Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My pack rat tendencies are coming back to haunt me.

Jamie and Lamar
 We are getting new carpet at work this week. It’s long over-due because the current carpet has been in place since the late ‘80s. It was probably billed as random geometric patterns back in the day. I think it looks like Skittle vomit that landed in a pattern that closely resembles that of a giraffe, but I digress. We are getting new carpet that hopefully isn’t ugly, and I have to clean out my office so the furniture can be moved and lifted.

I am a pack rat.

found in the "goat room"

I have had the same job for over seven years and have collected a large array of crappage, some of it my own and some that I inherited from the guy who had my job last. In the process of tossing out stuff no longer needed, I found the original notes from testing of a computer program that my company has not used in a decade, a Haz/Mat training manual dated to 1985, and a forest of random objects like keys to a building my department moved out of 30 years ago.

The dom in this room actually invited her to come play...
 I guess getting new carpet was a good thing. There might have been a dead body in here and I would never have known. It also means I have written no flash for today’s blog. I shall do better next week, I promise. Instead, I give you some pictures of what Maureen saw on Monday. Have a great day!

~ Rebecca


The guy locked out of his room.

Pool Party!


Pat C. said...

Locked out of the room, or just waiting his turn?

I've got 30 years' worth of hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines and comic books crammed into one room of a mobile home. Top that. All I can say is, thank God for shelves.

Savanna Kougar said...

New carpet, cool. Just be careful 'cause I've read some articles about pets being poisoned by the chemical off gassing.

Geez! I gotta get to the Pleasure Club. Soon.

I'd hate to top that, Pat... but I think I need to plead the fifth... hehe...

Rebecca Gillan said...

This is my day job, so I don't have to worry about it bugging my fur-babies, only myself.

Pat, I don't even want to try and top that. Though I will admit to having a bedroom that looks more like a library that just happens to have a futon in it for me to sleep on. :)

Serena Shay said...

OMG sexy pics of hot guys and talk of topping...I'm going to have a hot flash! Oh, wait, we're talking rooms with books...hehehe, different kind of hot flash.

The look on my hubsters face the last time we moved(yes, we've done it far to often) cured me of my book collection. Although, if a Kindle was the actual weight of all my books - I'd have to have a crane to carry it around. LOL