Friday, June 28, 2013

Orders to a Cranky Dragon

Happy Friday!  Just a short one from me today...a problem in Talbot's Peak to be resolved, hopefully before the 4th of July.

“You did not just tell me where and when I can fly, Dante.”  Smoke puffed from his nostrils, a sure sign his dragon was becoming riled.

“It’s only for the 4th of July celebration and fireworks display, Erol.  I think you can manage to stay on the ground for a few hours.”

“I am dragon!  The sky is my domain…no one shall keep me from her!”  He would kill any man or beast that thought to force him from the air.

“Be calm my dragon friend and think this through.  More humans seem to be drawn to Talbot’s Peak celebrations.  They are good for the economy, but a trial for the shifters.  The last thing you need is for the existence of the pyr to become exposed.  Every dragon out there would be put in danger.  Your brethren hunted to further extinction.  Is a singular night of flying worth the lives that hang in the balance?”

“Damn you, Dante!”  Fire leeched from his nose, his eyes turned reptilian.  His friend was right, but it did not settle the dragon’s needs.  “This town was supposed to be a place of safety for shifters why did that change?”

“A normal progression, Erol.  The bigger we get, the more we celebrate the more humans will be drawn here.  Tell me, why is this one night so important?  I’m asking you to ground yourself for mere hours yet you are quick to anger.”

It was because of her…

“Have you ever seen a fireworks display from above, from amidst the bursts?”

“Sad no, but it sounds as if you have.”

He had, and there was no better way to enjoy the festivities.  He’d wanted that for her…

“I have and it is beyond anything you can imagine.  I’d planned on taking my mate into the sky that night.  To fly her through the brilliance, to show her a beauty so few ever saw.”

“Greely would love that, Erol.  I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize, Dante, I know you’re right.  I’ll need to find a different way to show her the stars.”
But show her he would…someday.

“Let’s both think about a way to make it work, Erol.  There must be a solution to this problem.”
May your weekend be filled with a love that wants to show you such brilliance!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, yeah. Just think of all the stories that couls spawn. "Wow, that sure is a realistic kite!"

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, a kite, that's a possibility. :) Or maybe a blimp? LOL There has to be a way to get Greely and Erol aloft!

Pat C. said...

I was thinking blimp too. Especially if he strings himself with lights that spell out "Goodyear."

Serena Shay said...

LOL...The question is, will he be dragon enough to string those lights for the world to see? Interesting idea, Pat!

Pat C. said...

If he's serious about winning Greely's love, he'll do it. He took dance lessons for her, didn't he?

Serena Shay said...

Very true and that he did. Dance lessons and he was willing to let Karma instruct him in how to treat women today...what are a few lights on the belly? ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

Or spell out "Hindenburg." That way any stray bursts of fire could be passed off a "creative imegry" rather than a wordrobe malfunction.

Pat C. said...

Hot air balloon rather than blimp? Some of them have odd shapes and they're always spouting flame.

Serena Shay said... in TP, humans would probably expect to see the 'Hindenburg' you know to keep the weirdness rumors going. :D

Serena Shay said...

Of course a hot air balloon with the fire and such and it could still have 'Hindenburg' written on it...

Such great ideas ladies!

Savanna Kougar said...

This is too good, loving it... and, yes, Erol must fly his lady love above the fireworks displays.

I say go for a holo-imaging display. We could announce one of the Peak's inventors -- who does not want to be identified for the sake of staying alive -- is trying his invention out in front of the public for the first time.

After all, Digger and all the other patrols have to keep the Peak safe, anyway.

However, a blimp or a balloon dragon would be cool, too.

Serena Shay said...

Another great idea, Savanna! Thanks! Not sure I can make halo-imaging sound plausible though...not enough sci-fi in my background. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I understand. I'm sure Erol will come up with a good solution.