Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Promise Her Sunlight... Promise Her Halloween At The Bohemian Thunder Club

Shapeshifter lovers, Happy Howloween with lots of eerie, black-cat yowls.

So, the spookiest night of the year is streaking toward us like a mob of hostile apparitions. And again, I apologize for another late posting. However caretaking duties comes first.

And yes, I hope you enjoy another flash scene with my human heroine, Kailla, who is being courted by Thundercloud, a god-wolf shifter. Big hunky Thunder stars in this scene, and is not expecting Kailla's arrival at his pack-clan's nightclub. However, he is not a wolf to be caught off guard.

The previous flash scenes are: *One Shade of Silver Wolf*, *Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash.*, *Did the man lift mountains as a hobby?*, and *Halloween Huntress of the Star Empire*.


Promise Her Sunlight... Promise Her Halloween At The Bohemian Thunder Club

"Promise her sunlight." Thundercloud's big brother, Thunderbolt clapped him on the shoulder as he spoke. Yet, Bolt's sharp gaze remained on the nightclub's prep crew, who scurried about efficiently checking and rechecking every inch of The Bohemian Thunder Club. All must be in perfect order, immaculately clean—the candles lit .

The warm candlelight sparkled the glassware, the silverware, and diamond-shimmered the crystal centerpieces, trimmed in gold. Most superior though, a woman's beauty was enhanced by firelight, and her soul always responded. Her feminine essence flamed high, becoming a splendor men fell headfirst into.

With his superior nose—the best nose of his clan-pack—Thundercloud carefully sniffed the stimulating, pungent blend of essential oils infusing the air. As he always did when working at the club. Reminiscent of their Norse god roots, the married scents of deep forest,  spring flowers, and sky, were carried by the breezy currents of their circulation system.

For moments, he watched the team of men shifters worked enthusiastically, in large part, because of the rewards. Certainly, they were paid well, and had major perks at the club. However, it was the gorgeous banquet of women who would be arriving soon that put lightning up their spines...as he and his wolf shifters siblings phrased it. .

"Promise her sunlight," Thundercloud grumbled in a growl. "Sound mating advice if Kailla was a Norse maiden, and we lived in our wintry homeland."

"Give her time. Your future mate is a human female, after all. You realize they require patience, and a tenderer care." Bolt gave a nod to their bar manager, who signaled that all was ready from his station within the semi-curved, plush area. Instead of polished wood, the surface of the bar was silvery-veined marble.

"Go inspect the troops. It will distract you for a short time, brother." Bolt indicated their hunky male servers. Attired in only faux-fur loin cloths and lace-up suede boots, they lined up near the entrance, ready to wait on their women customers.

As Thunder spun toward the mostly naked lineup of 'beefcake' men, Bolt slapped him heartily on the back, his sympathies clear. He'd earned the trust of his human mate, Krystal, over a year's time—after rescuing her in New York's Central Park.

Focusing, despite the strength of his mating ache, Thundercloud critically eyed the appearance of each server. The women who frequented the nightclub wanted eye candy, men they could ogle, appreciate without fear of being hit on—as the human saying went. That is, unless such attentions were desired.

Before any man was allowed to work at The Bohemian Thunder Club, he was dutifully informed that if he dared harm any woman in any manner, he'd have his throat ripped out by wolf.

Near the end of the lineup, Thundercloud's nose did him proud. She was here. His Kailla.

He whirled around before she entered. "You're on your own, gentlemen. Please the ladies, and you'll be pleasing our pack. And you know the rewards." Thundercloud ate up the floor with his long strides, not hearing one word spoken to him.

Had curiosity gotten the better of his beauty? Did she want to see him in his nightclub environment? By the battleaxe, he'd offered to escort her many a time, show her the club, and treat her as his untouched queen for the night.

Yet, she'd refused, but did not refused his courtship, dating him as was the American custom. Now...???

"Kailla," he rumbled low and soft, once she cautiously strolled inside. Thundercloud took up her hands, noting the evening makeup she'd applied to her lovely face.

She wore a simple mini-frock, the color of a pale pink winter sunset. The material glimmered over her sumptuous curves, and caressed her at mid thigh. The very thighs he panted over.

"You don't mind that I'm here...do you?" She gave him a soft smile, then flipped her  loose, shiny hair. The dark coppery color glinted in the candlelight.

Thundercloud did some mental howling and wolfish panting. "No, of course not, Kailla. I've been attempting to persuade you. For how long now?"

After a flirtatious smile, she raised on tiptoe. Their lips met in what Thundercloud thought of as a greeting kiss. For public consumption only, their kiss ended way too soon. Yet, the underlying passion flowed and swelled like a river during spring rains.

"I thought I'd come and see what I was in for, since..." She took his offered arm, and Thundercloud moved them toward the bar.

"Since," he prompted at her hesitation. Thundercloud stroked her arm, his gaze seeking out the perfect table for them.

"Since..." she drew in a hiss of breath, and released it. "I have a costume...and you invited me to the club's Halloween party."

Thundercloud grinned, lighting up inside as if he sat beneath one of the recent super moons. "Hints about your costume, my beauty, so I may choose a suitable compliment," he managed in a steady and gentlemanly voice.

"Hmmm...it's...it's rather racy. For me, anyway. Wow," she halted her steps, "forgive me for staring. But you weren't kidding about mostly naked, extremely hunky men."

Possessiveness stormed through Thundercloud. His blood pressure soared to the height of their clan's mountaintop castle. His wolf bared his fangs and growled a warning. MINE!

However, the cooler part of his nature realized his Kailla merely spoke the truth. Also, the undertone of her words was not lascivious, or desire for another man.

"Words like thunder break the silence," she offered the familiar song lyric, once they resumed their steps. "Did I insult you?"

"No, my beauty. You simply spoke truth. The fault is within me. I am a possessive man." Thundercloud well know his candor could work against him. Yet, he wanted as much emotional honesty between them as possible—before he revealed his god-shifter side.

"How about I parade mostly naked before you? Serve you this evening, my beauty. Is there a fur loincloth that pleases your eye most among the styles our servers wear?"

She squeezed his arm, and Thundercloud felt Kailla's womanly delight, her relief. "Mmm...they're all fabulously primal. I see tiger, zebra, leopard, black panther, buffalo, polar bear, lion...is that supposed to be wolf skin?"

"All is left to the woman's imagination," Thundercloud lightly teased. "Would you like to view the full ...

"The full monty," she teased in return, interrupting him. "Did you ever even see that movie?" she inquired at his silence.


"No. I'm guessing you don't know what I'm referring to."

"I have heard the term," Thundercloud swung Kailla before him. "Now that I think upon it." He paused, his gaze feasting on her slightly flushed face. "No full monty here, my beauty, within the confines of the club, of course. Now the Pleasure Club...that is an entirely different erotic story. As you may know."

"So I've heard." Dry as the wine he preferred, his woman's tone.

Their gazes fused, their passion simmering, ready to erupt into a fiery torrent. Yet, the emotion between them, it was great as the mountains he revered. Their hearts beat for each other. Thundercloud heard them become one in rhythm.

"Space babe meets kickass huntress...my costume." Kailla spoke in a near whisper, her eyes smokey, yet starry with desire. "Why don't you surprise me, cave man?" She flipped her gaze to his groin.



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

I want the guy in the ostrich feathers! C'mon, there's gotta be one in there somewhere.

Are these the children of the Fenris Wolf? Which would make them the grandchildren of Loki, God of Mischief. Which could lead to a lot of fun in the bedroom. ;D

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm...peacock feathers, ostrich feathers... if one or several of the lady customers want that... sure! The ladies rule as far as their wishes.

Maybe Lamar, Jamie, and friends should start The Ostrich Feather Club ...Dante would be glad to accommodate them... or maybe your Vampire complex owner would be a good location.

This silver wolf pack-clan are grandsons and granddaughters of Thor. But that would be cool, shifter descendants of Loki.