Saturday, June 15, 2013

From The Desk Of Mayor Gil

Dear Talbot’s Peak Graduating Students,

HUUURAAH!  Hats off to you for completing the work needed to get this far. 
Whether you be high school, junior high, or elementary graduates, you worked hard to get this far.
Congratulations from all of us here at the mayor’s office.  As you begin your next phase, remember to look to those that helped you.  I mean human and shape shifter alike.  Working together means a united front and respecting our differences.  They may not always make sense, and believe me some may seem funny and/or bizarre.  Do your best to learn about your fellow citizens and come together supporting your common beliefs and strengths.  Talbot’s Peak will be a better town for it.

Now many of you have petition for a recreational area and sports arena along with playground equipment.  This spring we got our first interspecies little league started and even had an adult league going.  Two buildings at the edge of town are available for rehab and occupation if the city can raise the money needed.  There are plans to open a bowling center, games center, and other gymnasium related activities in one complex of interlinked structures.  In the other, a swimming pool and sauna could be installed if the funds are found.  How about every parent, youth old enough to apply for a summer job (those 15 and older), and the seniors of our town pitching in to make this a reality?

A youth center and town center we can all be proud of is what Talbot’s Peak needs to our citizens happy, healthy, and contributing to everyone’s wellbeing.  Who knows maybe our next Cruise Night might even have a road race that allows creativity and a track that doesn’t hold up traffic.
Talbot’s Peak Mayor

Gil looked up from the letter he proofed.  One last click and it was on its way to Nick’s inbox at the paper.  Guts and Butts readers supported something they could get their heads around.  What the youth needed was leadership that encouraged them to put their education to use.  

Gil reached out and stroked Blackie.  Her soft purr rumbled beneath his hand.  He’d slept better and deeper since her entry into his life.  Hadley and Ranger occupied the second floor bedrooms keeping mostly to themselves until either needed food or laundry.  Life was good. 

  If a few more like Dante and Nick contributed to the youth center fund, this might get off the ground too.  Maybe the vocational school idea Louie and Bettina suggested at the last council meeting wasn’t such a bad idea.  What about college or university courses?  Could they pull that off too?  Gil sighed, hit the send button, and waited for his computer to start shutting down.  Another good deed started.  Maybe this mayor’s gig wasn’t so bad after all.


Happy Weekend Gang!
Well Gil is on a roll here with his good deeds and looking out for the future of Talbot's Peak citizens.
Go Gil! 

Hope the severe weather and heat have not gotten you.  We've had our share here at the Spice Homestead.  Allergies and Pollen are items that summer brings plenty of.  Keep cool, safe, and out of harm's way dear friends and readers.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and Spice!  I know I am!



Pat C. said...

Go, Mayor Gil! I absolutely love that picture.

Something tells me paintball would be really popular in Talbot's Peak. Especially once the herbies got any form of gun in their hands.

I'm sure Brandon (last name subject to change) Feldman/Fledermaus has also contributed handsomely to the cause. Anonymously, of course.

Savanna Kougar said...

Mayor Gil is on a good-deed roll. I'm sure Dante and friends will have a fundraiser fun event at the Pleasure Club to help out.

Yeah, Paintball is a must. And martial arts would be excellent too.

Pat C. said...

Maybe proceeds from the fair, assuming they have one?

Savanna Kougar said...

That's true, if there's a fair, it could be a fundraiser.

Rebecca Gillan said...

I just got a mental image of a fly ball course being set up by the town bunnies as a snark at the wolves and the young wolves missing the point and falling in love with it...