Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Day Done

Octavia sat on the window seat, her knees drawn up to her chest. As she looped her arms loosely around her legs, she watched the moon rise. Two months had passed since they'd come to the cabin high above the artic circle. She marveled they were still in Alaska. The chill in the air seemed permanent and yet the days grew shorter. The nights lengthened taking over more of the day. Would she change any part of it?

Snores rattled from the bed center of the room. Tongson's heavy breathing told her he slept despite her lack of presence beside him. She'd calmed him earlier when she rushed to the bathroom violently ill. Nothing but that time of month she assured him. "Remember we're still human too," she'd whispered in between bouts of puking her guts out.

Finally, she'd dragged herself back to bed and slept. Tongson holding her and Tomas purring in her ear.

Poor Tomas. Since Peter’s call and Tomas's payment of the iou he owed her, he'd under gone a full body shave to appease Tongson and not have to make his way back down through the mountains alone to civilization. Still he'd made nice with Tongson and kept his hair under control. Tavia could see his head next to Tongson's on the pillow he'd placed for Tomas in the bed earlier.

Tavia sighed, resting her chin on her knees. Her hand stroked her stomach. She wondered how Mickey felt. She'd spent three weeks going through a similar malady. She'd whispered to Tavia what the problem was. Night Hawk's concern showed regardless how many times he'd vowed he wasn't worried.

Tomorrow's supply delivering contained to special items, one for her and one for Mickey. They didn't need them to know what the answer was. The clear pink plus symbol would confirm what both knew, two sparks of energy warmed their mothers hearts already. How would their arrival be taken? How much longer did they have to hide?

Tavia wiped a tear from her cheek. Too many months and she would not be able to shift, her travel would be limited. Trekking through the mountains as humans might draw more attention to them than if they traveled as a group of animals moving at night under the cover of the moon and her sisters the stars.

Why the Gods and Goddesses decided now to bless her she didn't know. Mickey had cried half the night when she realized what was happening. Her tears were happy and yet as Tavia held her she could tell the fear hungering to take over sat close by biding its time. Two new futures to guide and raise. Damn the blasted Yakouza and their power hungry leader!


Happy Weekend all! I'm off enjoying time working on a new story. Here is the latest for our group up in Alaska. Enjoy!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Thomas shaved himself? That's got to be chilly in Alaska any time of year! And two new little one's looming. Excellent flash!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, poor kitty. I hope he's keeping warm enough. My goodness, what timing. So not good when Shere Khan is after you. There must be some divine help on the way.

Pat C. said...

It's funny, but every time I see (or read about) a woman getting the heave-hos, I immediately think, "she's preggers." I did it again here and turns out I was right. Now more than ever, Shere Khan must be stopped.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, Shere Khan must be stopped. And I thought the same thing, must be a child on the way.

Solara said...

I know not what the future holds for our group in Alaska. I got an feeling that we're going to be hearing more from the boys who Tomas called in to help Peter as they head toward Talbot's Peak. I've heard rumbles of all *&)*&)*(& getting ready to break loose with a clan blash reving up in the Cat Clan trying to be top on the food chain.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, baby shifters on the way! I wonder how Tongson's going to take it? I bet he will be a very protective papa. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, all heck and claws and fangs, yep... my heroine, Z'Pasha, just had an encounter with Shere Khan in my WIP, White Fang, Ace Reporter.

Congrats on your upcoming release from Siren-BookStrand. I noticed it on your page. When you're ready give us a blurb, etc.