Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Blackie, aka Tawny, couldn’t remember the last time she’d taken human form.  Escaping with her life intact made more sense than letting the slave traders capture her.  Even then she knew shifting might cause more problems than she anticipated.  Three long interstellar years in cat form hadn’t deterred her decision to travel three planets and several thousand light years in distance from her home world to escape to a potential new beginning.  The stars in the tail of Ursa Major caught her attention every Solstice.  This one was no different.

She padded quietly across the beige carpet of Gil’s bedroom and leapt up toward the king-sized bed that held one snoring male.  She landed on the side opposite him as he lay on his back.  Even with his mouth open and the loud noises erupting forth, Blackie couldn’t take her eyes off him.   His blond hair and brown eyes intrigued her.  His soft rubs and pets as she lay on the desk as he worked or beside him in the bed felt wonderful and turned her on in ways she hadn’t thought about in ten Microean decades.

He stood a head taller than she did in humanoid form.  Yet, his milky toned skin underneath his outer trappings set off a glow deep in her belly and between her hind legs.  The rest of his brown coloration matched the small creatures she watched through the window.  Two of them had chewed on her lovely tail leaving matted bits of fur and breaks in her pristine coat.  Others had brought her bits of food and showed her humans who took pity on her feeding or housing her until they moved on stating they couldn’t take her with them.  

 That was until he came along.  He’d fed her and taken her to a place where other animals showed up with their humans who called the female in the white coat doctor.   From there, he’d stuffed her in that horrible box with the bars on the front of it.  No matter how much she howled and hissed, he petted her and kept reassuring her everything would be all right.

Gil turned over, blinked, and opened his eyes.  Beside him lay the most delectable cafe-au-lait colored woman.  Her long black hair fell in waves of curls down to her shoulders and her eyes were the color of two bright stars.  And those luscious red lips. . .

Gil reached down to tug the covers away from his crotch.  She watched his every move.  A smile slowly appeared as he shifted beneath the sheet refusing to move away from his erection.  Talk about an obvious tent pole.  Maybe if he looked---oh hell she was as naked as he was under the covers.  Gil blinked again yawning as his eyes slammed shut.  Damn, when had his dreams become this vivid and sexy?

Happy Weekend Gang!

Oh my goodness!  Has Gil found a new admirer?  A new relationship happening?  And Blackie is extra-terrestrial?

The Spice Homestead is ready for summer and the lazy hazy days it brings here in the Mid-Atlantic region.   As you contemplate your summer reading remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice!  I am and will do the same!




Pat C. said...

I swear, Gil leads the most interesting life of anyone in the Peak, and that's going some.

Rumor has it Lamar is following him around and taking notes.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gil does lead an extraordinary life in the Peak... maybe now he's met the extraterrestrial of his dreams? ~smiles~

Lamar must be taking notes for his next smut novel... except Blackie will be transgendered...?

Pat C. said...

Yeah, Lamar doesn't often include female characters. He prefers to write what he knows.

Savanna Kougar said...

Understood, Lamar, from one writer to another...