Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Hijack!

Good Moaning, one and all.  Mistress P here taking a time out from planning and playing to hijack this Friday's blog and spread some sexy cheer.  I have it on good athority that the lovely Serena is down for the count.  She claims it's allergies/asthma, but I shall continue to imagine it was our little Miss Shay spending to much time in the ropes, heck maybe she's still there.  hehehe

Anyway, I've decided that today should be about wicked, sexy pics.  A snapshot of what goes down at the Pleasure club here in Talbot's Peak.  Whatever you do don't let Dante know I'm sharing.  In his mind, whatever happens at Dante's stays at Dante's.  An excellent philosophy, but I did get permission from those pictured for sharing with ya'll.  So on we go...  Can you guess whose who?

Need a hint?  We help each other out from time to time and he has a long ~wink~ trunk...

Outsides just as good as in at Dante's...  Who are we?

These two, hella good squabblers, but even better at making up!

Well now my work is done.  Sexy pics posted...check.  Author teased...check.  Longhorn to play with...maybe.

Don't forget, play safe and keep your toys happy and sated.

Have a great weekend!

Mistress P


Pat C. said...

I have no idea who any of these people are. I'm a bad girl and need to be punished.

Let's try anyway. The first is Dom Beau? Second ... I'm going to say it's Chase and Evie. She's always up for wall sex. Or floor sex. Or toilet sex. This is why the seat's always down in her house.

Third ... Nick and Ziva?

In the boots, well, that's Serena. No wonder she didn't make it in. I don't think even Lady GaGa could walk in those.

Serena Shay said...

You got it, Pat! Except for that last pic, Penny, er Mistress P done stole those bad boys from me this morning when she hijacked the blog.

Damn straight I did!

She just knew I couldn't catch her with only half a lung to work with today. :P

Chase and Evie have the right idea! hehe

Fine, fine, I'll tell her... Mistress P says to tell you, Pat, if it's punishment you seek come on down to Dante's and she and/or one of the other Dom's will happily provide. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Welcome, Mistress P! Wow, lots of sexy cheer indeed. Thanks for spreading the erotic love... and Dante can be very forgiving when there's an upswing in business.

Serena, take care. Yeah, the allergies hit hard here, too... headache and the usual ensued. I like using HAS Original by Nature's Way... and Aller-Max by Country Life. Also, a little caffeine always helps, too.

Serena Shay said...

You are most welcome, Savanna dear, I, Mistress P, am all about spreading the erotic love! ;)

Serena Shay said...

She's really pro anything erotic, Savanna. lol

Thanks for the feel better advice! I'm using all of my tricks to try to keep this from getting worse, that's for sure. :)