Friday, October 16, 2015

Toasted Wolf Snack

Erol was mildly amused by the growled threats coming his way from atop the hill.  Two adult wolves threatening to do what, gouge out his eyes or claw away at his tough dragon skin?  Please, all he had to do was douse them with his dragon fire and he’d have a toasted wolf snack.

Lightening sharp pain made its way from a back tooth, up through an eyeball and down his right arm.  Erol held tight to the fire that wanted to erupt from the back of his throat and laid his head on the top of the gorge, between the angry wolves.  He opened his mouth wide and allowed an extremely pissed off Greely to jump out.

“I can’t believe you did that, you wide-nostril’ed, son of a fireless reptile!”

“Whoa” “Go Miss Greely,” the dynamite duo whispered between themselves even as his Fair One continued to berate him.

“We have talked about this, Erol, the only time you put me in your mouth is when I am a frog and we have to go under water…”

“What about during love-making, Fair One?”


“Yeah!” “Right on”

“Not in front of innocent ears.”

“Innocent?” “Does she mean us?” Thor and Loki looked at each other.

“Now, times wasting, Erol.  Ziva looks quite hurt and there is no way she can make it up the side and into town on her own steam, but you can.  Be a good neighbor and take both she and Nick to see Dr. Leo.” 

“Damn, too bad Z is unconscious, she’s gonna miss Dr. Dom working her over, or working over her.”

“Reetha! Now’s not the time.”

“I’m just saying…”

Erol swung his head between the now naked, bickering siblings.  “Great, more nudity.  Greely, shift and get back into my mouth.”

“No!  Get going, I’ll be waiting here when you return.”

Erol raised his head, knowing the flames were rising inside and not wanting to risk hurting his mate.

“Don’t worry, big guy,” Reetha said, sashaying closer to Greely. “We won’t eat her.”

“Yeah, frogs and canines don’t really mix, right boys…” Mooney joked.

“Yes, dad.” “Right-o, pop’s”

“We might, however, get her out of there spit soaked clothes.”  Reetha teased.

“Fair One…” Erol warned.

“Go on, I’ll be fine.”

Erol gently lifted both Ziva and Nick into his claws and started to take flight.  Half way up he heard Greely exclaim, “When in Rome.”

Planning to make this the fastest trip ever, Erol took off towards Talbot’s Peak. He released fire along the way to bleed off the tension currently wracking his body at the thought of anyone seeing his mate naked.  Who knows, he may get that toasted wolf snack after all.

Somehow, Greely and Erol have taken over my tale.  Go figure.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!



Pat C. said...

Let 'em take over. These are great!

Serena Shay said...

LOL Thanks Pat!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, it's fun, bickering family affair. Wonderful stuff, Serena. And so Talbot's Peak.