Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goofy pet toy or werewolf kid Christmas gift?

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter seductions! Rebecca here with an interesting question to pose. If you attached one of those new Puppy Twitter thing-a-ma-jiggers to a werewolf, would he roll his eyes or just eat you?

What Twitter thing-a-ma-jigger, you ask? Our good friends at Mattel have made an electronic dog tag that sends one of 500 automatic tweets depending on your dog’s activity level. They even released an extra 200 free new status updates to avoid repetition in the tweets your dog is “sending.” Now your dog can follow you everywhere when you are home and you can follow your dog everywhere when your not. The article says that you can re-tweet but not reply, at least not yet.

First off, why would you want to re-tweet the fact your dog just ate your favorite throw pillow? And replying to tell the pup “bad dog!” is not likely to work. And just imagine what your feed would look like if you have a Jack Russell. This would be a bad thing since it says tweets are based off your dog’s activity levels. “Car! Squirrel! Cat! Oh, get the cat! Oh, sh*t, Mom’s not going to be happy with me for breaking that. Maybe I can blame it of Fluffy- everyone knows cats are evil…”

As ridiculous as all of that sounds, the next thought I had was “What would a werewolf do if someone asked him or her to wear one." Remember those kid trackers? Little GPS units that could be attached to a kid’s backpack or clothing? Seems logical that were-parents would want puppy trackers for their own little ones. And just like human kids, shifter kids are going to want all the coolest gadgets. Unlike human kids, they don’t have pockets for iPhones when they go furry. Tada- Puppy Twitter tags! And just in time for the holidays, too.

Why a picture of a guy in a kilt, you may be asking. No reason. I just really have a thing for hot guys in kilts and didn't have a picture that even remotely goes with goofy pet accessories.

For today’s snippet, a little shape shifter fantasy:


Sara looked around when he shifted her so she was half laying over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she asked, sounding like she hadn’t quite come down from the clouds yet.

“I’m going into the elevator,” Etienne responded simply. She wiggled around so she could look at him under both of their arms.

“I can see that,” she sighed. “Why are you carrying me into the elevator over your shoulder?”

“Because I am not nearly done with you, ma petite.” He slammed the grate shut, then pulled her so she slid down his chest, catching her just as her feet touched the floor. He spun her around then backed her into the door. Sara looked a little confused when he placed her hands on the mesh above her head and had her twine her fingers into it. Etienne smiled.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be tied up against a wall and pleasured till you couldn’t stand? I don’t have anything to tie you up with, chere, so you’ll have to hang on to the mesh.” Etienne saw realization dawn in her lovely brown eyes. She glanced around the elevator car, licked her full sensuous lips, then smiled.

“Help, help,” she murmured softly. “I’m being ravished by a big bad wolf.”


With that, I will bid you adu and good day!



Pat C. said...

Oh yeah, tweets from your dog.
"Pissed on tree. Pissed on bush. Pissed on parked car. Took a dump in the neighbor's yard. OMIGOD THE POODLE UP THE BLOCK IS IN HEAT!!!!! Humperhumperhumperhumperhumper"

I don't think this will go over very well.

As for the Scotsman, what does (or doesn't) he have on under his kilt?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, oh... I want to be ravished by the big bad wolf... oh, yes, yes, yes!

As far as dog tweets... oh yeah, that's what I want... NOT!!! Instead of singing like a canary, it will be singing like a canine. In fact, my little darlings would likely do everything in their canine power to destroy the tag, given they have more primitive natures compared to some breeds.

Kilts, yum. I don't have that pic. However, I have a collection of men in kilts, including a lovely bum shot. I also have the incomparable Adrian Paul in a kilt... big, big smiles!!!

Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, yeah. Adrian Paul in a kilt. I liked the first Highlander movie for the plot, but I watched all the others just to catch a glimpse of Adrian Paul in a kilt... with his shirt off. And Methos. Who'd have thought one of the riders of the Apocalypse would be so yummy?

Savanna Kougar said...

Shifters in a Kilt ~ now there's a theme.

Rebecca Murray said...

Bare chested shifter lords in kilts is one of the trademarks of my Wild Lords series- I couldn't resist. One or two will wear jeans on the human realm, but most prefer kilts because they don't get tangled up when they have to shift with their cloths on.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, dang, I knew there was a good reason for those kilts! Other than, you can run faster... pants impede running. I found that out as a kid.

Serena Shay said...

mmm, kilts are just darn sexy, especially when they are paired with knee high leather boots! ~shiver~

Rebecca Murray said...

Savanna- So were you the one running in pants or were you chasing hot guys in kilts?

There is this one business man I see every now and then here in Downtown Denver who wears a kilt with his snappy business suit. I keep thinking that I need to follow him (discreetly) one day just to admiring his rear.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, Rebecca, you could follow Mr. Kilt Man, and then, if he notices just claim you're doing research as a fiction writer for your novels.

Naw, it was when I was a kid, about four or five. I loved to run. And I would wear skirts because you could run freer. However, when I figured out, you didn't have to worry about showing your undies, I began wearing shorts and pants.

Growing up, I never saw a man in a kilt. Except for the bagpipe band we had as a special event at school. Darn it.

Pat C. said...

You just need to go to more RenFaires.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I wish I could go to more RenFaires. I did for several years in a row. Where I am now... not accessible.