Friday, September 27, 2013

Dressing Up & Hanging Out, Size Does Matter

Little mink eyes watched as his Mistress, and her friend Ziva, dressed for tonight’s entertainment.  They never gave a thought to him still being in the room and one thing he could safely say was that Nick was one lucky SOB and an even bigger ass. 

“Ziva, turn around and give us a full frontal of your world-class body in that outfit.”

Danny agreed.  Ziva was built in a way that could make an alpha male drop to his knees and promise her the world.  It would also make a beta mink weep with the unfairness of said world.  He would never be enough for Ziva; he was barely enough for Mistress P.

“Not funny, Penny” Ziva said, tugging at the barely there top Danny would love to stick his head inside.

“Stop tugging and let me see.”  Mistress slapped Ziva’s hands away from her chest and pulled her close with the open eyelets in the fabric descending between her luscious tits.  Mink genitalia made itself known when his colorful bird stuck her hands down along wolf breasts and made them move. 
“Lift and separate, sweets.”   

“Been waiting long to give me a grope, Penny?”

“Eons…  And that Mistress to you, Z.”

“I’m hanging out, Mistress.”

“You look beautiful.”

“My nipples are showing.”

Danny praised all the higher beings he could think of for the bounty they had provided.

“Just the tops of your areolas, Z, not the nips.”

“Why can’t I wear my own leathers?”

“Those are ones you use with Nick.  Tonight you are going to experience a Texas Longhorn.  A Longhorn, Z.  You want something that doesn’t have wolf musk on it.”

“I’m a wolf, Mistress.”

“Okay, male wolf musk.”


Mistress turned to him and pointed a fabulously painted nail in his direction, her hand signal one he knew.  Danny used his sharp claws to carefully climb the arm covered in leather and wrap himself around her neck.  “Now, my Apẻritif,” she stroked his head and whispered into his ear.  Without our Penguino here for protection you will stay in this room, you may order one thing from the kitchen…you may not pleasure yourself in either human or mink form.  Yes, I saw you checking out Ziva. 
When I return, I shall show you what naughty minks earn from their Mistress’.

Danny scurried down Mistress P’s arm just as gently as he’d climbed up, a little mink grin on his face.  She would show him the love when she returned, did that also mean she would not be partaking of this new toys goodies?

“Let’s go Z.  It’s time to find out if everything is bigger in Texas!”
Here's to hoping Mistress P finds what she's looking for, Nick hears about what Ziva is doing and feels great guilt and Danny really does only order one thing from room service!

Have a great weekend!


Pat C. said...

Oooo, Danny, you naughty peeping mink. And I'll bet he does order only one thing: a waitress.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...he might order just that. Mainly cause he knows how much trouble he would be in. Mistress P's punishment's top 'O the minky list! ;D

Rebecca Gillan said...

Now, now. It doesn't count as pleasuring himself if it's not his hands/mouth/whatever doing the pleasuring. That way he can be naughty and earn his punishment without being openly disobedient. ;)

Serena Shay said...

Hmm...too true, Rebecca! I wonder if Danny will figure that loophole out? hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Omygosh... potential pleasures with a real Texas longhorn... if that's the pic of our new longhorn cowboy in town... those are some mighty big long horns...

Mistress P sure does know how to handle the goods, doesn't she?

Serena Shay said...

Heh Heh, Mistress P is an awesome goods handler, Savanna! ;)

Yep, that's our fine Texan in the to speak. The females around town are near to fainting when he shows off the horns. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

near to fainting... lol...

btw... I featured Mistress P on my blog with an intriguing pic I found long ago... here's the title and a little something more about our Mistress P.

Mistress P Prepares For the Longhorn

at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Mistress P in one of her wilder incarnations before she moved to Talbot's Peak and became Nick's right-hand assistant at the G&B Gazette.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Love that pic of Mistress P. :)