Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sanity Gone ---Long Gone!

"What the fuck did I agree to?' Josh groaned through clenched teeth. He glanced around the small storage room off his office. Since he hired two single parents to work the midday shift serving the human patrons along with the few shifters who frequented the bar for lunch, he'd converted the space into a mini daycare facility.

Sally's niece had asked to use the bar for a bridal shower and engagement party. Sally hadn't mentioned the noise makers filling the room, two sets of twin shape shifters 3 to 4 years old and another two siblings ages 6 and 9. The twins giggled and colored. Colored everything in sight even themselves. The siblings were fighting and getting louder with each passing minute
And somewhere in all of this, he was in charge. In charge of what? His fracking sanity left for the sake of its sanity the moment the first yowl and screech echoed off the compact walls.

Then there was Mrs. Escondi's poodle who'd ran in a couple moments earlier and pissed on Josh's leg. Who'd let that mangy mutt loose? His elderly neighbor had asked Josh to take the small pain in the ass to the vet for boarding on her way out of town for an extended cruise with her new boyfriend. Did 80 year old humans partake of sex? They looked so fraile.

If reinforcements didn't show up soon, his lingering mental condition may be long gone to join his sanity. And to think he wanted kids of his own. Now he wasn't so sure. Then again Anthony and Tory might agree that a group raise was better than one or two parent raising.


Good weekend all! I'm on vacation next week and enjoying visiting with family members in town along with reading a few good books for a contest I'm judging. Nothing like free books and time away from work to get ya rested up. Now let's hope my family decides to keep things at a sedate pace.

Keep warm, share a good book or two with your loves and friends!

Have great weekend!



Serena Shay said...

Oh gads...I've had that kind of week, one to many times in my life! LOL Hang in there, Josh. :)

Have a great vacation, Solara!

Solara said...

Thanks Serena! After listening to one of my co-workers tell about the latest escapades with her soon to be 3 year old daughter, another who just returned from maternity leave with her newborn son and 2 year old daughter talk about how they maybe getting her husband's 7 year twins, and then my family coming to visit with two youngsters (6 & 9), well you can see where my mind went....As my DP says we been empty nesters for a while. Did you leave a space where we can hide out!? LOL!

Rebecca Murray said...

Oh wow. The bedlam that must be raining at that bar sounds astounding! Great flash, Solara, and have a nice restful vacation!

Pat C. said...

The bane of being a shifter: large litters. Here's where having a were-kangaroo or were-octopus on staff would really come in handy.

Enjoy your vacation, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, wonderful flash and have a great vacation. Bedlam I can handle, it's the high-pitched shrieking and wailing that does me in... unless, it's a real emergency, it turns into a nasty physical pain... talk about wanting to run for the hills... lol...