Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cougar's Lair

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Apologies, but sleep is calling my name. It's been a long, long super-busy day, and now it's way past my bedtime... so, this flash scene will have to be continued next week.


The Cougar's Lair

"Shirtless jailbait werewolves." The words spontaneously flew from Sondara's lips, once she scanned the lounge area of the Cougar's Lair.

"You got that right, sistah," a leopardess shifter amen-ed beside her. "And I'm gonna get me some tonight."

Amused by the woman's go-get 'em cattitude, Sondara grinned. Thirty or so bare-chested men -- most of them wolf shapeshifters -- decorated Dante's newest nightspot at the Pleasure Club.

"What a publicity stunt. Hubba, hubba," Sondara whispered to herself, slowly following after a stream of excited women.

Their mating scents mingled, a potent mixture filling the air, already saturated with stud hormones. Entranced, turned on by the delicious male scenery Sondara couldn't help but devour their muscular attributes with her gaze.

No, no complaints whatsoever. But jailbait alright, given their youngish ages. That was the idea though.

During the week's buildup to the grand opening, Dante had promised only men passionately interested in older women would be allowed inside the Cougar's Lair. Given the werewolf entrepreneur had a reputation for delivering, Talbot's Peak had been abuzz -- that is, the town's single females tweet-buzzed, and social-networked so feverishly, the Peak's servers had crashed two times.

When Nick's snarling growls rattled his office door because the G&B's computers froze, then glitched repeatedly, Sondara figured she had an ace in the hole. Being the new cub reporter on the block, despite her more mature age, she'd been watching for the right moment to pounce.

Sure enough, after hurling a growly temper of words at her, Nick had officially assigned the social-butterfly story to her. Not that Sondara cared about reporting on shallow society affairs. What sizzled her interest were the unique, fringe-culture events that offered real insight into shapeshifter communities. And, Talbots' Peak had that in spades.

Feeling slinky-sexy, and all cheetah woman, Sondara moved toward an empty spot at the already crowded bar. Charmingly designed with the female sex in mind, the bar offered a sense of intimacy rather than being large and over-grand.

Given she had a memory that wouldn't quit, and also a photographic memory, Sondara rarely bothered with a recording device -- only as a backup while on dangerous assignments. Cameras weren't allowed in the Pleasure Club, and she wasn't about to break that rule.

Not that she could get away with it. She'd be politely tossed out on her short-skirt covered butt.

Oh yeah... rawrrrr... what a hardship, reporting on the first-night opening of the Cougar's Lair. With most of the half-naked men around her already engaged in flirtatious conversations, Sondara swept her gaze over the crowd. She absorbed the details of the mating-dance scenes before her.

After studying the seductive body language of various shifters, and a few supernaturals, she switched on her cheetah hearing. The better to listen to the man making his way toward her, a reporter she'd had the displeasure of meeting several moons ago.

Sinuously dancing her body, Sondara turned toward the bartender. .. the one with the deep sexy voice asking her what she'd like to drink. 


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance



Serena Shay said...

LOL...that would peeve Nick off right quick. Just say no to slow technology or it will end up out the window for sure! ;)

Oh my, jailbait night at the club...well we do seem to have a growing population of alpha females in TP so party on! hehe

Pat C. said...

Yay! Somebody remembered the shirtless jailbait werewolves! Is one of them named Taylor? I'll be there tonight.

If Sondara's a cheetah, I'm guessing she moves fast ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, gotta bring in the male talent... after all, the werewolf man and other shifters need their mate... or a lot of mating exercise, so to speak... to keep them out of trouble.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that 'phrase' was just too good!!! Ya know, it would be fun... if we all had the time and desire... to do an antho titled: Shirtless Jailbait Werewolves... and we all did our own individual take on it.

Sondara can move real fast, especially when she's properly motivated. Lot of motivation at the Cougar's Lair.

Pat C. said...

Picturing the cover to that antho. Woof!

Savanna Kougar said...

Woof! is right.