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The Unicorn and the WereStud

From the Unicorn Lady ~ Gina Befera's 2011 calendar is entitled Unicorns Enchanted Journeys ~ now available online at Calendars.com ~

Tuesday purring greetings, shapeshifter lovers. A big howl and yowl of THANKS to everyone who came by during The Year of the Rabbit Blog Hop.

Okay, how can I resist? While Dash, Pat’s werestallion from yesterday’s flash scene, may already be taken by another in the love and lust department... still, what happens when a real unicorn spies him pretending to be what she is?

Yes, here is that scene for your flashing entertainment. ~hopefully, that is~

The Unicorn and the WereStud

Ghelyssia lowered her muzzle, drinking the lovely cold water from the fast-running stream. Bubbles tickled her nose, and in the morning light, the reflection of her horn shimmered as if it phased into another realm.

Exploring the wilds of Montana, around Talbot’s Peak, had proven to be delightfully entertaining. Even beyond her expectation. With a flick of her tail, Ghelyssia spun on her back hooves, and gamboled toward a wooded area. The trill of birds beckoned her, and she decided to enjoy their songs before joining her friend, Z’Pasha, at their favorite clearing near the Pleasure Club.

Neigh-ho! The acrid hot smell of a stud burned her nostrils. Curious about the equine residents, especially the wild mustang population, Ghelyssia shimmied a quick buck, then trotted along the deer path snaking toward open rangeland.

What the disrespect to Epona and Bast?! The silly silvery glint caught her eye, before she slid her gaze over the handsome-enough stallion galloping below.

Who did that WereStud think he was fooling? A pathetic jest at best, his tinfoil horn tilted to one side. Had a human child made it for him?

With her ire aroused, and flaming through her, Ghelyssia whirled, galloping down the rocky winding path. She understood imitating one of her kind. After all, what equine didn’t suffer from horn envy, at times?

Usually amused by imitators, this time Ghelyssia scowled. Sparks flew from the corner of her eyes as she charged onto the wide open range.

What was the werehorse playing at? He should know better than to mock her kind. Hadn’t his dam taught him better. Taught him that Epona rules!

Had he actually grown up in a barn? No great matter, she’d show him how a real unicorn played. Played with a real horn.

Not caring that she wasn’t invisible, because she’d altered her coat to resemble a palomino with pale coloring, Ghelyssia leaped off the mountain trail. Lowering her head, she raced to catch up with the WereStud.

By the time he sensed her presence, it was too late. Digging her hooves into the rain-softened ground, Ghelyssia launched herself forward. The tip of her horn stabbed into his hindquarters.

The punch to his butt satisfied her, but hardly dissipated all of her outrage. She wanted more of his fleabag hide.

With a trumpeting squeal, the WereStud jerked to a halt, and planted his front hooves. Whirling, he faced her, a gleam of astonishment in his dark eyes.

Yes, I’m real, oats-for-brains stud. Let’s play.

Jumping up on his hind legs, he made a grab for her horn with his teeth. Deftly side-stepping, Ghelyssia returned the favor. Rearing part way, she seized the end of his horn with just enough force to jerk it back, then let it snap against his forehead.

You don’t get it, plug nickel pony. I’m real.

Shock glazed the werestallion’s eyes. Throwing his head upward, he backed up several paces fast. To his credit, he stood his ground then, and stared, the whites of his eyes showing.

Ghelyssia switched her tail menacingly. To torment him, she reared again, and attacked his fake askew horn with hers. As if they dueled, she knocked the ridiculous thing this way and that.

Because she didn’t injure him, the WereStud stood stock-still as she continued battering the flimsy tube. When it ripped off the elastic, Ghelyssia snatched it with her teeth.

With a toss of her head, she flung her prize through the air. Marching toward it, she took her time stomping it into the ground. After gazing at the silver confetti she’d created, Ghelyssia snorted triumphantly.

Spinning, she faced the WereStud. Confused by the grin decorating his mustang mug, she shook her head, then approached slowly. Eyeing him with fierce expectation, she demanded, Explain.

Camera, he clumsily mindspoke.

Casting her awareness in a wide circle, Ghelyssia found the culprit aiming a professional camera at them. At her. Do not fear. I will erase the device.


No? Ghelyssia’s curiosity flared to the high blue heavens.

I want to save Merry’s ranch. She works so hard. And she loves our place.

Our? Ghelyssia tilted her head, even as she prepared to blank the images into ether particles.

Merry is my woman. My mate.

Merry is a WereMare? Why isn’t she with you?

She is human. He grinned again, as if destiny had set a bucket of carrots and apples in front of him. You will be a YouTube star. It will bring people to our dude ranch.

Ghelyssia frowned. While the idea of being a digitized star appealed to her, it was unwise. Dude ranch? Wait, I understand. Where humans entertain themselves by riding horses, and pretend to be old-west cowboys.

They pay lots of money. We need it to keep the ranch going.

The mustang’s heart for his Merry enveloped Ghelyssia, and she warmed inside. Never one to deny true love or the sport of lust, she allowed pink sparkles to spray from her horn.

Yes, I will star on YouTube for you. Besides, everyone needs magic in their lives. Even humans.

With a spirited buck, and a shake of her mane, Ghelyssia turned tail. She galloped like the magickal being she was, toward the mountain.

Surely, Z’Pasha would understand, once she explained. After all, couldn’t it all be blamed on this method of manipulation humans called CGI? This computer-generated imagery they used to create a brand of magic with?



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Rebecca Gillan said...

Yes, we humans do need a little magic in our lives. Thank you for sharing this awesome bit of magic with us, Savanna!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, oh you're welcome. I say more magic! for all of us.

Pat C. said...

Yes! You've captured Dash's motivations exactly. He's doing it to keep Merry's finances in the black.

I'm toying with the idea of writing the story of how Dash and Merry met, and how she found magic with a werehorse.

For what it's worth: Dash was named after Dashiell Hammett. His mother was a mystery buff. He has two brothers named Raymond and Ellery, and a sister, Bernice (Mom drew the line at Agatha).

Pat C. said...

Horn envy. Love it.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, yeah, Pat! That would be a fantastic story!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that would be a fantastic story. I thought about that yesterday when I read your flash.

Yeah, I know he wasn't named after my Dash. I just felt loyalty to my hero. And thought he needed a mention. Besides, he is hung like a horse.

Pat C. said...

Now somebody do the story about the woman and the Shetland pony (Shetlands are Scottish, and Scotsmen are hot). Or does that sound too much like a porn flick?

Serena Shay said...

Ouch...note to self, stay away from a unicorn horn! lol

Ghelyssia is a great character, will she be staying in Talbot's Peak? Maybe finding a hawt magic man of her own?

Savanna Kougar said...

Shetland ponies are adorable, rambunctious and feisty [the ones I knew as a teenager} but generally chubby-looking. I'm certain there are other Scottish breeds that would be more studly in appearance.

Although, that would definitely be a fascinating and fresh take. It could be hilarious.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Ghelyssia and Pasha are devoted to each other as friends. So, yes, she'll be staying. Her love interest hasn't shown up yet... hmmmm...