Saturday, June 28, 2014


Gill looked down at his hand twice.  The silver band on his left hand on his third finger from his thumb glowed with a sparkle he swore was magically placed there.  Why else would he have put the band on?  Soft sighs sounded behind him.  Gill tried inhaling.  Each breath caught as another sigh sounded.  Glancing over his shoulder he saw. ..

Gill bolted up right in bed. Tossing the covers aside, he placed his hands flat on the mattress next to his naked hips ready to run.  Not a leisurely jog. No an all-out scared shitless dash for the nearest lawyer.  Just how legal was a wedding he couldn’t remember.  Shivers ran down his back over his front and down on to---shit he was as naked as the day he slipped from his momma’s womb.  Shaking his head, Gill forced air into his lungs.  One shallow gulp then another followed by several more.  Around the fourth deeper inhalation, he blinked, wondering if his sanity would return.  He counted in squirrel, then human, and squirrel once more before he stood.  He padded across the carpet, into the bathroom.  He locked the door upon latching it. 

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, he scowled.  His hair stood up on end in patches all over his head.  He remembered Chloe’s hands clutching his head as he licked her clit bringing her to one more hard pulsing orgasm.  Her deep throated moans intensified with each nibble and lap he took.  Somewhere around her fourth or fifth orgasm, she screamed into her pillow.  He remembered grinning as he eased back, reaching for the second condom of the night.  And that was. . .Thursday.  Today was. . .they’d spent the last ---holy beer nuts three days in bed.  Well there were the calls for room service and the quick dash to the washer and dryer for the clothes they laundered in between bouts of making the mattress bounce.  But hitched?  How when?  And without a stitch of clothing on?  He doubted it.  Of course, shape shifters and nudity went together as naturally as white on rice.

His hand shook as he reached for the faucet. Surely some cold water would wake him up more, sending his mind into functional mode.  Any functional mode was better than being half awake or asleep with the nightmare he’d just had.  Did he dare let his hand come into view?  Let the silver dazzle and mesmerize him again?  Oh hell hell no!  Finding out how legal this marriage was would happen later.  Breaking the news to Chloe wouldn’t be easy.  Inviting her home with him made sense.  Wedding bells were way off his list of priorities.  He had a campaign to run.  A town to keep in line, if the town ever paid any attention to what city hall said.  Even the council got rubber rocks tossed at it from time to time. 

Gill swallowed hard, did a quick ten count.  He closed his eyes, knowing that the truth would either ensnare him deeper or set him….
He opened his eyes.  Blinked.  Stared hard at his left hand. In particular third finger from his thumb.  Rapture, joyful giddiness, and a host of other emotions swarmed up inside him.  For now he didn’t have to break his or Chloe’s heart.  Five more days of vacation gave him plenty of time to get things ready.  A clan of Red Ground Squirrels needed plenty of room to roam.  Especially within the mayoral mansion.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Well Gill and Chloe rang the gong!  They got it on.  With five more days of vacation and already three spent in bed, is that economy size box of condoms gonna be enough?  Maybe we should have Gill give us a count of how many he used? Or blew out?  Now Gill stop shaking your fist at me and cussing in squirrel.

Summer is offically here. Heat, humidity, and storms appear as regular items on the weather forcast here at the Spice Homestead.  Stay safe and well.  As you lounge at the beach or pool, remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.
I know I will!

Until next week,




Savanna Kougar said...

OHMYGOODNESS! Gil hitched... well, at least, they have days to bouncing the mattress, and figure their future out. Fun flash, Solara! And the Peak will never be the same.

Rebecca Gillan said...

I have to hams it to Gil. Only he could wind up accidentally married to a woman he was already in love with. Usually, it goes the other way!

Pat C. said...

Holy crap, Gil! That's one hell of a vacation he's been having.

Well, married candidates do seem to do better at election time.