Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dhavriz braced his legs, and called forth his lightblade...

June midyear howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Today's flash scene continues the sci fi story I began a few weeks ago, titled:  Space Opera Comes to Talbot's Peak 

This scene stars the hero, Dhavriz, also called The Hunter. If you like the warrior type, this just might be flash for you. ~grins~


Dhavriz braced his legs, and called forth his lightblade...

Dhavriz braced his legs, and called forth his lightblade, a huge broadsword he favored. Holding the pale fiery blade in a salute, he intoned, "Ready for battle. Activate."

The holo-program hummed for a split second. A horde of rhino-humanoid troopers charged, their beady, orange-neon eyes savage with the desire to hack and stab him into bits of unrecognizable flesh. Dhavriz stepped into a sprint. With his blade high, he slashed the weapon back and forth, fighting his way to the center.

Limbs and heads with giant horns flew around him.  The yellowish blood of his enemies sprayed as they struck at him with medieval-type weaponry energized by advanced laser tech.

When only a few remained circling him, Dhavriz roared with primitive zeal. He raised his blade over his head inviting the enemy to attack his bare chest. As they darted forward growling like thunder, he spun and sliced through their hide-shielded necks.

In the next moment, he heard the challenging trumpet of a battle mammoth. The sound pierced to his heart, seeking to weaken him with fear.  Dhavriz ignored his human reaction, ignored the blasts flashing around him from the spear-like weapon of the rider.

Blade at his side, Dhavriz raced over the rocky, low-brush terrain on bare feet as the battleship-gray beast charged toward him. The ground shook like an earthquake from its footfalls. Mighty curled tusks capped with jagged spear points dully gleamed beneath the lemon-colored sun.

With precision, Dhavriz avoided the constant fire-flashes as the rider sought to stun him into submission. As he ran, a warrior's roar poured up from his loins, then erupted from between his clenched teeth.

Keeping his legs swiftly pumping, Dhavriz pointed the broadsword as the shaggy mammoth lowered its massive head, ready to toss him about like a favorite toy. Life or holo-death, Dhavriz reminded himself.

While he never enjoyed harming animals, it remained imperative to keep his skills in a state of perfection. given his enemies often used such fearsome, trained beasts against him, and his crew.

Dhavriz stopped in his steps, flexed his knees and sprang. He stabbed his lightblade in the mammoth's exposed eye. Using his momentum, he whirled in midair as fire from the rider's weapon glanced off his shoulder blades and naked back.

Pain seared through his veins and Dhavriz transformed the energy into more strength. With a few key swipes of his blade, he destroyed the rider's weapon and unseated him.

Bellowing with rage, the mammoth swung his head slamming his tusks into Dhavriz. Letting the force take him, Dhavriz landed on his feet, then slammed the edge of his flaming broadsword into the beast's back leg cutting through tendons.

The mammoth leaped on three legs, twisting toward Dhavriz. The beast's trunk tried to coil around him like a monstrous snake. With flying blade and the brute strength of his arms, Dhavriz countered each attack.

The writhing, flash-quick movements of the mammoth's enormous trunk proved to be a worthy challenge once again.  Sweat glistened his body while his muscles bulged with power.

On the lookout for his opportunity, Dhavriz skewered the beast's trunk. He seized hold with one arm as the mammoth screamed and flung his trunk upward. Readying his lightblade, Dhavriz plunged the length through the tiny spot of unprotected flesh at the base of the beast's ear.

The mammoth's death throes began, and Dhavriz quickened the process by continuing to press the point of the broadsword into the beast's brain.  In moments,  the leviathan-sized creature crashed to the ground.

Overhead, as Dhavriz gained his feet, the droning buzz of the machine swarm alerted him. He never knew precisely which enemy the holo-program would throw at him. Often though, his psi sense warned him. This time, the program won.

Diving to the ground, Dhavriz grabbed hold of the dead mammoth's hind leg, and crawled beneath fast. The stinging insectoid swarm was nearly upon him. Their toxin would disable his muscles so they could feed on his flesh and carry his blood DNA to their mad-scientist masters.

The threat from these drone gatherers was a constant on the various galactic worlds. In the nick of time, Dhavriz shoved beneath the leg's heavy weight enough to cover himself. The furious, mosquito-like attack hit with the tiny machines chewing on the mammoth instead.

Soon a few of them would drill through, and attempt to paralyze him. Dhavriz played the waiting game, and once the dive-bombing ceased and the drones fed on the mammoth's flesh, he pushed his fist upward lifting the beast's leg.

Dhavriz rolled out from under and leaped to his feet. Swinging his lightblade like a battle hammer, he struck the swarm repeatedly. The blows burned out their cell-sized energy system.

But would he destroy enough of the miniature machines? Already, a few escaped. The evil buzz told Dhavriz they formed an attack wedge, only waiting for more of the swarm.

Knowing it was now or never, Dhavriz faced the drone wedge, his blade held like a shield. At superspeed the robot insects aimed for his heart. Front or back it wouldn't matter, except in the seconds it took to stop the beat of his heart.

Crap stars, Dhavriz mentally cursed as her image entered his mind. Commander Sarza of the Khy Woden, the incredible woman was the reason he'd decided to holo-train earlier than usual.  He couldn't afford to lose focus as Captain, as a warrior for his people. 

Almost a nano-beat too late, Dhavriz powered up his broadsword. Rays of light shot out vaporizing the drone wedge within inches of his heart.

Damn, he had it bad for the woman.

Lowering his lightblade slowly, Dhavriz knelt down on one knee. He let his exhaustion take over, ordering, "Deactivate."

As the landscape dissolved around him, Dhavriz wondered how many times he would have to retreat to his private holo room. He seriously doubted ice cold showers, or swims in raging ice rivers, would dampen his desire for Sarza. Hell-blaster, not when she was within reach, and traveling with him.

Of course, she'd made it more than abundantly clear it wouldn't serve either of them to become involved as lovers. Dhavriz threw back his head and bitterly laughed at himself, at the outrageous twist of fate.

The one woman who fired all his cruiser jets... let alone the euphemistic torpedo between his thighs... and she had all but rejected him.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Geez, man. Cold showers are so much easier, though I doubt if they're as satifying.

Bet Sarza could call forth his blade. Unsheathe your weapon, warrior!

I hope Ewan was reading this. He could use some pointers in how to deal with a raging mammoth.

Serena Shay said...

Okay, who doesn't love a good holo room! Battle options, fantastic worlds and I'm guessing Dhavriz will power up a few erotic fantasy programs once he gets his lady love to accompany him... ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I'll have to use that line for Sarza. "Unsheathe your weapon, warrior!"

Yeah, only Ewan will be battling a mutant werewolf mammoth... a different animal.

Savanna Kougar said...

Precisely, Serena. I couldn't refuse a good fantasy holo room.

Yeah, Dhavriz is hoping the Pleasure Club, where they're headed, will ignite her desires.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Blade of light, blade of flesh... Both quite deadly when employed right!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, deadly lightblade against his enemies. While his blade of flesh will be deadly against Sarza's resistance. ~grins~