Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five - Talbot's Peak Style

1. Word has it, Editor-in-chief Nick McMahon has set aside a tidy little sum of money, in trust, for not only the lovely ~and quite talented, as I hear it~ Ziva Wilk, but for her little sister, Cami Ann, as well. What goes on there, I wonder?

2. Also, Nick’s right-hand woman, Penelope ~don’t call me, Penny~ Jorgensson and Danny the fink mink, have been summoned back to Talbot’s Peak. Penny’s plenty pissed, something about not being done with a blue-haired beauty working her down under. Wow, who knew she had that kind of mouth on her…watch out, Nick, you might want to hide your rulers.

3. Speaking of down under, sources say, Miss Zeva Wilk, was caught two counties over at the local pharmacy buying ~hold your breath folks~ a pregnancy test! Whoa, could that explain the new trust funds? And when did she and Nicky find the time to do the deed with all that fighting going on?

4. The Wilk pack has been busy little beavers this week… Even their flighty aunt, Liliya, was overheard telling her sister, Oksana, that the stars are telling her there’s a bunny hop coming soon in the forest. I guess that would explain all the time she’s spent out there lately. Though the deeply heralded “where’s my pic-i-nic basket?” comments and the grunts and groans are confusing, she returns to town flushed and fanciful. Maybe a nature hike is in my future, as well.

5. And last, but not least, Dante has hired a new employee. No she is not there in the capacity you are thinking, she apparently has some secret connection to Dante’s favorite rock band and has promised to bring them to the Interspecies Pleasure Club. I hope she’s telling the truth, cause Dante hates to be disappointed and is quite creative in his, um, punishments. Or so I’ve heard, but you know maybe that is all talk…or maybe not!

Tata for now, fine readers, may this gossip rag find you happy, health and covered in dirt! Muahahahahaha.


Juicy, the gossip Queen

So here's a quick, informal poll for ya'll. 
In your opinion, what animal is the most "showy"?  Who could you see shaking it on stage?  :)
Inquiring mind want to know!


Savanna Kougar said...

Juicy, the gossip queen... may one inquire what species/hybrid Ms. Juicy is? And does she know Maggie... is she stepping on the coyote's revengeful toes?

The most showy... I always think of a peacock for one, or any of the colorful tropical birds... however, it depends on the show. If it's hard rock... a hard stallion, an alpha wolf... a sexy slinky cat... any of canines... so many possibilities.

Friday Five? Is that a blog thing?

Rebecca Murray said...

Poor Penelope, having to leave her blue birdy behind. So just what kind of music is Dante into, I wonder...

Most showy animal on stage? Monkeys.

Pat C. said...

Savanna beat me to the punch. I wondered the same thing. What happened to Maggie? Is she/has she been replaced? Maybe Nick brought in another intern, since Lamar doesn't seem to do any work. (Besides, interns don't get paid.) Maggie's reaction may become Monday's blog.

Most showy? Mandrill baboon. You like the Foo Fighters? Get ready for the Poo Pelters! I definitely need to go back on the meds.

Serena Shay said...

Savanna, I'm not yet sure of what type of animal Juicy is, heck for all I know it's Mr. Juicy and not Miss was all very hush-hush. Mid-night calls, electronic voice, whispered secrets... He/she heard about the blog and felt compelled to dish... ;)

Ah yes, the peacock...hmm, maybe penelope has a male relative whose into rock & roll. Definitely a sexy slinky cat!

Yep, I've seen Friday fives...shorter than a thrusday thirteen which I like!

Serena Shay said...

Oh Rebecca, If you could have heard what words, Juicy claims Penelope was using...Yikes! I can understand it though, I mean we are talking, Burgess the blue haired, beautiful bloke. I'd be hard pressed to be peeled away!

Dante, I suspect he likes it all, but maybe he has a soft spot for Old School Rock, think The Stones and Aerosmith.

LOL...heck yeah, Monkey's!

Rebecca Murray said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Oh the fun alternate lyrics that come up with the idea of a baboon band.

Serena Shay said...

No Pat, Maggie has not been replaced, but I'm still trying to figure out Juicy's angle. If she/he is trying to get Nick's attention, well airing his personals may not have been the way to go, but then, he's got a tough skin so who knows.

Heck, maybe Juicy is Lamar having a Deep Throat moment and trying to oust Maggie from the place...I can't wait until Monday to find out! ;)

LMAO...The Poo Pelters, that would be a perfect group name for a bunch of baboons!

Rebecca Murray said...

Samples taken strait from Misheard lyrics of Clash songs:

"Rock'n the catbox, rock'n the catbox."

"Should I shave or should I grow now?
Should I shave or should I grow now?
If I shave there will be stubble
If I grow there will be double."

Pat C. said...

Ooo, I didn't even think about Lamar undercutting Maggie. That's just the kind of stunt he'd pull. For a snake, he can be one hell of a bitch.

Rebecca, you are now the baboon band's official roadie.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca... LOL!!!

Dante is fairly eclectic in his rock music preferences... however, having a poetic side, yeah, he does some Dillon, and writes his own... but hard rock, acid rock, some metal... whatever is a 'rebel' with a cause... and love songs, of course... heck, even straight up stud sexing/humping rock music, too.

However, baboons and monkeys, naw. Not the group or the shifters. Although, I have a deep fondness for the Monkeys. But, shifter gorillas, yeah.

Pat C. said...

"Queen" being the operative word here, of course.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I forgot to add Monkey and Babboon shifter rock groups, music groups are welcome to play at the above ground bar, or the below ground Pleasure Club.

Savanna Kougar said...

"The Poo Pelters, that would be a perfect group name for a bunch of baboons!" Note: they are only allowed to play at the above ground bar and pelt drunk on their asses bad boys.

Rebecca Murray said...

There are worse things for the band to fling other than poo, if you think about it.

Savanna Kougar said...

Poo seems to have made itself known this week... but, no, I won't be attending a poo-flinging concert... lol...

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Love the gossip!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Abigail! Have a lovely weekend. :)