Friday, October 2, 2015

A Mighty Grip to the Rescue

So, it's an ultra shorty from me today.  Illness is alive and well in the Diva household, only now it's Alpha and Mama Diva down for the count. Happily, Darling Diva is back up and running, but I guess the cold had to go somewhere...


Shouts from above echoed Ziva’s internal scream for her mate.  He was falling to his death and she was unable to do a thing about it.  She prayed to the Lupa, to the forest gods and even to the big guy the humans all talked about—anyone who could keep her mate safe.

She watched as Nick wiggled and attempted to move out of the jagged peaks path, all to no avail.  He would be impaled and she would have to go on without him.  It was an impossible task except for their young.  She would remain here for them.

Even as flashes of a lonely future raced through her head, Ziva rolled to her stomach tried to rise—to get to her mate—to change fate, an inch at a time.  A powerful gust of air pushed her back and forced her head down, but she persisted.  She tipped her chin to the side and caught the sweetest sight she’d seen since the birth of her twins—a monstrously-sized dragon, taking her mate into its mighty grip, seconds before he’d reach the tip of the rock.

Nick was safe was her last thought as she slipped into the darkness.
Have a wonderful weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Wow... the drama continues. Good work, Serena. So glad the dragon intervened!

Sending GET WELL vibes to you and hubs!

Pat C. said...

Yay, dragons! Let's hope he's vegetarian.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks ladies! :)