Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Drought Came and Went!

We got close to 7 inches of rain in a matter of days. While we've not experienced flooding, there are areas that are super saturated. My commute to work was slow and slick. A lot of folks drove slowly while others did their normal speed limit plus. I'm glad we've got a few days to dry out and gain composure before the next set of storms rolls through. I feel for the farmers in Western NC who now have ponds where they were praying for water to help their crops. Patience is a virtue. May we all have more of it as we move into winter.

I did not make the final cut for the All Romance EEbook contest. I'm posting an excerpt from Love's Elixir here. I'm taking the story and expanding it into a novella. Hope you are dry and reading a good book this weekend. Maybe a roaring fire, a glass of wine, and good food will enhance your reading pleasure.

Have a great weekend!


“Yes,” Tiffany moaned, her tongue meeting his. Her nipples tightened as she pressed tighter to John. His firm sure touch and soft caresses fired her in ways she’d never realized. Working her hands up his back, she bunched his shirt as her hands moved.

She wanted him, desired to feel his possession of her that she’d yearned so long for. How would he react if she spoke out? Voiced her deepest craving? She’d never know if she didn’t ask. Love meant risking. A chance she had to take.

“Touch me, John. I want to feel your hands on me.” She rested her forehead against his.

John hesitated. She could feel his agitated breathing as his chest rose and fell. He didn’t move away nor speak.

“I-I’m sor—“ Her words stopped. John’s hand covered her mouth.

“Sssh. Listen to me before you answer.” John cupped her chin, ensuring her eyes met his. Tiffany nodded.

“No sorry needed. Are you sure? I am.” His sigh caressed her cheeks.

Tiffany licked her lips, rubbing them together. “Yes, I want you.”

John inhaled and smiled. “Good ‘cuz I want you.”

Tiffany grasped his hand and moved sideways. “Follow me,” she murmured huskily. She led him down the short hall to her bedroom. Pale colored sheets and pillows adorned the bed.

John moved into the room stopping beside her. He worked his shirt over his head, tossing it on the floor. “Come here, you’re too dressed.”

He pulled Tiffany to him, wrapping his arms around her. “Shall I undress you or you do it for me?”

His quick wink and grin added to the volcanic flames engulfing her.


Rebecca Murray said...

Yeah, I didn't make the cut, either. I wasn't sure I would, though. My story was a bit off-beat. That clip was smoking hot! What's the story line about?

Solara said...

Thanks Rebecca! Yes, this story grew out of my flash piece originally title Halloween Were Style.
Here's the back cover blurb I worked up:
John Smithson, a widower and elemental mage, knows first loves occupy a special place in one’s heart. Housesitting for his elderly grandmother provides him an excuse to see his first love, witch and teacher, Tiffany Dansen.

John’s surprise arrival rekindles passionate memories for Tiffany, she’s not sure John feels the same way she does. Can the magic of Halloween awaken their hearts to love’s elixir?

I'm working it up more. I plan on pitching it soon.

Pat C. said...

Hey guys, sorry you didn't make the cut. Still, with plenty of publishers out there, both your stories are sure to find a home soon. Especially given that scene up there. The three little words every woman longs to hear: "You're too dressed."

Part of Lancaster were under several feet of water yesterday. I was having flashbacks to my Jersey childhood. I should have gotten out the beach chair.

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, Rebecca, yeah, it's just an opportunity to find your story a better home.

Solara, knowing you're on the east coast I was concerned, given all the storms and flooding. Take care.

Pat, I didn't know that about Lancaster. It wasn't in the weather news I read. Beach chair or row boat?

In Spring we had some serious flooding here, but fortunately our surrounding area is higher ground, and our house sits on top of a rise of ground. However, getting places was a dang challenge.

Rebecca Murray said...

I feel nothing but respect for the authors that did make the cut. Trying to write something submittable in under 3k words was really, really hard.

Solara- cool! I was hoping you'd do something with that bit of flash!

Solara said...

Drum roll! I found out late last night that Mischief finaled in Show Me The Spark contest. An agent is reading the finalists. By November 1st, I'll know more. Onward and upward is where you go. Shape Shifter Blues got some great feedback that I've taken under consideration for the opening chapter. I'd pitched it and got feedback from an editor as well on pitch and first 100 words. It all turns out good.

Savanna-thanks for thinking of me. I'm just a bit south of D.C.. I drove over a bridge near Bull Run, yes from the Civil War area, and the river/creek was swollen and running faster than it usually does. Things are returning to normal. Let's hope winter has civility to it this year!

Pat, I grew up on Great Lakes. I understand your memories.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, it is tough to create a story in 3,000 words. My author hat is off to any writer who can do it.

Solara, congrats on finaling. You never know where that will lead. An author I know gained a premium agent, then eventually a contract.

Years and years ago, my sis lived on the outskirts of DC. I visited a couple of times. DC is a gorgeous area.

Serena Shay said...

Hey Solara,
Bummer about not making the cut with All Romance, but awesome for finaling in the Spark contest! Fingers crossed for a first place finish and publisher interest!! :)

Solara said...

Thanks Serena! Mischief looks like it is the next piece getting out there.

Pat C. said...

Good for you, Solara! Good luck with the contest!

Ever have the tide come up in your living room? Welcome to storm season in Wildwood, NJ.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, Pat... no, that's not something I want to experience, but hey, it's great for a book.

Solara said...

Pat, I didn't live that close to the shoreline. 3 miles inland. My childhood home had a basement that flooded during rain storms does that count? My mother decided on night she'd had enough and my father came home at 2am after work to find the entire floor and walls painted with water proof paint. We sat right on the water table for the county line. No fun when it POURED.