Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween Huntress of the Star Empire

No, this isn't my heroine, Kailla... but she like this vintage space babe. 

Shapeshifter lovers, Happy Early Howloween with lots of eerie yowls.

Closer and closer, Halloween-mania lurks... well yeah, the gremlins are causing nasty internet connection problems for me... I spent most of the night trying to figure out the problem... which is probably not smart, given my techie-unsmartness.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy another flash scene with my erstwhile heroine, Kailla, who is being courted by Thundercloud, a god-wolf shifter. Okay, big hunky Thunder isn't in this scene... *boohoo* ... but Kailla is discovering just the right costume, and has convinced herself to accept a date with him on Halloween Eve.

The previous flash scenes are: *One Shade of Silver Wolf*, *Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash.*, and *Did the man lift mountains as a hobby?*.

Update: I had to install Chrome to get this posted... ~sighs~ 

Halloween Huntress of the Star Empire

Kailla halted, her hand in mid-reach for the costume shop's old-fashioned glass door. Once she entered...yeah, so likely she'd be carried away, enchanted, then seduced by one or more of the artsy designs—really more fantasy-inspired than on the ghoulie ghostie side.

With the weather being Autumn-crisp and deliciously sunny she'd been walking to her job at the library. Each day the Halloween costumes changed in the small display window ...well, the last few days, anyway...which begged the question: were the amazing creations being snapped up that fast, or...

Still hesitant to enter, Kailla shook her head at herself, her long strands of red hair brushing her shoulders. She'd let it loose for the weekend. Children and unrestrained tresses simply didn't work...not when she was constantly bending over to assist them.

Then, there was the 'big' decision. Thundercloud had invited her to the Halloween eve party at his nightclub. Kitty, who she'd discovered was the *one and only* of Dante, owner of the Pleasure Club complex—where Thunder's establishment was located—had assured Kailla the club was legit and thriving. And that the Thunder man as she thought of her persistent suitor—to use an antiquated phrase—would be on his best behavior.

Firming her chin, Kailla shoved on the handle. At the same moment, the door was pulled open. "Come on in, honey," a woman with bright friendly eyes, and a lovely round face, encouraged. "The name is  Mirinda. Me and my two daughters can brew up any costume you fancy."

Stepping inside, Kailla offered her hand, and introduced herself. "I'm new in town. But I bet you know that, given the size of Talbot's Peak."

Mirinda warmly clasped her hand between both of hers, then ushered Kailla inside. "Gossip is faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit dinner around here. Truth is, me and mine are new here too. Moved into town late summer last year. We had a small business designing for theater productions. Morphed to this..." Mirinda gestured to the costumes that had been haphazardly but beautifully arranged in every available space.

"What incredible awesome costumes you and your daughters have created. Fantasy eye candy for sure." Kailla smiled widely as she feasted her gaze on the sheer wonderfulness of it all. "This reminds me of the boutique shops back home. Or what was home. I spent way too much at times."

"Well, thank you for the kind words. You just keep on looking, Kailla, until one of them speaks to what's inside you that wants to come out. Come out of the closet, as they say."

"Revealing my darker nature for Halloween?" Kailla bantered as she slowly rotated. She didn't want to miss the details of each costume.

"Revealing the part of you that's taken a beating. Been my experience society isn't too kind to us nonconformists."

"No," Kailla agreed in a soft subdued voice. "Not kind at all."

"There's mulled cider, and pumpkin frosted donuts," Mirinda tempted in a much cheerier voice.

"That's what smells so fabulously cinnamony. I'd love a cup of cider." Noticing that very few of the costumes she'd seen in the display window were in the shop, Kailla asked, "Is business pretty good?"

"Can't complain worth a goose's honk. Doing well, considering the other costumeries in town, and at the Pleasure Club."

Mirinda handed her a steamy, clove-fragrant mug of the mulled cider. Kailla inhaled gratefully. Then, with both hands wrapped around the dainty, real porcelain mug, she took a sip.

"Mm-mm. This is delicious." Kailla drank several swallows of the irresistible cider, before saying, "You ladies have no boundaries as far as imagination. I love it."

After a period of silence, where Kailla wandered to her heart's content simply enjoying the fantasies evoked by the costumes, and fingering the various lush and silky fabrics, she heard Mirinda ask, "Do you believe in witches, Kailla?"

"Do you mean as in Wicca? Or on the dark-side, the satanists?" Given the underlying seriousness she'd heard in Mirinda's voice, Kailla turned to face her.

"Sort of." Mirinda smiled charmingly. "Let's say a cross between a Wiccan and the character, Samantha, from "Bewitched".

"I'm afraid my background is mostly academia. So I'm out of that loop." The next instant Kailla got smacked in the forehead with a memory from her childhood. "You know, my mother would tell me stories about both of my grandmothers. I never knew them. My parents were older, and both grandmothers had passed away before I was born. But to the point, they would have been considered witches...burned in Salem."

Kailla visibly trembled just thinking about that end. Although, nothing of the sort had happened, as far as she knew. Time to have an in-depth conversation with her mother.

"Yes, I see that heritage in your aura." In a non-threatening manner, Mirinda gazed at her intensely. The proprietress, and obvious witch, stood next to a small lovely sitting area. "Besides," she smiled, and Kailla witnessed her inner wisdom, "the Mother Goddess has made certain we could speak privately. Usually there are more customers, even this early on a Saturday morning."

Kailla decided to confront the obvious. "Then, you are a witch...of sorts."

"I am. Would you mind if I used my intuition?" Mirinda moved toward the back room. "I believe the costume my daughter is working on might be perfect for you."

"Is your daughter here?" Kailla politely asked.

"No, she's sleeping. Long night. Big date." Mirinda turned toward her. "Speaking of, Kailla, the whole town is abuzz, like a whole sky full of hungry bees...that is, over Thundercloud's courtship."

Kailla's cheeks flamed. Unexpectedly. When had that happened recently?

"Yeah...I don't know what to do with him." Somewhere inside, Kailla felt her surrender. "Except, I guess, I've just decided to be his date at his club's Hallow's Eve party."

"Be right back," Mirinda sang.

Kailla couldn't miss the big grin splitting the woman's face. Although, her stomach was another matter. A whole flock of fluttering butterflies hatched out.

"Here we go." Mirinda appeared within minutes.

And... there it was! Sexy space girl wearing gleaming silver, miniskirt included, meets kickass huntress with serious leather gear, and a very realistic looking bow.

"Oooh, I love it. Yes...yes...yes..."



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Pat C. said...

For some reason I'm thinking of those Bob Mackie outfits Cher used to wear. Some of them looked like fishnets and duct tape, but a few of them looked pretty good.

Does the costume have a cone bra? It's just not '50s space girl without a cone bra. :D

Pat C. said...

Yeah ... I installed Chrome months ago for the same reason: IE was giving me grief. I use IE as backup now. Chrome's worked out pretty well.

I still won't install Windows 10 until they force me.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh yeah, Cher and her outfits... some of them were *out of this world* wonderful, imo... It has a modified cone bra, pointy but not extreme... gotta let her use the bow that shoots laser arrows... ~grinz~

At least, so far *crossing my fingers and knock on wood* Chrome is not crashing my computer system... although, I still prefer the performance of Firefox, and prefer it overall!... wish it would work for my system again. ~sighs~

Yeah, I've still got IE because I needed it as a backup to Firefox, at times... and I may have to use it for streaming ONLY 'cause Chrome does the download thing, which I don't like.

No, WINDOWS 10 is a nightmare on many levels, performance being one of them from the research I've done, just trying to solve my computer issues.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, almost custom costumes, that would be fabulous! I'd be there all the time. :)

I upgraded to window 10 during the free period and I've found it quite nice and non-problematic so far. Of course, I take everything day by day and use several different browsers as needed. School requires Chrome which is not my favorite, but I don't hate it either. Firefox I like for cruising the net and Microsoft edge I'm still getting used to. I don't use IE since it almost always crashes on me.

Good luck resolving your computer issues! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Glad Windows 10 is working for you... I didn't even know about Microsoft edge. Yeah, I think you always need at least two browsers, in case one goes on the fritz.