Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shapeshifting Coyote in a Flying Saucer

Tuesday greeting yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers. Yes, it’s occurred. Mindblock... roadblock... a blank screen before my mind’s eye... what now for today's post?

Yeah, sure, there are lots of animal shapeshifters parading through my head, taking over my thoughts temporarily... horse, of course... giraffe, buffalo... lion, dragon, a space-faring shapeshifter... oh, did you know there is a legendary wereshark in Hawaii, who likes to make friends on land as a human, and then he invites the friend to go swimming... guess who doesn’t come back?

Yeah, lots of tempting possibilities... but... nothing is claw-grabbing my writerly imagination... yet.

I am penning on my latest WIP, so, at least, it’s not writer’s block. Thank the sacred muse.

Okay, there is this. What did I discover on my cement walkway, not twelve feet from the door yesterday... most likely, it was coyote poo... somehow, it felt like a little message of some kind? Given Ms. or Mr. Coyote could very easily have poo-pooed in a spot not seen, given the size of the yard, and the surrounding tame prairie... well, what does the Trickster want?

Her or his own shapeshifter story? After all, it’s not likely Maggie, the gossip columnist, is the only coyote shifter in Talbot’s Peak... although... ???

Then, come to think of it, there are UFO sightings by the boatload these days. UFOs over Chinese airports. Over a Norway airport recently. Over the Chicago O’Hare airport. UFOs are everywhere in Mexico, and heck, they get in the way of the landing airplanes.

What Does the Trickster Want?

Drukr almost yawned. He hated these reconnaissance assignments. It was either accept them, or be prepared never to set foot on the planet they currently investigated. That’s what he lived for, the on sight investigations.

He wanted to run the terrain, not merely holo-map it. He wanted to mingle with the life forms where he could, not merely observe them through the scope.

His skill as a pilot, served him well, and also did not. If the saucer malfunctioned, he was the man for the job. Otherwise, the metal brain, as he called it, controlled everything. Star scat, he was only along for the ride, the days’ long ride.

So far, the wilderness night life entertained him enough, right now. Earth, and this Montana state, possessed it’s natural charms. However, several minutes ago the abundance of animals suddenly vanished. Drukr searched for the cause, and could discover no predator, or human hunters. That’s when his bored yawn had begun.

“What the furball unholy...?!” he barked.

Jerking forward, he adjusted the scope quickly. Monstrous wolves with red-gleaming eyes chased what appeared to be a female of their kind. A bitch alright, by the readings. Not only that, she was in the middle of her cycle.

“Good luck, and happy mating, sweetheart,” Drukr whispered, though he owned no clue what the breeding habits of her kind precisely were.

What he viewed next, shocked the asteroid scat out of him. The underground complex itself wasn’t so surprising, it was the occupants and what they were engaging in. Sex acts a contortionist could be proud of. A couple of orgies that rivaled those on Orion moon proper. Shapeshifting couples, paired with their own kind, rolled and mated with lusty abandon. While other shifters, extraterrestrials included, consorted with species who would normally have been dinner.

One couple riveted his gaze because Drukr knew the rabbit shapeshifter from the Saturn casino they both frequented while on leave. Blade Runner. Damn, he could hump and bump his little fox vixen. All she could do was yip and moan with pleasure.

“Get your freak on,” he whispered the Earth phrase he’d heard on some oldie goldie music station. “A boa constrictor and a wolf.” After watching for several moments, he added, “Two thumbs up, fellas.”

A faint golden halo caught his eye, and he re-aimed the scope. Yet, it couldn’t be. There was only one immortal race with that radiant signature.

Taking command of the saucer, he maneuvered closer to the lavishly furnished suite where a man and a woman kissed, their mouths fused so strongly he knew they weren’t any of the Earth shapeshifter breeds he’d studied for this assignment. Passionately entwined, consumed by their fierce feelings for each other, they rolled together with a lover’s frenzy.

“What a trophy coup,” Drukr muttered. In the next instant he wondered how the wormhole hell he could warn the Syxxrion wolf shifter there was a bounty out on his kind. The Attsuq fleet was already midway through the solar system.

As a canine shifter himself, he felt the ferocious need to warn the Syxxrion. Certainly, the intergalactic wolf shifters would return the favor, as they had in the past. The question was how. His saucer wasn’t designed for landing and taking off again.

Pondering, he stared at the woman, still trapped by his disbelief. He took a moment to make certain his readings backed him up. The naked woman’s extreme beauty would have held him in thrall, except for the fact that she belonged to an ancient race believed to have abandoned Earth once the Egyptian empire had fallen.

The enormity of his proof smacked him right between his bronze-colored eyes. He highly doubted the feline goddess was the only one of her kind remaining on Earth. Somehow, the immortals, who possessed incredible supernatural abilities, had concealed themselves from the galactic prying eyes of the Capturers.

Right off the top of his head, Drukr counted three enslaving races who would offer a fortune for the knowledge he now possessed. Part of his coyote nature yipped to take advantage, and make a killing in platinum coin.

He ignored it. His real advantage lay in warning the super-advanced wolf and his feline goddess. Surely, his native cunning could be counted on. Rarely, had he failed whenever he’d set his mind on a goal of this importance.

Drukr knew how to trick the saucer into hovering for a time. How to cover his tracks long enough, once he leaped out... but, how the howling-hell did he get close enough to communicate shifter man to shifter man with the Syxxrion?



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Hmm, for a day that started slow for Drukr, the tricky trickster, it sure picked up...He got one heck of a look beneath the veil of Talbot's Peak. ;)

Great flash, Savanna.

Rebecca Murray said...

Oh, yeah! Get your freak on, baby! Excellent bit of inspiration, Savanna!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, the Pleasure Club is hopping and bopping above and below. Imagine if you suddenly came upon that scene, and had the tech to observe.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, Drukr 'inspired' that phrase... the rascally coyote.

Pat C. said...

Spying on couples copulating ... definitely a coyote. Some things really are universal. Love the picture, too. Pure coyote.

Only a writer could take finding dog/coyote poo in their driveway and turn it into entertainment. Bravo, Savanna!

For what it's worth ... yesteday's flash was inspired by a commercial for "The Fast and the Furious 5" starring Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The phrase that flitted through my brain was "Beefcake on parade." Beefcake ... beauty pageant ... if I'd found any poop in my driveway I'd have written a novel.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, yeah, that coyote pic is perfect.

Ya gotta take whatever inspiration you can get, especially when the brain is refusing to cooperate... lol... but, the poo was such a brazen howdy from one of the local coyotes... I did a bit of research. There's a blog devoted to California coyotes... it seems a couple of coyotes decided they were interested in a woman's dog that she was walking on a park trail... well, the dog wasn't interested in them, and obviously very obedient when the woman told it to sit and stay... so, one of the coyotes performed a poopoo right in front of them in the middle of the path before departing... the article also mentioned coyotes do intentionally leave piles in the middle of pathways.

That commercial was fab inspiration! And, feel free to use the poopoo in the middle of the path for a novel. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

btw... it wasn't dog poo. I'm very well acquainted with that, and can tell the difference.

Pat C. said...

I guess I was wrong. Coyotes really do give a shit. Maybe he was asking you out?

Rebecca Murray said...

No, no no. I didn't want the mental image of how you became aquainted with dog poo. I much prefer the mental image of a space-hopping coyote stumbling on Dante's club.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, naw, not me. But likely one of my darling doggies, who howl in a similar manner to coyotes and wolves.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, yeah, yeah, that's what really happened... a space-hopping coyote stumbling on Dante's club. I just had to cover for Drukr, or give black ops an extraterrestrial target.