Saturday, October 23, 2010

Driving to Work Under A Full Moon

From my kitchen window, I can watch the moon rise on one side of the house and watch the sunset from the library/den window on the front of the house. Odd feeling happened this morning as I opened the garage door and headed out to the car. I looked out over the neighbor's house that sits diagonally across the street. The moon was descending in its orbit though at 5:55AM the sun is still not in the sky here on the east coast yet. The fullness of the moon and its closeness looked as though it sat waiting for someone or something to reach out and touch it. So bright and full, I hesitated for a moment waiting for the noise of the early morning to rush in. No quiet continued to greet me. Since I had to be in at 7 this morning, I drove in the dark. Not a big issue unless you look out over the battlefield and see the streams of moonlight illuminating various patches. And if your mind is like mine where story material comes from all kinds of places mine began to dance around an idea called Full Moon Delight. Read the flash piece below and enjoy!



Patches of frost crested the few tufts of uncut grass sticking out across the field. Crystalline beauty danced as flickers of car headlights flashed across them and faded as they passed. Noise rushed by and silence regained its upper hand.

James waited in the shadows, watching and yearning. Would she come again? Sit and listen to his lonely howl, smiling as though she understood him. Her odor graced his palate with each breath, making him wonder why her. What made her different?

He couldn't deny the taste of her rolling over his tongue and deep into his throat urged his need to claim his mate. What mate? A mortal? Human frailty marked her as forbidden. One passionate session of sex----humans didn't understand the sheer pleasure in sex for its own heady release and finding one's own level of satisfaction. Once, twice, perhaps all night long to fall asleep in each other's arms sated, to awaken again and repeat with great vigor. None since his last wolf mate could keep up with his need, human or wolf.

Blast the curse that kept him from fulfilling his longing. There had to be one woman who could accept him and love him for himself. He didn’t need more than one. Though two or three wouldn’t be bad either. He wasn’t greedy, just lustful and down right horny. Oh, yes and male. Very thoroughly male.

A car door slamming and footsteps broke silence’s hold on the night. Had she arrived?

James sat on his haunches sniffing the air, turning his head back and forth. Nothing. Cold air fogged in front of him as he exhaled. Shifting closer to the trunk of the large oak, he lowered his body tight to the ground. Lifting his head slightly, he peered toward the edge of the field closest to the highway.

A lone figure leaned against the parked car. The height and build matched hers. He’d never gotten a clear view of her. His luck this was another person looking for a full moon thrill. If his gonads and cock weren’t demanding satisfaction, he’d give whoever it was a thrill. Chase their ass across the field a couple of times or around their car. That usually got the thrill seekers out of his woods.

Edging to the outer perimeter of his shadow cover, he raised his head higher. Inhaling deeply, he paused. Wonderful aromas and tantalizing tastes clamored over his tongue and blasted down his throat. It was her!


Pat C. said...

Curses and a forbidden longing ... got a real Beauty and the Beast thing going here. Of course he'd be a beautiful beast ...

Rebecca Murray said...

Now that's an interesting spin on the werewolf/human theme. I like it!

Savanna Kougar said...

~It was her!~ loved this flash.

I love watching the moon, Lunabelle, as I sometimes call her.

Solara said...

Thank you ladies. My muse has taken flight with this and it is running hot. I wrote 1500 words last night. I suspect more will come.

Serena Shay said...

Awesome flash and what a fabulous muse to offer up such a boon as 1500 words...I hope my muse is reading this along with me...heheh