Friday, October 9, 2015

Pet Names and Fire Breathing Dragons

Nick twisted and turned, performing more aerial acrobatics than he thought possible, in hopes of keeping himself from becoming a shapeshifter shish-kabob.  He’d never dreamed his life would come to such a pointy end and wouldn’t involve wood of some sort.  Sadly, he’d miss out on the best parts of life…his pups laughing and playing and growing up.  He’d miss it all.  And damn it…he’d never marry the female of his dreams.  

With a quick glance towards his mate, straining to reach out to him, Nick let loose with a soulful howl and prepared to meet the Lupa snout-to-snout.  A sharp stab to the ribs took him by surprise.  He’d hoped death by this kind of impaling would have been fast and less painful.  The even bigger shock came when he was suddenly flying upwards into the sky.  Nick had always hoped to join the great pack upon his death, but secretly suspected it would be the lone burning wolf for him.


“Be careful, Erol.  Don’t break him.”

“Are you really telling me what to do with the wolf you ordered me to save, Fair One?”

“That’s not just a wolf, you silly goose…”

“I AM DRAGON!” Erol roared.

“Fine, fine, fine…but listen that is not an ordinary wolf, Oh Mighty Dragon.”

 “Really?”  Clearly Greely thought he was stupid and that he wouldn’t recognize a fellow shifter.  She still had much to learn about dragons.  He did, however, like the affectionate name she’d just given him, even if she’d said it with a huff in her voice.

 “Nope, that’s Nick McMahon…” 

 The reverence in her voice ruffled his feathers…or would have if he’d had any.  It also made him wonder if he should drop the infidel he currently held in his claws.  “The way you speak of this man makes me wonder if I should drop him.”

 “WHAT?  Don’t you dare, Erol!”

 Greely’s sudden movement across his back required Erol to slow and descend sooner than he’d intended.  Instead of a graceful landing as was usual, he’d had to claw onto the jagged rocks along the side of the gorge…digging in with his hind legs and using his wings to slowly make his way down.  Once at the bottom, he set the wolf on his feet and allowed Greely to dismount.  “Never risk yourself like that again, Greely,” he huffed, sending her hair out behind her. “I will resort to carrying you in my mouth if you repeat that action.”


 “I promise to always do as you say, Oh Mighty Dragon,” Erol rumbled, still in his dragon form.  “By the way, I like your new pet name for me…you may call me that from now on.”


 “Oh Mighty Dragon, I like that…you may continue to use it.”  He watched her vibrate with indignation, eager to see what she would do with his demand.

 “Grrr…arggg, you, you—humph.”

 Greely turned way from him with a stomp of her tiny foot and he was juiced.  Impatient to continue to their intended destination and lay her on the soft bed he’d bought just for her, in the castle of rock, hidden in these hills. 


 Her gasp brought him back to reality and a picture that brought fire to his nostrils.  Nick, the shapeshifting wolf, was now a man racing to his woman, naked.  Damn wolves and their penchant for nudity.  What was worse was that he was swinging all over the place in his dash to get to the naked woman on the ground. 

 “Avert your eyes, Fair One!”

 “Oh, Karma is going to just die that she missed this.  The rumor mill in Talbot’s Peak was so wrong…they must have been short by at least four inch…ahhhhhh.”

 Erol felt his blood boil, the fire barely restrained.  Someone was going to get hurt if Greely didn’t stop.  That would be his defense, he thought as he reached out and scooped her up, quickly placing her into his mouth. 

 Her scream was muffled, but could still be heard as witnessed by the sudden quiet around him and the words of two little wolf boys.

 “Cool…He ate her!” 

Dragons have minds of their own, I swear!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Pat C. said...

Erol to the rescue! Yay!

So Nick's a swinger, eh? Heh heh. Pity no one had a camera.

Once again, I'm reminded how much I love Loki and Thor.

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like the high-flying, naked, swinging life in Talbot's Peak... yeah, where are those cameras when you really need them???

Good one, Serena, and I second what Pat said about Loki and Thor.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, he swings, but only for Ziva. She'd kill him and anyone he was "swinging" with. ;)

Yeah, those scoundrels. hehe

Serena Shay said...

Oh, I'm sure Greely is wishing she'd thought to bring a camera along...Karma may scream when she finds out she didn't. :D