Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ta-Da! Sexy Mr. Wolf in both of his shifts...

Yes, Shapeshifter lovers, howling-wahoo! we have our new header designed by the incomparable Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Designs ~ razzdazzdesign.com ~

And, yes, Sexy Mr. Wolf in both of his shifts... in all his alpha fierce glory... is definitely inspiring his own story.

Here’s the beginning of a short story... or, it might turn into a longer version now, since I didn’t get it done in time for a contest, and I have Mr. Wolf to gaze upon.

The current working title is: Her Wolf at the Door

“Gawd! I hate the city.”

Shendra frowned with disgust at the blood running from the wound on the side of her knee. Her latest pair of expensive pantyhose had been ruined. But WTF was new? She had not one freaking ounce of luck with stockings.

Ignoring the ache of her scraped skin, she wiggled out of her lightweight coat and tossed it over the arm of the chair she disliked the most. Her sister’s apartment was definitely not home sweet home. One more time Shendra had been arm-twisted into babysitting the thing while her younger sister, Caroline, traveled in Europe.

She made a face at the living room, then slipped off her black satin pumps. Before she could enjoy a moment of relief, she heard his knock on the door.

“Damn, what does that too-handsome bastard want now?” With her first stomping step, she paused, squeaked a loud ow, then gimped the short distance to the door. “Go away!”

“I can’t.” He paused. She knew he waited. “Shendra, open the door.” How was it he could make his deep-as-hell, drawling voice penetrate the door as if it was porous. “I promised your sister ”

“Yeah, yeah,” Shendra interrupted. After going through the ritual of unlocking the door she’d carefully locked mere minutes ago, she jerked it open.

He leaned on one arm above his head, in that careless, I’m-a-stud manner of his. The one she detested. His odd eyes, composed of silver and enigmatic shadows, scrutinized her face.

“Are you okay? I saw you take a fall on the bottom step.”

Shendra rolled her eyes and stood her ground, refusing to invite him in. “What? Were you on the balcony? Looks more like,” she ran her gaze up and down him briefly, “you were wining and dining one of your women. Yep, all dressed up and ready to seduction-kill the ladies. Lothario,” she added, then gave him a toothy exaggerated smile.

“I was on my way out.” He poured his voice over her like liquid smoke. “I stepped out to get a feel for the weather.”

Shendra mentally sighed. She knew from what Caroline had told her the Cowboy Lothario, as she thought of him, kept close track of any storm moving into the city, and a lightning storm already forked and flashed on the far horizon.

“I’m fine. Leave.” She started to shut the door. “Have a nice night ”

His hand shot above her, and shoved. Shendra rocked backward instinctively gripping the doorknob.

“I want to make certain you’re fine. Looked like a nasty fall.” Exploiting his advantage, he brushed past her.

Shendra grimaced. Why the f-hell did he have to smell better than any man she’d known? It couldn’t just be the woodsy spice fragrance of his cologne. Fighting the one thing about him that turned her hormones on high heat, she ordered, “Get out. Go on your date.”

Striding inward as if he owned the place, he pivoted and faced her. With one casual motion, he planted a hand on his hip, causing his dark evening jacket to part and reveal his white dress shirt.

“Not until I get good look at your injury, Shendra.”

For a split second, she gawked. “What happened to your fancy cowboy boots? And where’s that city slicker Stetson you’re always wearing?”

He gazed at her quizzically, as if she’d temporarily lost her mind. A lock of his wavy hair fell on his too-tanned forehead. At least, he’d earned it the old-fashioned way and not in a tanning booth.

Okay, yeah, hell...so she liked the dark mahogany color of his hair. Streaked with silver on both sides, it made him look dangerous, instead of distinguished. And, not that she was overly impressed with his movie-star broad shoulders, however, she’d caught herself watching the sexy way his hair brushed them.

“Next time you fall, I’ll grab my Stetson and-- ”

“Shut up!” Frustrated, and feeling wild with anger, Shendra moved enough to slam the door closed. A mistake.

“Ow, ow, dammit.” She grabbed her leg and hobbled a step. “Now look-- ”

Her words stopped. He stood before her quicker than...well, quicksilver. Kneeling down before she could blink her surprise, he inspected her wound.

“We need to get you cleaned up.”

“Really? Yeah, what else is new?” Gawd, he was unnerving. And it’s not like she could make a fast escape, given pain now shot down her shin. “Look,” she paused, gritting her teeth against the aching throb. “I can handle it.”

He rose up slowly, as if reluctant to leave her leg. “Shendra, you were running. Did someone or something spook you?”

She shuddered inside. The image of a wolf, monstrous and savage, took over her mind’s eye. She’d sworn the beast suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Shrieking, she’d taken off like a rocket.

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Serena Shay said...

Mmmm, Mr. Cowboy Lothario is definitely one hot wolf! Great story beginning, I can't wait to read more. ;)

Rebecca Murray said...

Nice teaser! Cowboy Lothario indead.

Pat C. said...

Yet another hot wolf joins the pack! I always love your stuff, with the original, imaginative names and the lush imagery.

What is it about a cowboy hat that makes a guy extra sexy?

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, I'd like to get this short story, maybe novella written... maybe, it would make a good antho story.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, I just can't get those cowboys off my mind and especially since my heroine is not fond of living in the city.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, awe shucks... to me, other than the fact that cowboys generally ride horses... when I was growing up I couldn't imagine ever marrying a man who couldn't ride a horse... but, for me, it's their strength, and often independent nature, with that wild streak, and their ability to be tender when it counts.