"I'm countin' on it, darlin' Kassanna," he bantered, his voice deliciously baritone.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance



Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, yeah! Any guy who's seen a lady's ornry side and still wants on for a ride is worth a second look!

Pat C. said...

Whoa, nellie! That's one PO'd pony. That flicka ain't nobody's friend. Yet.

I'm so glad you ditched the other entry in favor of this beautiful piece of justifiable jerkicide. Vivid imagery just brings it to life.

Denver Zamora? You still come up with the best names in the business.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, he is! worth a second look.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, she is PO'd.

"justifiable jerkicide" ... love that!

Mr. Womanizing Jerk just might think twice next time before cheating.

Thanks, Pat. Thought that sounded like a good hero's name.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Chad might want to consider leaving town and quick! There must be a racing circuit he can jump onto for a while, 'cause if he didn't like what Kass did to him, he's really not going to want to meet up with Denver on a cold night! :)

Excellent post, Savanna!

Serena Shay said...
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