Tuesday, June 10, 2014

White Fang and Pasha Battle Ninjas

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Apologies for another late posting. Just too much to get done these days.

However, here's another flash scene -- or another roughly written chapter of White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter -- starring my super wolf, White Fang, and his cat goddess heroine, Pasha.


White Fang and Pasha Battle Ninjas

White Fang hovered in midair, waiting, listening. The deep black of a moonless night was his ally in the coming battle. Yet, it would also serve their black-garbed foes.
Surrounded by the huge leafy limbs of century-old trees, White Fang spared moments to explain their righteous revenge, and asked for whatever assistance the sentinel-watching trees chose to give. At this point, he only used his super hearing, not wanting to give away he and Pasha's precise location.
If he radar-searched with his powers, the ninja horde would be able to pinpoint his position, instead of swarming inside the trap he and Pasha had devised. For the same reason, they had severed their telepathic bond.
Was that the rushing sound of the wind, or the nearly silent flight of the ninjas? White Fang stilled his vibration further but maintained his altitude. Tricky but doable.
An instant later, a tiny bubble of golden light appeared before his gaze. "They come." Pasha's encapsulated voice told him, then vanished in the ethers.
In the split second that followed, White Fang smelled the ninja's acrid magick. Faint to his wolf nose, yet there was no mistaking the black sorcery won only by being in league with the most foul demons.
With that recognition, White Fang realized the fight would be fiercer. It also explained why the two ninjas had so evilly slaughtered Pasha's human friend. And now defied Zhere Ghan's order to submit to the justice Pasha decreed for them as a goddess in the earthly realm.
Despite his criminal enterprise, the Tiger Yakuza leader was no fool when it came to the supernatural and ultimate justice. Zhere Ghan's two ninjas had stepped beyond his bounds when murdering an innocent, then deceived him with the smoke of their sorcery.
For that betrayal, the tiger shifter had delivered a warning to White Fang via his youngest son. At least twenty of their cohorts had deserted his Yakuza ranks, aligning themselves with the demonically controlled ninjas.
The night winds swirled into a new pattern, alerting White Fang. Simultaneously, he felt Pasha's request of the wind spirits to assist them.
White Fang focused his senses fast. The slight rush of sound, the black-soul stench, told him how close the ninja horde was to them. Mere moments away, given their flight speed.
Within, White Fang loosed his full power, no longer concerned with hiding his location. Energy blasted through him, his very veins volatile with it. Like a descending shroud, a heavy smoky fog filled the enormous forest glade. Eerie quiet followed as if every sound in the world had been switched off. 
Fiery sparks of gold streamed toward him, Pasha's magick at work. Illumination burst forth and as the ninjas streaked inside the clearing, their forms slightly glowed. Wraith like, they hung in the air momentarily stunned by their immediate exposure.
White Fang aimed his gaze, shooting the nearest three ninjas with eye beams. The blue fire decimated the energy signatures of his enemies. They squirmed like flailing serpents, and fell.
Before him, sheets of ethereal ice glimmered in waves as Pasha battled with her power. Several ninjas froze in mid-action, their dense-smoke bodies spiralling downward.
Surrounded, attacked from every angle by the soaring ninjas, White Fang spun creating a vortex that diminished his enemy's force. At the same time, he fought, countering  their death blows with his hands and feet. With the flashing strikes of his arms, knees... every part of his body. Including head butts.
No doubt the skill level of his heartless opponents exceeded top notch. 'Course, rumor held it that Zhere Ghan practiced his supernaturally inspired martial arts with the best he could hire.
Amid the humming sinister din of the battle, White Fang heard Pasha free her giant cat. She didn't shapeshift. Not yet. No, Pasha released the shadow beast who lived inside her.
White Fang had seen the fearsome goddess creature once. Rearing up, the unique looking lioness-cat placed monstrous sized paws on his shoulders. Two heads above his height and his width, the cinnamon colored beast then licked White Fang's face. The sweetness poured itself inside him.
A force unto itself, the cat savagely screamed as it leaped to attack the enemy. White Fang smelled the lightning bombardment Pasha deflected with her cast magick, and realized from the constant sizzle, she significantly weakened the ninjas her cat beast now devoured, one by one.
In his mind's eye -- as White Fang cycloned faster and continued fighting -- he saw Pasha move in her lioness beast's wake. Obviously, she'd reestablished their telepathic connection.
Dropping to the ground -- letting several of the ninjas collide against themselves -- White Fang mind-watched Pasha  form water balls that resembled crystal marbles. With ruthless speed, she threw the etheric poison.
The water soaked through the ninja's defenses, given they'd been expecting her renowned flame force instead. As the remaining ninjas swiftly adapted, darting forward to destroy her, Pasha conjured wind knives. She hurled with complete accuracy, the blades burying themself in their solar plexus chakra.
Quick as a cosmic blink, time froze around them. The vibrations altered sharply, and White Fang felt the six deadly ninjas still remaining, change to full corporeal form. They'd realized their smoke and sorcery had failed.
In the same instant, a leviathan portal spun into existence, sucking away the subtle energies needed to create magick. Then, the portal acted like an enormous vacuum, and White Fang's vital force was pulled from him -- as if he was Super Man exposed to kryptonite.
His wolf howled a warrior's roar, and broke free.  
As he sighted his first target, White Fang heard the racing steps of more ninjas over the rock floor of the clearing. From the corner of his wolf vision, he witnessed Pasha summon her cat beast.
Within seconds, his lover morphed to lioness cat. Her blood-curdling scream of rage echoed off the nearby mountain walls, and she sprang.
White Fang growled, the thunder of it vibrating his lungs. He charged.


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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Wise of Ghan to distance himself from the undesirable elements in his employ. I guess even bad guys have lines they won't cross.

And Pasha is one deadly mama!

Savanna Kougar said...

Zhere Ghan does have boundaries, which is why the two bad-guy ninjas sorcery-hid their killing of an innocent.

Yep, Pasha is deadly when righteously riled, and as a seductress.

Serena Shay said...

Damn, I need an inner goddess like Pasha's! :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Don't we all? It would be far better world... I'm thinkin'.