Friday, June 6, 2014


Speed, dirt between her toes, wind and the delicious scents filling her nostrils…freedom!  It was all here for her taking and Ziva took.  She yipped and howled as she took…and then she took some more.

The sudden stinging on her haunches startled the wolf and had her whipping around, looking for the danger, but when her human name came bellowing from the stand of trees…


…It all began to melt away.

The light blinded and her ass burned as her world once again became clear.  The latter of the two was actually quite pleasant, hey, who didn’t enjoy waking to a spanking.


“Geez, turn down the alpha volume, I’m awake.”  But was she really?  Looking at what should have been her hands all she saw were paws and wickedly sharp claws tearing up the mattress.


The need to follow the alphas order dug deep and pulled her wolf back, forcing her to heal like an obedient little pup.  Her paws came back to normal, once again human hands she used to push herself away from her male and out of the bed.


“Stop using that voice on me. I-it shouldn’t work on me. I’m an alpha too.”  She raised her head and looked into his eyes, so full of concern she had to push down the quilt surrounding her for causing him to fear for his child. “I’m sorry.”

“No, Z, no apologies.” He scrub a hand down his face, wiping away the fear and replaced it with worry.  She ached to be the cause.


“No.  Come back to bed, my love.  We’ll talk about what happened.”

Ziva checked the clock, five a.m., and weighed her options.  Back into bed with the very naked and deeply sexy male, or a shower and getting ready for work.  Right, like there was even a decision to make.  She moved to the bed and slid between the sheets he’d lifted for her.  Maybe she could take his mind off talking.


Nick swallowed the sigh of relief as he gathered Ziva into his arms.  He took a few moments to thank Lupa he’d been able to call his mate back to her human form before she’d gone too far.  He was anxious to meet his child, but not until he or she could survive outside his mates body.

“How about we spend the next hour or so finishing what you started with that smack on my ass, lover.”  Her whispered request was followed by a stroke to the appendage he was sure would remain forever flaccid when he awoke to his mates beginning shift. 

He was ultra-glad he’d been wrong about that, but before they played they needed to talk.  “Ziva,” he said, removing her hand from his eager wood. “Talk to me first.  What happened?”

“Dammit, you’re really not going to play until I talk?”

“I’m not, now fess up…what happened?”

“I was dreaming.  I was running, so hard and fast, the smells out there were filling me up.  It was heaven.”

“You miss it.”

“Desperately, but not more than this life.”  She rubbed her small, rounded out tummy and looked up at him. “I keep reminding myself that once this little one is born we can run like that again, but I don’t think my wolf is listening.  She’s torn and hungry.”

Nick laid a hand over the little one inside his mate and processed what she was telling him.  “You know, Z, I wonder if the suddenness of this pregnancy might be the reason for the dream and your wolf’s needs.  I mean, if we’d planned this, we would have spent the weeks prior to your heat as wolves, running and being one with the nature around us.”

“We would have sated her…I-I hadn’t thought of that.  You don’t think she would do something out of spite, do you?”

“No.  And you and I won’t let her.  I think she’s just struggling. “

“I also don’t understand how your alpha voice was able to work on me, Nick.  To bring me back so quick.  I’m glad it did, but I’m alpha too, so it shouldn’t have worked like that.”

Nick rolled her to the side and slid himself against her back.  He knew the answer to her question, but didn’t think she was up to discussing it right now.  Soon enough she’d reason out that he’d never before used his alpha voice on her – yelled, yes, but never dominated her with it like he did unruly beta.  Then she’d put it together and realize that he was top dog and she the newest member of the McMahon pack, his mate.

“How about this, let’s figure out what we can do to satiate your wolf enough to keep her from needing to shift.”  He ground himself against her cheeks and slid a hand between her legs.  “Any ideas?”

“Oooh, yes, steak and eggs.  Hash browns and toast with some sauerkraut on the side…the Grill will be open soon.”

He groaned, partly because of her weird craving, but more so because he was horny as hell and she was talking food.  “Really, Z, right now?”

Nick found himself quickly on his back with his beautiful mate sliding herself onto his stiff dick and moving slow and sure.

“But first, let’s do this.”

He was without words as she moved with the grace of a she wolf taking what she needed.  All he could do was ride this to the end right alongside her.  “Ziva, oh Ziva,” he panted, closing in on a quick, first release.

“FLAPJACKS, FLAPJACKS,” she screamed as she reached the finish line right before him.

Nick barked out a laugh as she smiled through her release.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she said, letting him ease her to the bed.  “And definitely flapjacks.”

“Definitely,” he chuckled.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

What an incredible flash scene between Ziva and her Nick. Their relationship is transforming so beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Pat C. said...

Agreed. This is so lovely.

Though if Ziva puts sauerkraut on her flapjacks, I'm never coming back to this blog again.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna, yeah, I like who Nick and Ziva are becoming as well. Of course, they are bound to still surprise me now and then. :)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Yeah, that would be a nasty combo for any normal woman, but pregnant ones have that abby-someone thing going on so flapjacks and sauerkraut is probably a taste sensation. ~Bleck~

On a side note, now I need to watch Young little quote from it and I'll be going off all night about "destiny, destiny no escaping that's for me!" or... "Put the candle back!" LOL...I'm so easy!

Pat C. said...

Now I've got Ziva and Nick duetting on "Oh Sweet Mystery of Life, At Last I've Found You." Thanks for that image.

Serena Shay said...

LMAO...You're welcome! That is so them, sometimes. ;)

"No, no, it's Fraaaankensteeeeen."

Shoot, there I go, giggling to myself again. :D