Saturday, June 1, 2013

Say Nuts!!

Gil stepped toward the fairgrounds midway filled with people and concessions that had his nose twitching.  Somewhere a booth roasted nuts.  Not just any kind of nuts.  His favorite kinds of nuts, mixed with chili pepper seasoning and a touch of lime.
 Gil swallowed hard willing his squirrel half to stay under wraps.  It wasn’t going to be easy.  The full moon was due to rise within twenty minutes.  Way his lunch ran the last two days, some idiot would stop him and want to ask questions about what the Mayor of Talbot’s Peak was doing at a human event.   That was why he traveled two states and four hours away to see what all this chatter was about.  

Some human named Eric wrote the paper and Nick decided to keep the peace with Ziva to talk about pulling the whole thing off.  How was he supposed to explain to shape shifters that humans would pay good money to gawk at animals for hours on end it seemed?  Hell, all they had to do was wait for the full moon and watch Main Street with binoculars.  They’d get an eye full.  Of course, there was no guarantee the view would be G rated.  More like x to triple x knowing the way most of Talbot’s Peak rutted every moon rise. 

Dante laughed as Nick tried to explain the lure and reasons why they needed to offer more human trappings and events.  Somewhere between safety and reasonable, Dante had offered to finance a small run if Nick and Gil could get the plan off the ground. 

“How the hell did I get sent to scout things out?”  Gil fished his camera out of his waist packet and began shooting the booths he passed as he meandered down the midway.  Somewhere in the crowd ahead of him, Hadley and Ranger were scoping out the kid rides and attractions.  The petting zoo was off limits to the two hungry wolves.  Gil rattled off three shots of the tattooed woman.  She filled out a bikini real nice.  There was the new waitress that Louie hired.  Her tattoos covered more than this woman’s did. Wonder if they could convince her to strip down and show them off for a fee or two.

Gil shook his head as his libido cooled as two young squirrels dashed across the hot asphalt pavement and stopped near him.  They chirped at him and dove under the next booth.  He wasn’t look for a new relationship and females were not on his radar for tonight.  No some of them mixed nuts and a shot of Johnny Walker was what he needed.  And a locked hotel room door so he didn’t go scampering out chasing what he knew wasn’t a good thing.


Happy Weekend Gang!

I couldn't resist following up on yesterday's post.  So Gil is out on a scouting trip.  I wonder if his pictures will be worth while.  We'll have to wait and see.  

Heat and storms have come to the Spice homestead.  Please pray and help out those in OKLAHOMA as you can.  More storms and bad tornadoes are predicted there this weekend.
In between things, remember books can help people and children escape the travesties around them.  Stuffed animals too as well as blankets, clothing, and other items are needed.

Be good to each other!  Until next week share a good book or two with your spice and loves!  I am!



Serena Shay said...

LOL...Gil just had no idea what being Mayor would entail, did he.

Pat C. said...

It's more carnival than fair, but just picture the freak show tents in Talbot's Peak. Half man, half wolf! The Bunny Lady! The snake charmer whose lovely assistant transforms into a deadly rattler! (That would be Lee and Rosa.) If any shifters need a job, they can team up and go on the road as a travelling sideshow. Hmmmm ... there might be a series in that ...

Oh, and Talbot's Peak wouldn't even need a fairgrounds. Where I live, Ephrata and New Holland close off a couple of streets for a week and hold all kinds of exhibits (and food on Main Street). Plus the parade. An excuse for the horses to get all tricked out.

Savanna Kougar said...

Fun Gil flash, Solara. Yep, they'd send the mayor out on a scouting trip. Gotta keep up his image.

Yeah, a lot of small towns used to block off streets like you said, Pat. I remember as a kid visiting friends who lived in small towns, and going to the carnivals.

If if it's for the humans, to increase good relationships, the fair-carnival would have to be to their liking... if it's for TP folk, then that's a whole other wild and woolly event.

Blessings to all, who are dealing with tornadoes and bad weather. Here, no storms, but I've never felt it like this. I don't even want to go outside. It's creepy. Never had this happen before.

Solara said...

Thanks everyone! I had fun writing this flash!