Friday, June 27, 2014

Selfie with Dante?

Since it's kids week here on Shapeshifter Seductions Daniel and Silas Swans wanted to make an appearence.  They were determined to try a selfie stunt after watching a teenager across the pond get a great shot, and the stink eye, of himself and the Queen of England.  What, they wondered, could they get from the great and wise, Dante of Talbot's Peak?

If you haven't see the Queen's stink eye moment yet, check it out here.
“Did you get it?”

“Shush, he’ll hear you, then we’ll never get the shot off.”

“Here he comes, here he comes.”

“Damn Daniel, you are such a loud butt dork.”

“Am not! You are Silas.”

“Shut up and get ready.”


Dante grinned to himself as he followed Ally down the steps inside The Talbot’s Peak Inn.  At the bottom, her boys waited to “surprise” him in some form or fashion.  He could hear their hushed conversation, but he didn’t smell malice so whatever they had planned must be a bit of harmless fun…and it would be from his point of view.

“Everything looks to be in good working order, Ally, and business appears to be booming.  That, I’m sure, is due entirely to your hard work.”  Dante smiled at the lovely human Hawke had already claimed as his own.

“Thank you, Mr., ah, Dante.”

She blushed prettily at his comments. Even in his renewal phase, or death as some might call it, Hawke had found his other half.  He was happy for his friend and had promised to watch over her and the children until his return.

“Are there any problems you’ve come across to which I could be of assistance?”

“He’s close, get the camera app ready…”

“It is, dork.  You go round the left and I’ll take the right, then get close enough to be in the picture. 
That kid in England…”


“Whatev’s.  That kid got a selfie with the Queen, but we’re getting one with Dante.  He rules this town and has way more power than some Queen.”


Dante smirked.  If the boys only knew how much power he wielded, but he wasn’t alone.  He shared power with a few others, as it should be.  Now, how could he make the selfie more exciting?


The boy’s jumped out, not at all sneaky, and crowed in close.  The camera was up and both boys were laughing.

“Daniel!” Ally scolded. “Silas!”

Dante bent between the duo, made a V behind each boys head and flashed a special grin at the camera.

“No way…” “Hey, you look like a…” Both boys hollered at the same time.  “Wolf!”
Worry not, Dante assured me he didn't shift his face for the picture, just added the essence of wolf to the air for the boys to "see" for a moment in the camera.  Yeah, he's that powerful.

Have a great weekend!


Savanna Kougar said...

LOL... that was entirely too much fun, and yep, just like Dante. So glad Hawke is densifying for Ally.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Too funny!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Ladies. :)

I wonder if anyone else in town will cave to the selfie movement? ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

Well, now that we know that selfies with Dante nets you a picture with a wolf, I bet other like minded people are going wonder what surprise selfies with, say Zhar Ghan will get them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Or Louie at Rattigans...

Pat C. said...

Lamar's camera holds nothing but selfies. His favorite is the one he took with Jamie while Jamie was in the shower. And you thought the Queen gave a nasty stink eye.

Love the flash, Serena!

Serena Shay said...

How about Lex! hehe

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Oh man, the Lamar and Jamie one would be worth a mint!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh man, I just got a mental flash of Loki and Thor trying to sneak a selfie with Lex and getting photographic evidence of him doing something sure to piss Marissa off!

Serena Shay said...

Sweet! I hope to read that very soon... just love Loki and Thor! You know, there's room in the newsletter for that gem if you want to add it. ~using my sweet, sing-song voice to entice. wink~

Rebecca Gillan said...

How much room are we talking about here? 300 words or room for a whole sceen?

Pat C. said...

Drop one of my articles if you need to. I want more Loki and Thor!

Serena Shay said...

I'd say 700 words or less would be perfect. I'll make sure it fits. I think our readers would love a newsletter only peek at Loki and Thor. I know I would! :D

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Pat, if I need to I can change up the pictures of Gils vaca, but no way am I going to lose your Chariot flash...hehehe