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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Twenty-two

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys 

Note: Zance and Dontoya are figuring out how best to protect Sherilyn from enemies and potential enemies.

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Chapter Twenty-two:
Zance reached for the coffee pot...  

Zance reached for the coffee pot, warming on the hearth. As he filled his mug, second thoughts about his mate's Ubarion heritage struck him like a bolt of pissed off lightning.

All the while, Donny-cat gave him the cougar stare, the one that screamed, 'I'm ready to leap. Wrestle you to the ground for more answers.'

Trouble was, Zance didn't have more answers. Not just yet.

His pardner declined a refill with a shake of his head, setting his mug on the mantle. That meant, Donny-cat's adrenaline hit the high mark, and his claws were about ready to spring into existence.

"Most important right now is protecting Sherilyn from the Templetons. And, from the shadow controllers of this world, who want her Ubarion genes," Dontoya rumbled darkly.

"Yep, could be those robber baron types snatched her brother. Might even have murdered her parents to get Tod." With his instincts buzzing something fierce, Zance figured he hunted down the right trail, or at least, close enough. 


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