Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Ceremony of Three

Octavia stood in the center of the three concentric circles she'd drawn on the cabin's floor. Closing her eyes, she chanted in whispers and soft whistles until her third inner eye opened and showed her what she sought.

Stars filled the sky as dawn's early light tickled the outer edges of the night black realm over head. Off to her right a large yellowish orange sphere hovered. To her left, the moon with its icy snow white glow rippled as it passed toward the horizon, ready to set and wane its existence to partner, the sun. Inhaling deeply, she pulled the smells of life and death into her lungs. She savored the knowledge that neither asked for nor demand satisfaction. Each knew its place in the wave of life.

Exhaling, Tavia raised her hands and prayed aloud. "Grant my sisters of the world blessings on all those who need healing, love, and caring. May none go without today. Let peace reign and war cease. None of us is more powerful than the others. We need each other as the moon and sun do. As air and fire do and the other basic elements which combine to give life and return us to our essences when our phase is complete. Bring balance to our male brethren so they may too know fulfillment and feel the flow along with the pulse of life."

As she slowly lowered her arms, Tavia spun and turned, dancing a twist spiral path between the the inner and next outer circle. She chanted and sung smiliar prayers, stopping to send out calm and tranquility as she sensed the need in each of the circle's sister keepers.

Tavia inhaled sharply and opened her eyes as she stepped on the edge of the outer circle. Tongson stood before her, nude and damp. Her eyes flowed over him, taking in every inch of his masculine form. Her nipples crinkled as she reached his groin. Hard and proud, his cock stood erect. The tip glistening with pre-cum. Her nether lips swelled as he moved closer.

Tongson held out his hand. "Peace comes to those who wish it. I know and feel your longing. I feel the balance returning. How the ebb and flow will pass over those who stand in its way, I know not."

Tavia reached out to him. Her deep brown eyes glowed as he neared. He could almost touch the energy pulsing around her. Two more steps and he would be within her feminine sphere. He knew no greater pleasure came from joining with someone who understood and shared his vision. Neither possessed or owned the other. Being open to life and its flux allowed others to share and bring their essences to the mix, adding to the dance.

Two long arcs of brilliant browns and tans raced down her arm and over his hand as she clasped his. A golden hue danced around them, almost enveloping them as it fogged and cleared.

Tavia pulled Tongson to her. Their chests met. His flat strong male pecs brushed against her full breasts, caressing her aching nipples. She moved tight to him, arching her back to press her wetness against him. Working her hands up his arms, she leaned in. She licked her lips as her eyes closed again. Bright colors whirled behind her eyes, growing in hue and intensity as Tongon's hands trailed down her sides, finally landed on her plump arse.

He pulled her to him until nothing could pass between them. His lips roamed over hers, parting and engulfing. Tavia inhaled and shoved her fingers deep into his hair, entangling locks between them. Opening her mouth, she invited him in.

She pushed her power outwards, bringing him within her womanly force as he mingled his male life force with hers. Slowly they sank to the floor in between the outer most circle and the middle one.


Have a great weekend everyone regardless of the weather or what the government decides. Life goes on. Read a good book or two to allow your mind and soul to be nourished. Hug your loved ones and spices knowing everyone is important.



Savanna Kougar said...

Beautiful, Solara, I feel renewed.

Pat C. said...

I needed this today. Thank you.