Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Werewolf and Witch By Lineage

Mad March howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

In last week's flash scene, our villain Damien Hancock was about to sniff out the infiltrator inside his mutant-landia lab. Well... here's the ongoing story.


Werewolf and Witch By Lineage

Werewolf and witch by lineage, Sulandra, used her psi-power, listening to her grandsire, Damien Hancock, interrogate and shmooze Morloxian -- the humpy-bumpy, butt sniffer. Scat, so far she'd been able to fend off his grab-ass, clumsy advances whenever she did her own conversational interrogation of him. After all, even mad scientists had to be fed, and she'd signed on to be his personal cook.

Mammoth mutant werewolf! That got Sulandra's rabid attention. Escaping, her goal the compound's delivery tunnel, she paused in her stealthy stride.

The very instant the mafioso-like pack leader entered the underground lab's main corridor, Sulandra had  realized it was time to get the effing hell out of Dodge, or in this case Colorado.

Damien's on-the-hunt scent for the infiltrator, her, hit Sulandra's nostrils like acid. She'd grabbed her backpack, then slowly wended her way through the black-as-tar labyrinth.

With her superior senses, she'd memorized the path despite being blindfolded, then allowed sight only once inside the delivery area -- larger than any warehouse Sulandra had ever seen. Suddenly low, hideous warning snarls blasted down her human witchy spine.

Yep, the hellhound-werewolf combo was on guard. "Hey, Yorgo, you're going to let me pass without a big nasty battle... aren't you?" Sulandra snatched the large ball of raw beef out of her pocket. "Here ya go," she soothingly coaxed.

Yorgo's thunder-engine growl ceased. He sniffed noisily, his blood-red nostrils like strangely moving orbs in the blackness. Sulandra hadn't been stupid enough to try infusing the meat with any drug, potion, or spell. Yorgo would have immediately known, wanting to chomp her down as a snack instead.

Sulandra gave the beef ball a toss toward him. As his jaws snapped like a wildlife trap around the meat, she scooted against the wall past his giant bulk. Yorgo emanated a poisonous odor that reminded her of a cigarette smoke-saturated motel room. With difficulty, Sulandra held her breath and stifled her urge to cough her lungs out.

She ran. From the palm of her hand, Sulandra threw a lightball -- her own witchy version of 'gps' -- having prepared it for this day. Simultaneously, Yorgo's enraged roar shook the steel and concrete tunnel. His heavy footsteps raced after her, thunder meeting an earthquake.

With adrenaline flooding her bloodstream, Sulandra sprinted faster. A champion marathoner in werewolf circles, she gained a bit of distance, even as licks of fire roasted her human butt.

No! she ordered when her wolf ferociously growled, demanding to be let loose. Sulandra still needed her human fingers to open the delivery door. That is, if the code hadn't been changed or automatically switched off.

Ouch-scat! hellfire lashed her back... but, irony of ironies, she'd been living in the lab-boiling pits of hell, alright. Charging into the short tunnel leading to the delivery entrance, Sulandra threw her force at the lightball. Instantly, it sizzled brightly, then reversed direction, flying past her.

Yorgo screamed in agony. Sulandra slowed and whipped around. Direct hit! Right between his four, monstrously big, blazing crimson eyes.

Unable to see, Yorgo crashed about searching for her by scent. Resuming her running stride, Sulandra sprinted for the control panel before...

Blinding light filled the entire warehouse-like area. Sulandra stopped in her tracks. Momentarily. Keeping her eyelids clenched so her retinas wouldn't burn, she opened her psi eyes.

"Surrender, bitch." As if he snarled through a thousand megaphones, Damien Hancock's voice pulsed around her.

"Yeah, yeah, granddad," Sulandra muttered under her breath, while rapidly touching in the code.

She hoped to Goddess moon, she didn't have to waste her supernatural powers on tripping the circuitry. Escaping Damien Hancock's formidable reach, would take far more than freeing herself from his massive crypto-monster lab.

Just as Sulandra heard the frequency hum meant to paralyze her, then jellify her whole, the thirty foot steel doors began to buzz and slide open. Whirling, Sulandra sped the short distance, then shoved through the crack.

Wintery air slapped her face. As Sulandra opened her eyes, the bright afternoon sunlight caused her to blink rapidly. She shifted to wolf 'asap', ripping her minimal clothing apart -- all while hearing humongous paws crunch over the thick layer of snow.

The mutant werewolves guarding the lab were on her trail. And no, they wouldn't be satisfied with a piece of her tail, either. The crazed beasts would shred her into unrecognizable pieces, if her plan failed. 

Sulandra swiftly bounded over the ice-blanketed snow toward the cave system she'd remote viewed, but had never actually been inside. Behind her, the pack of mutant werewolves gained ground, their long running strides nearly silent now.

A cold calm replaced the fear starting to fester inside her. All she had to do was find the brush-covered entrance, then wiggle through... shots rang out!

Sulandra leaped in reaction, startled. This wasn't ordinary rifle ammo being fired. More like the sound of military style tracers combined with M-80 firecrackers.

Keeping her spy cool, Sulandra focused on the surroundings she'd memorized via remote viewing. Howls-eureka! Sliding to a halt before the outcropping of rock, she dug with frenzied paws, spraying the snow behind her. 

Then, like the fiend some considered her to be -- fools they -- Sulandra yanked away the brush overgrowth with her fangs. About to clear the entrance, she heard, "I've dispatched them, my lovely. Care to go for a ride on my copter?"


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side...  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Rebecca Gillan said...

Copter? Oooh, gotta love unexpected last minute rescues. Not that she exactly needed it, of course, but it's the thought that counts!

Pat C. said...

And the mysteries continue to pile up. Who's in the copter? Plus, more importantly -- which of Damien's offspring is her father/mother?

Keep those cliffhangers coming!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, gotta love those last minute rescues. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, yes, which of Damien's offspring? You can eliminate Dante... but that's the only clue for now.

Yes, who is our copter rescuer?

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, I was going to ask the same thing...who's this lovely witches Mum or Da?

and a copter rescue... nice!