Saturday, June 29, 2013

Memories and Mayoral Duties

Gil pulled his digital camera out of his waist pack.  Getting a committee ready to proceed with setting up a combination fair and street carnival took skill that he wasn’t sure he could tackle on his own.  Somehow it happened without much trouble.  A group of ten met civilly until one dumb shifter asked about full moon activities and a swiveling contest.  And the male in question didn’t mean spinning around in circles.  Gil shook his head as he turned on the camera and began clicking through the pictures on the internal memory card.  

The committee of five humans and five shifters were moving along with plans and cost analysis even with the mealy mouthed replaced.   Women on the committee drew up lists of activities and displays they thought appealed to most females.  Their male counterparts did the same.  Then there were the pictures they asked to see.  Gil swallowed hard thinking up a couple of lies until Hadley had rushed in stating Louie needed him at Ratagins.  As Gil trotted down the street next to Hadley, he asked what the emergency was.  Hadley didn’t answer and picked up the pace.

Gil smiled as they slowed in front of the restaurant.  Ranger, grinning, held out Gil’s waist pack.  “Found this in the truck.  Put new batteries in for you.  Snapped a couple of pics to make sure it worked.”

Ranger nodded and winked as Gil retrieved his possession.   Gil shrugged, thanked Ranger and followed Hadley inside.  Louie and Bettina stood at the bar.  Papers laid out in front of them indicated they were either going over either the week’s menu or other business papers.  Gil opened his mouth to speak when Louie looked up.  His smile increased the closer Gil got to the bar.

“Boy, I didn’t know you had it in you.”  Louie stepped around the bar and enveloped Gil in a huge bear hug.  “You got the touch I’ll say.  Woohee!”

Bettina’s gaze met Gil’s.  She shook her head, and walked away.  Ranger followed her into the kitchen.  Hadley started after him.  

“Let the wolf be,” Louie said.  “He’s gonna find out panting after her isn’t working. “

“I don’t need a vampish wolf or wolfish vamp as my second in command.”  Hadley groused as he drummed his fingers on the bar.

“Bettina knows better than to bite a shifter.  She’s got enough half-breeds and two halfers to tend with.  Though putting a bit of fear into him isn’t above her.”  Louie slid a beer across the bar.  He poured one for himself and another for Gil.

Louie watched as Gil stared at the beer, then at him and Hadley.  “Speak up boy.  Cat or otters got your tongue?”  

Louie swore Gil blushed, stammered in squirrel and blushed again.
Gil looked up from where he sat under the tree in the park as more memories of an afternoon with a set of frisky otter triplets flooded back.  Praise the squirrel gods there was a breeze blowing or he’d be fanning himself.

Happy Weekend Gang!

Wooohee Gil is racking up the ladies!  Dang, what was he doing on that fishing trip with Phil and company?  Excuse me while I fan myself as my muse tells me what she thinks happened!

Weather and heat.  Rain and heat.  Sauna baths outdoors?  Goodness I hope you are staying cool and hydrated!  May your air conditioning keep on cooling as you share a good book or two with your loves and spice!  



Pat C. said...

Why Gil, you sly devil. You sure you're not a fox?

Well, squirrels do like to bury their nuts ...

Savanna Kougar said...

bury their nuts... lol!

Gil is having his lusting way! Wow, and as Mayor he carries that mantle of power... so more attraction power for the ladies.

Fortunately, the temps have cooled and drier air moved in... yay!