Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little change of pace

No Witch's Moon today. Loki and Thor are getting annoyed at being ignored and they have heard the story of how their parents hooked up a hundred times already. In the interest of keeping the blog from being over run by mischivious wolf pups, I decided to let them have their way. Sometimes it's just easier.

~ Rebecca

* * * * * * * * * *

Welcome to The Peak After Dark. Jason Moroni here, filling in for Ralph Bruin, who is on vacation this week. I’m bringing you all the news you cannot use about people you don’t care about.  Today I have a little something different for you. I somehow got roped into puppy-sitting Mooney and Marissa’s kids, so I figured it might be fun to let the pups field some calls.

Jason: Ok guys, tell our listeners a little bit about yourselves.
Coby: Everyone already knows who we are and prac’ly everything about us, Moon Moon!
Brett: This is Talbot’s Peak, after all.
Jason: The name is Jason Moroni, guys.
Coby: Hey, Moon Moon, why does the screen say “Coby” next to my words? My name is Thor!
Brett: Because your name is Coby, biscuit breath. Your nickname is Thor.
Coby: What’s a nickname? And I’m not the biscuit breath, Loki. That would be you, who ate all my Coby Beef flavored biscuits!
Brett: They were not either all yours. Mom bought them for all of us.
Coby: Then why did they have my name on the box?
Brett: Pretty sure your name starts with a “Cee”, not a “Kay” bonehead.
Moon Moon: Seriously guys?
Thor: What?
Moon Moon:  Um, why did all of our names change on the screen?
Loki: Probably a hacker got into the station’s computer.
[long silent pause]
Moon Moon: Loki, give me the hack codes now!
[Sounds of banging and crashing in the background]
Thor: And now for our first caller!
Caller 1: Um, is everything alright there?
Thor: You bet’cha! Was that your question?
Caller 1: Maybe you should let an adult take the calls.
Thor: Good advice; I’ll tell Moon Moon that when he gets back from chasing Loki. Next caller!
Caller 2: Young man, where is that moron who is supposed to be supervising you?
Thor: His name is pronounced “More-ow-nee”, not  “more-on”. Or just call him Moon Moon; everyone else does. And I just said he was chasing Loki. Next Caller!
Caller 3: Hi Thor! [lots of high pitched giggles]
Thor: Uh. You’re not,  like, gonna giggle the whole time, are you? [Lots of giggles from at least three high pitched voices]
Caller 3: Cindy in Mrs. Feathercock’s class wants to know if you like her! [giggles and one loud squeal of outrage]
Thor: As a person? Yeah. But I think someone else who I’m not gonna name likes her more than me, so I’m gonna step back and be a gentleman ‘bout it.
Caller 3.1: Coby McMahon, you better tell me who it is or I’m—
Thor: Next caller!

* * * * * * * * * *
Lex leaned back in his overstuffed wingchair and swirled the amber liquid in his brandy snifter. A slight smile tugged at the corner of his mouth when he heard who the next caller was. He flicked a finger towards his stereo unit to turn the volume up a tad bit.
“Thor, put Moon Moon on the phone now!”
“But Mo-oh-om!”
He chuckled at the sound of an eight-year-old wolf pup whining because he knew his bacon was cooked. It was all her own fault, of course. She had banned Lex himself from supervising her children, and had called in Moon Moon to watch them so she and her wolfy mate could have a date night. He wondered how long it would be before Marissa recanted and allowed him to spend time with his favorite minions again. Surely this radio debacle—which he’d carefully orchestrated, of course—would make his own misdeeds look quite tame…


Serena Shay said...

Ice Tea, Rebecca! I now have ice tea all over my computer, but totally worth it.

Thanks for sharing that bit of awesome about Loki and Thor. :D

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sorry. :)

Serena Shay said... probs, the laugh was totally worth it. ;)

Pat C. said...

Thank God I had the cap on my Coke while I was reading this. This post totally rules!

Looks like it's Kids' Week on the blog. Wish I'd known. Oh well, I did some teenage hijinks for the newsletter.

Rebecca Gillan said...

That's all good, Pat. You managed to work some coyote hijinks on Monday. Everyone knows that coyotes don't grow up; they just get better at pranking. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

That was too good! Moon Moon on the radio interviewing Thor and Loki... I giggled and smirked all the way through. And Lex was purr-fect at the end.

Rebecca Gillan said...

It had been too long since Loki and Thor had acted out; it was write about it or explode. Unfortunately, Uncle Lex was still banned from watching them and Uncle Nick is not picking as many fights with Uncle Bo and Uncle Han. As those are the Terrible Duo's usual sources for mayhem, I had to get creative.