Friday, June 14, 2013


“Hello.  Talbot Peak Animal hospital, Nurse Nancy speaking…how may I help you?”

“Good Morning, Nancy…”

“Oh, Mistress!”  Nancy’s cheeks, both upper and lower, flamed to life at the sound of the caller’s voice. “Ah, hello.  Are you calling about this week’s column?  It’s not quite complete, but I can put a rush on it if need be.”

“Take your time on that, Nancy, you still have time to get it finished and submitted.”

“Of course, thank you, Mistress.”  It was on the tip of her tongue to request another session with this commanding woman when she remembered the rules.  All appointments when through Daniel. No exceptions.  Rules were important and must be followed to the letter if one wanted the delicious experience Mistress Penelope could provide.  “Did you need to speak to Master Leo?”

“Not Master Leo, dear, but does Dr. Leo have a moment to spare?”

“Allow me to check for you.” Nancy hoped the huskiness of her voice didn’t give away her arousal at hearing this lovely ladies voice.  A mere thank you seemed paltry when it came to expressing an appreciation for her boss introducing her to Mistress.  Master Leo did not play with those who worked for him, but he did recognize Nancy’s need to investigate her submissive tendencies.  He, of course, was right and time spent with Mistress had helped her finally to fly.

“Thank you, and Nancy, please give Daniel a call soon… It’s been too long since I’ve seen you.”

Bumps rose all down her arms and her core clenched; she knew she’d follow the directions as soon as she connected this call through to the Doctor.  It had been too long…far too long since she’d given herself over to the freedom of submission.  “Yes, Mistress.” 


Penelope smiled, knowing her little nurse was close to coming just from their conversation and a little order on her part.  At times like this she adored being a Domme.   To introduce a submissive to the lifestyle was just one pleasing aspect of her life.  Nancy was still new to submission and had a ways to go before finding her true self.  Penelope planned on being there until she did.  Female submissives, by her estimation, were so much different than male subs.  They required a different skill set from the Doms, preferring a more mental submission where the males enjoyed the physical one.  Of course, that may just be her subs as there were so many differences in where and how people found pleasure.

The yips and howls coming from the rooms behind her increased, pulling her mind from the arousing scenarios she planned in her head for Nurse Nancy.  She grabbed her phone and texted her sweet Daniel.
Nancy will be calling soon.  Please fit her into the schedule soon and reserve a room at the club.  I’ll require a St. Andrew’s Cross and a spanking bench.  Also, make sure you and Burgess are available.

“Penelope, what can I do for you?”

“Ah Leo, if you were less dominant I’d have a list as long as my arm for things you could do for me, but alas, I will content myself with the delightful sub you sent my way.”

“If it’s play you seek, Mistress, step into my dungeon, but be prepared to leave your safe word at the door.”

“Oh my, you like to play dangerously…”

“Only with fellow dominants, never my subs.”

Penelope flushed.  The thought of submitting to Leo aroused the small, secret part of herself that enjoyed being on the other end of the toys.  Normally, she had Dom take care of the occasional need, but perhaps she would have to one day give Leo a turn.  “I’ll keep that in mind, Sir.”  She snuck the last bit in as a private thrill and her body did not disappoint.  Hardened nipples and a tingle in her clit made her smile.

“Now, what can the Dr. do for you?”

“Actually, it’s for my hard-headed boss and his delectable mate.  If I were to guess, not enough blood to the brain and a whole lot of rolling in the three leafed plant of pain.  They need a cream before their wolves’ revolt.”

“Crazy canines.  I’m on my way.”  
May your weekend be filled with all sorts of pleasure.  But please remember the rules:
  • Play safe, 
  • Always come prepared with a safe word,
  • and...Leaf of three, let it be!  ~wink~


Pat C. said...

Does Nurse Nancy play in her uniform? Just wondering where the stethoscope goes ...

Serena Shay said...

LOL...she hasn't yet, but it's still early in her explorations. ;) Mistress P likes your idea though and can think of lots of uses for the stethoscope...particularly as a bondage device. Rubber hoses can be used in so many ways. hehe

Pat C. said...

Just no needles. I hate needles. But think of all the uses for Ace bandages.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ace bandages... lol... looks like Nurse Nancy is in for a whole lotta sub pleasures.

Okay, having not studied the lifestyle, I'll admit my ignorance... could you explain? If not here, on the loop, or by email? Thanks!

“Actually, it’s for my hard-headed boss and his delectable mate. If I were to guess, not enough blood to the brain and a whole lot of rolling in ***the three leafed plant of pain****. They need a cream before their wolves’ revolt.”

Serena Shay said...

Nope, no needles. That's a line Mistress P stays away from, thank goodness. ;)

Serena Shay said...

And yes, absolutely on the Ace bandages...Oh my the options that presents! hehehe

Sure, Savanna, I can share what I know so far...

As for the quote, well no BDSM there, just fabulous sex that sends the blood away from the brain between Nick and Ziva. They rolled their way into a patch of poison ivy. Ouch! I should have clarified. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

omygawd! oh no! poor Nick and Ziva...

That makes me remember an episode of LA LAW, where the couple got poison ivy on their 'privates' on a camping trip... that was such a good show in a lot of ways...

Okay, here's my remedy, and I've developed an allergy to poison ivy... if I know, or at the first sign of a poison ivy patch, I pour on a drop[s] of Dr. Bronner's Soap, which is very concentrated and natural... then wet a toothbrush and scrub the affected spot. I read once that if you remove the upper layers skin as in exfoliating, that works. This has saved me many a time! Plus, you can use the homeopathic remedy. That works on me too.

No cream I've used has ever worked on me. Although,it works on others.