Saturday, April 16, 2011

No News Is Not Necessarily Good News

Tongson looked at the cat laying amongst the covers on his bed. When had Tavia gotten this animal? The poor critter looked like someone had scared him shitless. At least he hadn't left such evidence in the bed.

"Tavia," he called out. "Where did this mangy creature come from?"

Tongson could feel two golden green eyes watching him. He glanced to the cat. He swore the fracking beast glared at him and turned his eyes away.

He could hear Tavia's soft steps coming down the hall.

"Tongson, what the hell are you talking about?" Tavia halted as she entered their bedroom.

"Oh no, Tomas. Where and when?"

She knealt by the bed. Reaching out, she carefully touched the feline. The eyes that shot him the fuck you look moments early glowed for Tavia. A low rumbling purr began as she stroked its mangy head.

"Tongson this is Tomas. Tomas, Tongson. Now make nice you two." Tavia stood up and looked both of them right in the eye. "I won't put up with fights or playing incommunicado."

Tongson folded his arms tight against his chest and humphed. "I didn't come in here to fight. I arrived and found that---" He pointed to Tomas before continuing. "In my bed."

Tavia covered her mouth trying hard to not laugh. Tongson's jealous streak remained even if they'd broken up years ago. She couldn't help it that she loved more than one person and didn't hide it. Besides as an owl, she'd bested Tomas time and time again when he refused to leave young birds or animals alone in his ferral form. Taking him under her wing had led to more and they'd spent 5 or 6 years as lovers. Tongson never knew because he'd left for the tribe. She had needed to sow her wild oats a bit longer. Who said owls got wise over night? She sure the hell hadn't.

"Tomas stop playing coy and speak to Tongson. After all you are in his bed." Tavia turned to find Tongson sniffling and rubbing his eyes.

"Blasted allergies!" Tongson turned his head and let go a powerful loud sneeze. "I don't know what you are going to do with him. Right now MY bed is shot to shit with his fucking fur. Thanks flea bag!"

Tomas growled and hissed. His ears flattened against his head. He took a swipe at Tongson.

"Tomas, I don't care what your beef is. You will go down the hall, morph ,take a long shower and make sure NO cat hair or dander remains where it will make Tongson ill. I also want you to don the robe that hangs on back of the door. Night Hawk will use his extra." Tavia watched Tomas slink out of the room. She heard Night Hawk direct him toward the bath way down the hall.

Tongson sneezed again. "You think washing him is gonna do much good and not clog the drain?"

Tavia smiled and hugged him. "Don't worry love. I took the mating vow with you because I wanted to. We agreed to share. I just didn't realize we would be doing so this quickly."

Tongson opened his mouth to speak. By the time he found the words he needed Tavia was out the door and humming her way down the hall.


Happy weekend all! My main puter died this week. Oh nurtz! Hope to have lap top up and running soon! Stay dry and safe if you are in storm areas. Share a good book with your loves and spice.

Happy Weekend!



Rebecca Murray said...

I love it! Poor Tongson, having to share his mate with someone he is literally allergic to is going to suck! Great Saturday morning read, as usual, Solara. =D

Savanna Kougar said...

Omy, three's a crowd, especially when you're allergic. I guess Tongsen and Tomas will have to figure out how NOT to make the fur fly.

Smiles, great flash, Solara

Pat C. said...

So, the owl and the pussycat have themselves a little backstory, hmmmm? And Tongson's allergic. This is going to be fun.

Off topic: condolances on the death of your computer. Hoping it will get better with care. And Savanna, the new Title Magic looks FANTASTIC! That pic of Jared/Jeremy looks soooo much better now.

Solara said...

Thanks gals! Time was too late last night to see about new computer. Laptop is working fine for now. I've not used it much except as back up. Well now it is going to get a work out. Room to set up in my work area/craft room. My extension office. We think the hard drive died and the pc doc at Geek Squad maybe able to work magic on it. I hope we know soon.

Tongson is going to have his trials and tribulations with Tomas. Who knows what way this will go. LOL!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat... yeah, I started trying to get a better look for Title Magic... and got carried away. Now, if only we could get a real top banner.