Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Smiles

Good Morning and Happy Sunday smiles to everyone out there.  I just had to share my happy news!  A Magical Return now has a cover!  Woot!!

Cover Artist, Amanda Kelsey, has scored big once again, in my book, with this rocking, sexy, I'm never letting go of you looking cover.  The colors are perfect for the story, the woman has that delicious gleam in her eye and the guy is just plain hawt!  Plus, check that tat...can you get a Charley horse from smiling? ~wink~

I gush because honestly I still feel like a newbie in this world wind life of an author.  Who knows, maybe a new cover still feels this way (I hope, I hope) even after the 10th, 15th or 20th book.  ~fingers crossed my muse and luck hold out that long!~

So how about a blurb to go along with this lovely cover?  I'm still looking for excerpts so I'll have to get back to you with that,  but I do have a Sunday Snippet.  Enjoy!


The Loss

Conleth “Cole” Douglas, warlock and vessel, needs a miracle. A destructive force has taken hold of his town and it will take more than just he and his magical Other, Cole, to eradicate the Evil. When an attempt to open his lover, Emterra, to their shared destiny fails, Conleth and Cole take extreme measures to stop the rising darkness. Their only option: take it, and themselves, into another realm.

Emterra “Irene” Azzurra, untapped witch and vessel, has given up on finding her own happy-ever-after. Devastated by the loss of her one and only love she becomes disinterested and remote, closed off from a life without Conleth. Even her job as the mayor of the dying town of Douglasville, MO, fails to sustain her, until she gets a blast from the past…

The Return

He’s back, alive and whole, but he didn’t come alone. The evil they’d hoped to contain in a distant realm has returned with him and is out to finish the job it started. There can be no failure this time, the now middle-aged, Emterra must accept her Other or doom the town to an agonizing death.

Skeptical of his sudden homecoming, Emterra is afraid to hope that his return could be true. She balks at the idea of opening her heart to him again. Especially when he looks like the same young Goth from ten years ago and tries to convince her she’s sharing skin with a magical being.

Can Conleth prove his claims of magic and the Others to be true? Can Emterra allow herself to believe in love and his wild claims? Or will the returning Evil finally swallow this town and all its inhabitants into the deepest realms of hell.

Giant plumes of fire shot into the air, bracketing both the stage and Conleth ‘Cole’ Douglas within their heated embrace. The pyrotechnic display filled the night sky with showers of crackling flames.

An unknown force had let loose a demon within the town of Douglasville. Malevolent was too nice a word for this beast. This evil was a promise maker, a soul sucker, a bloody life taker, and now it was Conleth’s job to send it back to hell. The only problem--he wasn’t nearly strong enough on his own. For this, he needed Em.

Emterra Azzurra was many things to him, his friend and lover, his soul mate--but right now what he needed the most was the thing inside her. Deep within the body, he knew quite intimately, was a being of magic, a source of goodness, an Other--one who had the ability to work with his own Other to defeat the evil bearing down on them now.



Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, excitement shivers here! Not only is that the most wonderful 'magical' cover for your book, created by the incomparable Amanda Kelsey... but, since I had the privilege of a read-through... I can only yell WAHOOOOOOOOOO I love it!!! and congrats!

Serena Shay said...

:) Thanks Savanna! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Edits went pretty well for it, thank I'm waiting on a date. Woot!

And yes, indeed, Amanda is incomparable! She has a fabulous eye!

Pat C. said...

Whoo! Sounds intriguing. And love that cover! No wonder you're smiling.

Savanna Kougar said...

Glad the edits went pretty well. Always good. I'm hoping ~crossed fingers~ that will happen for Kandy. But, that;s ways off, yet.

Oh, when you get that date, announce it big time.

Hey, put the cover and coming soon on the side here.

Rebecca Murray said...

Very nice cover for a very sexy sounding story!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Pat and Rebecca! :)