Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Festival Launches

"Well Gill," Vernon said.  "I think you did a great job putting the money that Dante and group provided us."

"I had no choice.  We couldn't say no and we couldn't return the state money either."  Gill leaned against the counter of the dunking booth. 

Vernon's wolfy laugh didn't help.  Gill knew that Dane and many of the Peak's leading citizens weren't happy that they took the state money.  Nor that their attempt at erasing all the transactions wasn't successful.  Chloe hadn't talked much about her and Woody's meeting with Dante and group.  She only said both sides agreed to move forward on decision making processes in the future.  Rumors that a few shapeshifters were in state government offices provided some relief.  How much only time could tell.

"Look Gill," Vernon chided placing more balls on the table.  "You and I know that taking the state money was the right thing.  Humans need to know the state is looking out for them."

"Frack," Gill cussed pointing toward the two teens approaching the booth.  "Yes, and here come two of the reason why.  These two love to stick their nose into others private lives."

Monty Jackson and his BFF Karmen Dongal walked like they owned the midway.  Swagging like two fighting roosters ready to pick a fight first chance they got.  Gill snorted at his thought.  Neither of the teens were shapeshifters.  They were only trouble makers.  Their parents moved to the Peak after their car broke down out on the highway.  Tony, the local mechanic, hired Monty's father due to his knowledge of cars and trucks.  The man had a talent for fixing engines and keeping vehicles running.  The business generated additional income for the businesses at the edge of town and closer to the interstate.  Teaching Monty and Karmen a lesson would take finesse and a lot of strategy.  Maybe this was one of those times when letting Dante handle the teacher's role made sense.

"Give me two of them balls," Monty demanded tossing two Talbies on the table.  "Let's see what I can do with this fake money."

"Yea, Mon.  Dunk that fat ass sitting there."  Karmen pointed at Louie sitting on the seat inside the dunking booth. 

"Oh this should be easy."  Monty picked up the ball, rubbing his hands around the worn baseballs hide.  He pulled his arm back and let go with a fast ball pitch.

Gill turned toward the booth.  Louie already had his hands up ready to drop into the water below.  Many of the tank's occupant pushed a button  on the seat sending them into the water giving some of the children a thrill when they came close to hitting the bulls eye button on the front of the tank.

This time, Louie stated on the seat.  He glanced left and right. His gaze met Gill's.  Gill shrugged and handed Monty his next ball.  "Try again?" Gill asked.

Monty pitched again, sending the ball faster than before.  Louie stayed seated.  Karmen tried his skill.
Louie remained dry and seated.  The teens turned to Gill, fists clenched. 

"Hold on boys," Vernon said moving around the table.  "Let me see what's going on."  Gill handed Vernon a ball.  He picked up the ball, eyed his target, nodded, and tossed. 

Louie dropped into the tank.  He came up sputtering and spitting.  "Nice hit Vernon. Maybe the boys want to check out the seat and bulls eye."

Not one's to pass up a challenge, Monty and Karmen pulled Louie out of the water and sat on the bench.  "What's this?" Karmen asked pushing the button on the bench.

"What the---" Monty cried out as the seat collapsed sending both of them plunging into the chilling cold water below. 

Several moments passed as each tried to climb out of the tank with no success.  "Get us out of here," Monty called.

"One way to do that," Gill responded.  "Put the seat up.  Climb on to it and over the top to get out."

The seat sprung back into place.  Karmen sat on the seat leaning forward to offer Monty a hand up.

Three balls sped past Gill, Louie, and Vernon.  All hit the bulls eye sending the soaking wet teens back into the tank.  Each time they tried to get out more balls hit the bulls eye.  Gill smiled as he kept collecting money for those quietly getting back at the bullies.  The Peak's citizens understood fair, safe, and sane equality.  He wondered if Monty and Karmen would once they got out of the tank and reflected on the incident.



Hope you enjoyed today's flash piece.  I wish I could say there's more to come.  I don't know.  Maybe my blog mates will pick up where this piece leaves off or another part of the story line.  I'm going to be out of the loop for a few weeks recovering from surgery.  I'll post as I can. 

Keep some good books handy to share with your loves and spice.  I've got a few.  DP and Mage are getting others ready.  I know we'll be discussing some good reads.

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