Friday, September 13, 2013

Cut the Bull and Come Home...

Kapok tree pic borrowed with thanks from

Burgess slogged through the Amazon rainforest searching for the tallest tree in the area.  His winged contact from Talbot’s Peak had just last night delivered a panicked message from Danny and a cell phone he promised would work as long as he reached the top of the tree line.

Not exactly an easy feat.

In his general vicinity, it appeared the Kapok tree was a clear winner with its 200 foot height and 11 foot diameter.  He was in for one hell of a long climb, but Danny’s message had included the agreed upon word ‘Rainbow.’  Something was up with Penny, something Danny felt was urgent enough to reach out to Burgess during his undercover op.

Hand over hand Burgess grabbed the vines along the tree, pulling with his arms and pushing with his legs until his muscles burned.  Frogs croaked at his passing, birds chirped and pecked at his fingers.  Bats dive bombed his head and every little insect burrowed into his clothes.

He kept climbing.

Hours later and nearing the top he checked the phone, hoping to see full bars even though he’d not yet reached the top.  He had one which flickered in and out—the climb continued.

Forty-five minutes later and another check of his phone had brought with it three additional bars.  Tucking himself into a nook in the tree he dialed, hoping four bars would be enough to get through to Danny.

“Burgess?”  The nervous voice on the other end crackled, but held on.

“Danny, what’s going on?”

“It’s Mistress.  She’s found a new toy.”

Burgess’ muscles tensed and his stomach turned over.  This Op had kept him away longer than he’d intended and on top of the last one being not that long before he worried Penny would tire of waiting for him.  But then, the submissive in Danny tended to rear its head in some strange ways so before he panicked he needed to clarify the mink’s fears.  “Is this toy someone she’s working on with Dom?”

“No, Burgess, it-it’s a longhorn from Texas.  He’s new in town and she sent him to Dante for a job.”  The crackle got worse, breaking up Danny’s words


“Did you say a longhorn, Danny?”

“Yes.  From Texas!”

Damn it.  Penny’d always wondered if the stories about the Longhorn were true.  Now there was one in Talbot’s Peak.  She never be able to refrain from checking that out and Danny alone was not enough to keep her satisfied.  Question was, would she push past play and engage in a new sexual relationship?
He hoped not.

“You have to trust your Mistress, Danny.”

“Longhorn, Burgess, Longhorn!  I already have to share her with you; I don’t want to add more.  Come home!”

Burgess chuckled under his breath witnessing their subs bad behavior.  “Attitude like that Danny with get you punished.”

“I-I don’t care…come hom…”

The call dropped before the conversation was over, but he’d heard enough.  Danny was right; he needed to get home soon.  Very, very soon.

 Can you imagine the punishments Mistress P's gonna dole out when she realizes her boys have so little faith in her?  Although, this is a Texas Longhorn...hard to resist!

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

I didn't know penguins could climb trees. I guess, when the Mistress is involved ...

And it's probably true about longhorns. After all, they're Texans.

Serena Shay said...

Typically, no, I would guess penguins don't climb trees, but yes for Mistress P anything's possible. Plus he did it in his hot-assed human form so... ;)

LOL...everything's bigger in Texas, doncha know. ;D

Savanna Kougar said...

Heck, I'd be worried too, if I were Danny and Burgess.

Maybe Danny needs to run a little interference gambit and find Mr. Hot Cowboy Longhorn another 'friend'.

But, dang, the penguino is impressive climbing that tree!

Serena Shay said...

Good idea, Savanna. I wonder who Danny could come up with on short notice? hehe

LOL...I'd certainly stop to watch that man climb.

Pat C. said...

Moon Moon?

Savanna Kougar said...

Funny! ... but somehow I think Mr. Longhorn wouldn't be interested in Moon Moon... although, he's your character so maybe there's a side to him that hasn't been revealed.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Moon Moon would be perfect! Mr. Longhorn would have his hands full keeping that wolf out of trouble. :D