Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tigress Shapeshifter ~ How to protect yourself with scissors, the advanced course.

I'm advocating National Hug a Tiger Day.

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

June is here... it's mid year... wow! It doesn't seem possible.

Okay, I've run out of writing juice, and I need to get some sleep. Since I'm not even close to finishing this flash scene, or what I had in mind... yes, I plan to continue next week.

Warning: violence ahead.

Tigress Shapeshifter ~ How to protect yourself with scissors, the advanced course.

I know they come.

My blood sings with it, fire and fierceness -- a fury waiting to be unleashed.

We have been discovered. This is one of several reasons why Zurroc and I must leave New York City -- leave the enormous, 'dilapidated on the outside' warehouse that has been my home since arriving on Earth, some four spins of the sun ago.

The generous-sized moving truck we rented, as if we are mere humans changing location, is packed, yet cloaked. Zurroc keeps watch, though. At the helm of my invisible jet, atop the truck, he trains the beam gun on the twelve ninjas stealthily advancing -- flitting like shadows toward me.

I know. We are telepathically linked, my black tiger man and me.

Their faint-smoke stench reaches my nostrils, warning me as they scale the outside of my warehouse. I don't hear them. They're good, these ninjas from the dark putrid bowels of the global serpent cabal.

They don't know I have barricaded every entrance with steel bars, simply to hinder their ability to silently enter. Yes, to give me the battle edge.

There's something else I doubt they know. I am loaded for ninja with my collection of thrown-out barber scissors. I found them during one of my nightly prowls as full tigress. Amazing how muggers turn tail and run when I flash my pearly-white fangs, then begin to crouch.

Oh, yeah... gun grabbers, this is for you. How to protect yourself with scissors, the advanced course.

First, create a hip belt with four scissor holsters, two on your hips, one in front and one in back. Slide another slim pair in a holder between your shoulder blades. Then, strap a couple of those sharp silver babies to the outside of your thighs.

Got boots? Got room for those double-blade daggers on the inside and the outside? Remember, of course, this easy slip and slide rule -- because the easier those tempered steel killers glide in, the easier they'll come whipping out when defending yourself.

Next, consider the area where you'll be confronting unwanted intruders. Strategically place your scissors for easy access and in clever unexpected positions -- say beneath a toaster, taped to the back of every door.

Think it through, and practice, practice, practice reaching for your scissors until, as the saying goes, you can find them in your sleep. Of course, this scissor-defense method assumes you have some degree of training in martial arts techniques.

Also, if you await ninja warriors as I do, keep scissors in hand gunslinger style. Aim those deadly points, and throw at will.

Now, the first ninja breaches the roof hatch of what will be my former home. He's dislodged the steel bars using his supernatural ability to manipulate matter into a lesser density.

He drops straight toward me... as I planned. I step and whirl. As I rotate toward him, he's landed without a sound. I sling my sharp-pointed scissors. He shoots his palm forward, ready to blast me with his deadly force.

The point strikes his third eye, and my scissors embed themselves. Before he can pull them out, I spin driving the other pair through a tender patch of flesh, inside his upper throat.

Not waiting for him to fall, I bend avoiding a brutal kick to the base of my skull. Seizing the scissors that have been strapped to my thighs, I whip around plunging one pair into  my enemy's solar plexus.

As he staggers back, I whirl a half turn hurling the other pair of my barber scissors. True as one of William Tell's arrows the blades pierce his eye, the tip buried in his brain.

Immediately I dive into a roll while quick-drawing the scissors in my front holster. Three of the ninjas fire, the energy pulses exploding all around me, deflected by the force field I have created.

Coming out of the roll, I see one of them charge. I stay on my back, aim, and with a quick flick of my wrist send the scissors flying. It's not Cupid's arrow piercing his heart.

Mid-motion, the ninja stops. Before he drops to the floor, I slide another pair of scissors out of my boot, twist, and jerk the covering away from another foe's throat -- the one almost on top of me.

I plunge the double blades into his voice box like a dagger. Keeping hold of the scissor handles, I swing his body above me slamming it full-force against number seven ninja.

Rapidly, I roll to the side like a log rolling downhill. At the same time, I whip out one pair of my side-holstered scissors. Number eight ninja is about to pounce. I stab his foot, penetrating the flesh close to his big toe.

He's effectively nailed to the wood floor, even though his body has been altered to both smoke and physical substance.

With his death blow stopped, number eight hesitates for seconds. I draw my other pair of sidearm scissors, and as he awkwardly attacks, I leap upward. A swift thrust, and the scissors slide into his temple. Like butter.

The combined force of the remaining five ninjas challenge my force field. Pain lashes my back like a cat o' nine tails.

Feeling another blast on the way, meant to take me down, destroy me, I bend forward fast.  Super-speed, I grip another one of those silver gleaming babies.

After I slip it out of my boot, I look between my braced legs. Huntress sighting my prey, I hurl my choice of weapon. On target, straight to the heart, the scissors are buried to the hilt.

The four ninjas who have avoided my weaponized scissors surround me. Like panthers, they circle, stalking...




Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Serena Shay said...

Well, Mz. Tigress has a wicked way with those scissors! Are she and Zurroc headed out west? Say to a very special mountain town?

Pat C. said...

You wrote an edge-of-the-seat action scene on no juice and little sleep? Holy crow, I am in awe.

Add "Do not run at people holding scissors" to the list of things Mom warned us about when we were little.

And Gypsy Red Wolf also advocates Hug a Tiger Day. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, that's the plan. But plans are meant to be changed... at least, temporarily... hehe...

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, to be fair, I didn't start out with no juice... I was at low ebb, with too little sleep... and the battery began giving out... so I had to end the scene, for now.

I'll have to add 'mom's' warning. ~grin~

Yeah, Gypsy Red Wolf is definitely onboard. She and Kytaira may just get that day started in the Peak, if not nationally.