Friday, June 20, 2014

A Plan Goes Sideways...

A sexy start to the day!
Burgess came to—suddenly—and in fight mode. He tugged hard against the chains holding him to the table, but couldn’t move. Memories of last night were etched into his brain—pain, waste, and fear. 

He’d started the night at a cave rave three towns over where his job was to protect the boss’ lackey while the human filth dispensed Tranq like it was a fucking treat ¬¬ injectable candy. Four dead shifter teens was the result, teens not from Talbot’s Peak, but if they had been then maybe, just maybe, they’d still be alive.

With a sharp tug he once again tried to break the chains, giving up only when the door opened bringing in his partner on this job, and friend, Rafe, followed by their boss Mr. Crunkelton. “Let me out of these.” He shook the shackles.

“Now, now, Burgess,” Mr. C oozed, “That would be foolhardy of me, for sure.  It seems that my lovely concoction has an interesting effect on you.”

The portly human tapped at his tablet then turned it for Burgess to see.  It was video from the previous evening, a repeat of the unnecessary teen deaths, the verbal fight between him and the lackey and ultimately the part Burgess had no trouble remembering, even relishing, him breaking said lackey’s skinny neck.  The video went dark after that owing, he was sure, to the suddenly dead hands dropping it, camera side down, and Burgess’ size twelve combat boot stomping the shit out of it.  The tablet must have been set to stream to Mr. C’s device.  Sick bastard like to watch the deaths real-time, over and over again.

“So super-strength, Burgess?  Or is there another reason you can kill with such speed and precision?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”  Burgess jerked at the chains once again, this time jostling the table regardless of its legs being bolted to the floor. “You’ve got me locked up because you think I have super-strength?  Did you forget I was a Navy Seal?”

“Oh, I know, but even with that background the kill was fast…too fast.  Besides, I feel better knowing you’re contained until we figure out what happened.”

“Contained?  Really, Crunkelton, I could kill you twelve different ways while still contained.” 

Burgess couldn’t say he was surprised when the fat bastard pulled out a gun and aimed it at his head.  Humans always resorted to guns and most had no idea how to use them properly.

“Good point, perhaps I should just kill you now and be done with it.”

“Sure, you could…but, I know you won’t.”

“Really, why is that? I have the gun and it’s pointed at your head.  All I have to do is pull the trigger.”

“Yep, but you still haven’t asked me the real question you have. Go ahead, ask.”

Crunkelton grunted and Burgess could see the gun in his hand shake.

“Why did you run to the town of Talbot’s Peak?”

Burgess’ gut clenched as he thought of Penny, his hot domme, and love of his life.  He’d needed her to sooth the pain of watching those children die, he’d needed to wrap her around him and refresh his battered soul…he’d just plain needed her.  What he hadn’t expected to find was his woman with death surrounding her like a thin black veil. Now, in order to save her, he had to do the one thing he swore never to do.

“Well?” Crunkelton grunted. “Why there!”

He had to bring her into this world. “Word on the street is the hot piece of ass your ambulance chaser there stopped me from talking to is one hell of a Dominatrix.  Apparently, Talbot’s Peak has quite a scene going and I wanted to indulge.”

“You wanted to debase yourself for a shape-, er, she-, ah…woman?”

Burgess waited, hoping Crunkelton would finally slip and out his own knowledge of shapeshifters so they could start the end game of this plan, but he held on and covered his slip.  Now Burgess had to do the same…

“Submission, Crunkelton, is the ultimate strength.”
So this week it was Burgess' turn to share.  Whatever his plan is(it would sure be nice if they confided the plan with the author)...I hope he gets to Mistress P in time!

Have a great weekend!


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh Burgess, take that evil bastard down, and go to your peaparrot love.

Mutant werewolf mammoths about to be loosed... Tranq on the streets not that far from the Peak ... dark magick and mayhem... and gawd knows what else assailing Talbot's Peak... stay tuned, everyone!

Serena Shay said...

Yep, down and out is the plan, hopefully quickly can be added to that list. :D

Ha! It's the gawd knows what else that's the worrisome part!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, it's the unseen waiting around the proverbial corner.

Pat C. said...

Maybe we should start a support group for pantsers.

Our cast members sure get themselves wedged into some tight pickle jars, don't they? And then it's up to us to get them out. I know Burgess is up for this, but for how long? Is he suffering the same problems as Penny, or that strictly a peaparrot thing?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Very clever or him! Maybe he can save his peaparrot love while bringing down Mr. C, all at the same time!

Serena Shay said...

No kidding, Pat...we could probably use it. :D Of course, now all the characters in my head are whispering..."you know what you signed up for lady." So cruel. ;)

Good question about Burgess, I can honestly say he hasn't come down far enough from his hellish night to identify a weakness within so the way things go in my world, it'll pop up at a really bad moment. Oy!

Serena Shay said...

Your lips to this gangs brains, Rebecca. I hope they're listening! :D