Sunday, September 8, 2013

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Thirteen

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys 

Chapter Thirteen:
Sherilyn thanked whatever lucky stars...

Sherilyn thanked whatever lucky stars she had, even as exhaustion seeped inside her limbs. Her precious Cloud had accepted her, and gone into his stall. Her other horses--her very heart--were safe and sound for right now.

Backing away as Roy shut the stall door, Sherilyn wondered that her rubbery legs still supported her. She summoned every ounce of her remaining strength, not wanting her horses to see her fall helpless to the ground.

Still carrying the plate of Christmas cookies, Zance rushed toward her, Dontoya right beside him. With her hunger still gnawing at her, Sherilyn focused on the cookies. Maybe her stomach would rule, and keep her on her feet long enough.

Sherilyn realized as she stumbled, but caught herself that Zance and Dontoya could have refused to let her see her horses. And, what could she have done about it?

Mentally, she gave them points for caring. Yet, to what good end?

"I've got you. You're gonna be just fine, darlin'." Dontoya's brawny arm circled her waist, holding her up.  


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