Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Hotness

Ziva’d been back to work for a couple of days now, but still she growled at each of her fellow employees. She half hoped her warning went unheeded, and they’d continue to ask her what happened.  She wasn’t herself and this need for comforting was confusing her.  Unfortunately, her growl still packed a punch and most veered away, letting her get to her office in relative peace.

Only a few braved her warning, but Nick, who kept pace behind her like the secret service, warded them off before she could taste their blood, or more to the point, wept into their shoulders. 

Lumbering Lupa, how was she going to survive weeks as an emotional wreak and wrapped like a freaking mummy, at that?  A mummy, damn it.  She planned her Halloween costume with great care this year.  She was going to transform herself into a belly dancer with the sexy coined belts and finger bells to boot. 

The costume was a way to empower herself and had the added benefit of driving Nick crazy with all the bared skin.  Now there were gauze wrapped and scars, a mummy’s worth of them.

Nick swore she didn’t look as bad as she felt, but then he didn’t want to risk losing access to her one remaining system—Ms. Puss.  Clearly, he’d not yet realized her multitude of injuries put the kaput’s on their favorite position—doggie.

“What’s wrong, mate?  Are you having pain?  Should we go home and rest?”

“No, Nick, I’m fine, just bummed that I’ve ruined Halloween.”  She had too, ruined one of their favorite holidays, that is, a night for thrills and chills and naughtiness that made life worth living.  Lupa she was maudlin. 

“Ziva,” Nick cooed into her ear.  “You didn’t ruin Halloween, I’ve made all our plans at the pleasure club for tonight.  All of the employees have tickets to come, if they want, and to sample any of the public parties taking place…including the one G&B is putting on.  This is our Christmas after all.  I also reserved our room for afterwards.  Elly is staying with the cubs and I believe Mooney and Marissa are bring the boys to our place to stay after their party.”

“Nick.” She turned to her mate with love in her eyes.  “How did you have time to plan all of this?”

“I have a secret peaparrot on staff…she’s a menace when it comes to multi-tasking.”

“Thank you, my love, but I can’t go like this.”  She gestured to her gauze wrapped body.

“Who said you’d have too?  Go into your office.”
Nick nudged her through the door and there, on a Ziva sized mannequin was the most brilliantly white, floor length dress she’d ever seen.  She moved to touch the fabric and almost sobbed out loud.  It was so soft…delicate and flowing.  It was perfect.

“I figured a ghost would be the perfect get-up for you and your body is too delicious for some old sheet.  Besides, you can wear this after Halloween, you know, if you want.”

“I want.” Ziva hugged her love as best she could and let the tears fall.

“It’s okay, Ziva,” Nick murmured, holding her as long as she needed him too.

“What are you going as?”  She asked once the tears had stopped.

“That’s a surprise.”  He smiled at her as he left the office.


Several hours later Ziva stood in the room Nick had reserved for the G&B holiday party, nibbling on snacks and talking to her co-workers, feeling like a million bucks.  Everyone was in love with her costume and dying to know where Nick got it, when in walked the man of the hour himself.

“OhmyLupa,” Ziva nearly choked on the pig in a blanket she’d been eating when she got a load of her mate…her kilt wearing, stud…Highlander mate with a sword at his side.  A clearly wooden sword.  It was a broadsword sanded and stained to perfection.

Tonight and for years to come, that piece of wood would be wielded in pleasure and a wee bit o’pain.  Especially on the night of thrills and chills.

Happy Halloween!
I couldn't resist...David Tennant in a kilt...Oh Dr.!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!



Pat C. said...

What's wrong with a belly-dancing mummy?

Finally, Nick gets it. Ziva couldn't have picked a better mate. Tomorrow he'll do something that'll have her howling and clawing her hair out, but that's just because he's a guy. This time he did it right.


(runs off to Google Images to see if there are any Photoshops of Winchesters in kilts.)

Pat C. said...

Oops -- forgot about the movie "Ten Inch Hero" where Jensen did indeed wear a kilt.

Off to Yahoo to email the even-better pic I just found ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, what a Happy Halloween Ever After for Ziva and Nick... lovin' it. Makes me smile, and feel all romance-warm inside.

Serena Shay said...

~laugh~ Nothing wrong with a belly dancing mummy except the lack of skin. Of course it could be a peel away dance... But, considering what The Mummy looked like before he sucked everyone dry, I'm thinking a belly dancing mummy would not be for Nick. ;)

Yep, David Tennant in a kilt... ~sigh~

Holy Moly, Jensen in a kilt...oh mama! Going to head over to check that out!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! I was happy with Nick and Ziva's out come as well. :)